Your Holiday Mom: Sandi

Keep-Calm-and-Eat-Latkes-Hanukkah-Plate_31120-lTo My Dear Adopted Holiday Child,

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! In our house it is always a little more complicated. I was raised in a Jewish family, my husband in a devout Catholic household; this translates into a melding of chaotic festivities and lots of love and laughter. Whether you call the tree in our living room a Christmas tree or a Chanukkah bush, it really doesn’t matter when we are gathered around with all of our family and friends.

It has taken years to feel comfortable with these perceived differences. Growing up in a neighbourhood, where we were the only Jewish family, I couldn’t help but feel “different.” I know this is the time of years those feelings are magnified. I hope that you know this year, I see you shyly in the corner of my living room, until I spot you and make room for you next to me. Know that I love you, and the best present is having you with my family and me where you can be your authentic self.

My goal is to have you to feel safe and able not only in my home but in life. When you look in the mirror- see the truly wonderful person that I see as you to be. Know that no matter who you love, what you do, I am there to support your choices. From this day forth, know that I see you, I hear you and I love you. Know that although I don’t know you – that I do know you and am there for you. Think of me and read this letter when you are sad and unsure, when you are happy and triumphant.

Now please pass the potato latkes!


Your Holiday Mom Sandi



  1. Kayla says:

    Thank you so much. I really needed this. My real mom doesn’t accept me for who I am and my entire family is incredibly homophobic. This made tonight a little easier after getting in a fight with her. Thank you.

  2. Sandi Campbell says:

    I am glad that you enjoyed my letter to you.I hope that you find love!
    Love mom, Sandi

  3. Lisa says:

    Peyton, I’m so happy you found us. And I want you to know that I absolutely send you LOVE and total ACCEPTANCE for exactly who you are! The world is much brighter having you in it, Peyton, and I am so proud of you for reaching out to us and know that we are always here whenever you need HEAPS OF LOVE AND LIGHT sent out to you anytime! Much much MUCH love, and a GIANT HUG… can you feel that? I hope so. Sending you another one for good measure!

    Love mom Lisa

  4. Peyton says:

    Thank you so much. Tonight was my suicide date, and I was going to do it until I found this website. I’m crying right now. Thank you so much for writing this. I can make it a while longer thanks to you

    • jenn says:

      Huge HUGS to you, Peyton, all of the love in my heart to you today and on, love to you from me and my/your virtual family, Mom Jenn.

    • Mom Carin says:

      Peyton, Dad Reese and I wish to send you all the love that can fill you. Know that we are thinking about you and Love you fully with no strings or conditions. Please keep talking and reach out to whomever you need to. You are a bright spark in this world and we love you.

    • marjie says:

      lovely Payton there is sooo much beauty in this world including YOU ! one persons opinion doesn’t negate that beauty and wonder that is YOU it negates the beauty in them. go look at the night sky frost a snowflake a child don’t let them take what is rightfully yours the miracle that is US! be love, seek love, know love, peace and a giant HUG (im kinda known for my hugs) much love , respect and peace to YOU warrior love love love

  5. Denali says:

    Thank you so much for sending out this letter. It really made my day. And there is a girl in my schooligans that I really fancy. Think I should go for it?

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