Your Holiday Mom: Marj

table-3-deTo my holiday child;

Welcome to my home and let the love surround you!!

This is just a short note to let you know how much you are LOVED and WANTED.

The universe made you in perfection! You are exactly the way you are supposed to be.

Try not to be burdened with the wasted energy of those that don’t love you in your perfection. Instead reach out to all those that love, respect, want, and need you in their lives  because there is so so many!!

In this season, and all the season’s,  LOVE is all it’s really about.  No need for shame or self hatred because  YOU ARE PERFECT!!  I can’t wait to see all that life has to offer you. Now go out and tackle it!!

I won’t say it will be easy, nothing of worth is,  BUT  it will be  so amazing when you embrace the path the universe has in store  for you!

Go forth in love and peace  knowing you are a reflection of perfection.  Be safe, be kind, be LOVE…




  1. Rocio says:

    This made me cry, THANK YOU!!!! You are a gorgeous human being, if we had more yous this place would be heaven!!! Your kind words seriously had me in tears, I appreciate this website so much and I can’t express it enough. Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Rose says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write these. It’s such a sweet idea. I have yet to tell my parents because I’m afraid of their reaction, but it’s nice to be reminded that there are people out there who are open minded 🙂

    • marjie says:

      Not just open minded, but full of love and respect for the journey you’re on.. don’t let it get bigger than YOU! You’re the important part, not just one aspect of you. Lots of love marjie

  3. Emi says:

    This website literally has me crying. You people are so amazing I don’t think you guys know what a blessing this is. I would love to actually be able to talk to one of you if that’s at all possible. Thank you for being so accepting and realizing everyone is human.

    • marjie says:

      Emi thanks you for your kind words .You are an amazing reflection of perfection ! I will be thinking of you this season happy to share my love with you !( there is an endless amount to share !) take care and know that you are loved just cause your YOU ! love and blessing’s Marjie

  4. Alivia says:

    I just started on this site and your letter was the first one I read, and I have to say, it made me tear up. I makes me so happy that someone is here for me Thank you so much for being so understanding and caring! When I told my mom I was a lesbian, she didn’t believe me and thought I was just “seeking attention”, so I haven’t told the rest of my family at all. But it’s good to know that you’re here for me (Sorry for the long comment, this means a lot to me).

    • marjie says:

      Alivia being a mom is hard and society unfortunately puts so much pressure on us! She will come around. It’s not who you are, just a tiny portion of what makes you YOU. I have fingernails but I’m not a fingernail. You are a product of thousands of years of love, remember that! I am a poster child for A.D.D. but it’s not who I am and I have found my strengths that only come with A.D.D. Enjoy who you are there is only one of you and that’s special! love Marjie

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