Your Holiday Mom: Maggie

shutterstock_59991859Hello my Holiday Child,

I am honored to have been chosen to be your holiday mom.  I am also a teacher and a mom to a teenage son.  Many young people come through my classroom and many teenagers come through my front door.  My greatest hope is that my students and visitors feel accepted and safe.  I extend that to you.

It is my belief everyone should be loved and accepted for who they are.  Self-acceptance is hard for everyone especially when you are young, don’t worry it gets better when you older.  Just remember to love yourself even when it sometimes feels that others don’t understand.  When people don’t understand they sometimes don’t accept.  But, overtime they will understand.

During this holiday season the greatest gift is to love you.  Smile every day, take a deep breath and stand up tall.  You are a gift and a treasure on this world.


Your adopted Mom



  1. elliot says:

    I just found this website, and this is such a lifesaver. I am a 16 year old transboy, who has been out to all of my family for almost five years, and they still won’t accept me or acknowledge me. My mom has threatened to kick me out many times, and knowing that I have a supportive holiday mother makes me so incredibly happy.

  2. Allison says:

    Hello momma Maggie.
    Thank you for being such a kind and caring person.
    When I came out when I was 18, my whole family was accepting, but I am saddened that ever since I did come out they no longer try to talk to me, even around the holidays.
    Thank you for being an amazing person and so supportive.

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    Hello Momma Maggie,
    I am Kaitlyn, 12 almost 13 year old girl from Missouri and I am bisexual. My mom was pretty accepting when I came out but I have yet to tell my dad who lives in Alabama with his family, I haven’t seen him and my little brother Parker in almost 5 years and I don’t know weather I should come out to them or not.

  4. Julia Pardieu says:

    Thank you for your caring and your time – that too is a gift. Having someone remind me that I am a gift is a blessing, thank you.


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