Your Holiday Mom: Catherine

holiday goldDear Holiday Child,

Oh precious child, come to my house and let me love you for the holidays! The Christmas lights will be lit on the front porch and there might even be some in the living room and kitchen if we were able to get them all untangled from last year! The Christmas Tree will be lit, the presents will be in a jumble under it, and the kitchen will be full of big people and little people and cats and food.

My three sweet kitties will welcome extra love! The girls will rub wrap their tails around your legs and follow you around til you pet them or give them treats. My big male cat, Jasper, will give you The Look and if you don’t speak cat language, I’ll tell you what he wants…he wants you to sit down so that he can sit on your lap and purr and fall sleep so happy and warm. If you’re not into cats, that’s ok, he’ll go look at somebody else. My five adult kids and their spouses and partners and my 10 grandchildren will be in and out. There will be sticky little hands and cookie crumbs and hats and mittens everywhere! What a big happy mess it is!  Babies are passed back-and-forth so their parents can eat. Toddlers will toddle about, leaving handprints on the floors and furniture. Everybody keeps an eye on the Littles and the house is regularly punctuated with shouts of “Baby in the bathroom!” and “Baby on the stairs!” Someone will come running, as everybody chips in to make sure all the kids are safe and loved. The bigger kids wrestle, watch horror movies and play with their phones. There will probably be a game of soccer in the backyard at some point when the afternoon gets warm enough. With over 20 people in the immediate family, that’s enough for a lively game of whatever-sport-the-kids-are-into. Often, it’s soccer since my kids are all adopted from Guatemala and soccer is Really Big there. As a parent of kids who spent their formative years growing up in another culture, I’ve always made it a point to love them exactly the way they are and not make assumptions about how they “should” act or do or be. They all know, and I want you to know too, holiday child, that you, too, are loved exactly as you are. The important thing is that you follow your heart, and I know you have a Big Heart, and that you love, and let yourself be loved. And if you have a partner, that person is welcome in our home too, as all are welcome be their unique, beautiful selves.

At some point, we’ll eat dinner and since the majority of the family is Latino, that means we’ll have mole with black beans, yellow rice, and handmade tortillas de maize. There will be chips, guacamole, potato salad and macaroni salad and we’ll drink homemade horchata and atole. Since the kitchen table isn’t big enough for 20, some people eat in the living room, some at the kitchen table and some at the island in the kitchen. It’s a great big free-for-all! After dinner, we’ll do presents in the living room with the Christmas tree and there will be wrapping paper and debris everywhere.  We’ll take lots of pictures and digest our dinner til the kids start begging for dessert. Soon theres cake, icing and ice cream everywhere. Welcome to our big family holiday full of love! I feel you there in my heart, so please know that you are always welcome, and loved, cherished even, exactly how you are.

Bless you, my Holiday Child!

Mama Catherine


  1. Ailén says:

    This letter is beautiful ♥I love cats and toddlers and playing soccer and family meals and everything you said. Sadly, my family haven’t celebrated christmas on the last few years and it’s been kinda hard. I wish i could join your family on the holidays. Thank for all the love Catherine ♥

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Ailen,
      I hope this doesn’t sound too corny, but “Celebrating Christmas” is also a state of mind, so I hope you can celebrate that way this year if the other way doesn’t work for your family. And remember, family is made of the people you keep in your heart, so just know that you are in my heart as I celebrate the holiday season this year.
      Love to you!
      Mama Catherine

  2. Luisa says:

    Can I please really show Up!? Haha this really is such a cute thing! I came out to my parents and they completely ignore it, they do not allow my girlfriend over and every time they know I am with her they get mad at me and yell constantly. This Christmas sounds amazing and I’m Colombian so I would be enjoying every single thing! My girlfriend would loooove to be able to just spend a stress free holiday and feel accepted for once! So even though this is a virtual family I very much appreciate and love this gesture towards us! Thank you so so much!

    • Shamama says:

      Hi Luisa!
      I’m Lisa, and I do the letter submissions for Your Holiday Mom, but I just had to reply here because your comment is so moving and adorable! Know that I am a mom too, and that we all send you tons of support, love, acceptance AND HUGS this holiday. To your girlfriend too! (waving!) xoxo

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Luisa,
      Thank you for your letter. I have some Columbian friends, I guess I have one more now! I hope your parents get over their current lack of acceptance and understanding and soon remember que tienen hija maraviosa. Stay strong!
      Mucho Bunches of Love,
      Mama Catherine

  3. Jasper says:

    although I’m a little late to see this letter, it still touched me and made me feel so happy! It’s such a coincidence because my name(as a girl) is Catherine and my chosen non binary name is Jasper. These personal connections made the passage even more real. Thank you for what you do and I love you mom and I hope you have an amazing holiday season.

    • Shamama says:

      So glad you found us, Jasper! I know that Catherine has been checking her comments on her letter, but I just wanted to pop on here and tell you that your words are beautiful, and that as a mom also, I send you tons of love, support AND HUGS this holiday! xoxox

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Jasper,
      I love coincidences! That said, are they really coincidences, or are they really meant to be?
      Anyway, I’m thrilled to be Your Holiday Mom and no need to thank me, as I’m LOVING being a Holiday Mom! The season is looking good already, as I’ve already figured out a few good presents for hard-to-buy-for people. Thank you for writing!
      Loved by Jaspers,
      Mama Catherine

  4. Kc says:

    Thank you so much for this. Your Christmas sounds wonderful. It’s terrifying to spend Christmas with your family when you know they won’t accept you for who you are so thank you so so much.

    • Shamama says:

      Hi Kc,
      I’m Lisa and I am one of the folks here at Your Holiday Mom, but I just had to pop on here to say: Know that you have all of us moms sending loads of love and support your way! Come back and read more letters everyday this holiday season. Get that love tank filled to the brim! xoxo

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Kc,
      I’m sending you gobs and gobs of love! Remember me and the other moms here when you need a little pick-me-up and know that you are never really alone.
      Me and you,
      Eating Christmas cookies,
      Mama Catherine

  5. Monic says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful letter. I am gay and genderqueer and will not be spending the holidays with my family. Your family and your christmas sounds beautiful. You are a beautiful person.

    Thank you.

    • Shamama says:

      Hi Monic,
      I am Lisa and I take submissions for our site, but just had to reply to your lovely comment. So glad that you found us here, and know that we are sending you HUGE HUGS and EVEN MORE LOVE and light to you! And you know what? Everyday a new letter, and even more love, just for you!

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Monic
      Great Big Hugs and Great Big Love to YOU!
      You, too, are a beautiful person and I want you to remember that every day. I’m envisioning a beautiful Christmas for you, with whomever you are with in the holiday season.
      With Holiday Spirit,
      Mama Catherine

  6. Thea says:

    Your letter made my night so much better, I couldn’t thank you enough! my mom is always telling me that me being a lesbian is just a phase even when I came out to her the 2nd time and she doesn’t believe me when I say i’m non-binary and gets mad when i want “guys clothes” I’m glad to have found an accepting adult. Thank you so so much for doing this. Wish I could be there.

    Merry Christmas from your holiday child,

    • Shamama says:

      Hi Thea!
      My name is Lisa and I am the submissions gal here on the site, but I just had to pop on here and tell you that we are all sending you loads of love and hugs, remember, you are amazing and a beautiful human being!

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Thea,
      You’ll find accepting adults All Over This Site!!!
      Please come by and read our letters every day this holiday season, or even every day of the year if you want to. We believe you when you come out and we don’t judge you for the clothes you wear, just as long as you wear some!

  7. Casper says:

    Dear Mama Catherine,
    Thank you for posting this.
    Very recently I told my mom that I was a transgender FTM
    and her reaction was to break down crying and just kept repeating how she ‘wanted a beautiful baby girl’ she says shes trying to accept me, but she only keeps pictures of me around when I was little and in dresses and flinches away from me at times when she thinks I’m not looking, like I might turn into some sort of monster when she isn’t paying attention .My dad has always told me since a very young age that if I was ever anything but straight he would kick me out and disown me, and in a small town, everybody pretty much thinks I’m a freak including the majority of my friends. My family isn’t big, there’s only three of us, and I wish I was there for the holidays because it seems now more then ever that I’m going to be spending the holidays alone.
    Thank you for doing this, and reaching out to those of us who don’t have friends or family to support us.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Casper,
      I am so sorry that you family is not giving you the support and acceptance that you deserve. I am so happy that you found us. All of us moms here love and accept you for exactly who you are!
      Sending you the BIGGEST GIANT CYBER HUG EVER! And even more love!

      • Casper says:

        Thank you, You have no idea how much that made me smile, and how much that made my day.

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Casper,
      I’m reaching out across the Internet to you in your small town to give you all the Big Hugs and Support and Understanding and Holiday Cheer you can handle! I assure you that you have friends and family here on this site and you are loved exactly how you are. Be sure to read the Mom letters every day, AND the letters that come in response.
      You are not alone,
      Mama Catherine

  8. Jaiden says:

    My parents are incredibly homophobic so im very scared to tell them that im bisexual. my friend on tumblr posted this link & i am sooo grateful for that. you seem amazing & sweet & im so happy that you do this!! this inspires me to do something like this when im older! even though i dont fully know how this works, i think its a great idea & id love to be involved in it, if thats alright. my parents wouldnt support me anymore if i told them the truth. im glad there are people like you out there who support people like me. thank you so so much!

    • Shamama says:

      Hi Jaiden! I am so glad you want to be involved… the very best way is to share it with friends. We moms are here for you all… and while you can subscribe on our tumblr or this page, there’s nothing more to do but enjoy the love. That’s how it works… I’m sorry you don’t have your parent’s support but as you can see, Mom Catherine and the other moms are right here for you. LOVE and HUGS, Shamama

      • Jaiden says:

        this is so amazing :+) i feel so welcomed & loved!! i reposted this on my own tumblr so people who need this, like i very much did, can also have the opportunity to participate. several of my friends have actually already done this & it just makes me get all warm inside :+) plus, i love kitties, so that makes this even more exciting!

        • Catherine says:

          Hi Jaiden,
          Mama Catherine here to to say YES you are loved, all day every day, exactly as you are by the Mamma’s on this site and respected for your choices. You are awesome just the way you are, believe it or not and the world is richer for having you in it. Holiday Cheer to you my dear Jaiden!

  9. Malorie says:

    This honestly made me tear up! When I came out as bisexual to my mom she said it was nothing but a phase and she ignores my sexuality because she “doesn’t want me to get hurt by others” . But just the fact that someone won’t judge me really makes my holiday a tad bit better, so thank you so much!

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Malorie,
      Definately no judgement here on who you love. May your holidays and all your days be choc-full-o-love!
      Love, Mama Catherine

  10. Gage says:

    Mama Catherine,

    Thank you so much for writing this. Your words are very appreciated. The family seems like so much fun. I think we’d get along because I absolutely adore horror movies. I’d probably steal the cats for a bit while watching moves to play with and love on them. I’ve never had a cat but I love them so much. I could also help with dinner since I was a culinary arts student and I love to cook and bake. Once again thank you for writing this letter and most of all thank you for making me feel loved.

    Your Holiday Child,

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Gage,
      Yes, we sure would have a good time hanging out with the cats and talking all things culinary…I applied for culinary school once but decided not to go when I figured out that it was nutrition that I was really interested in. But my son and I did have our own baking business for a year or so. That was really fun! Have you ever considered going to an animal shelter to give the kitties there some love? They would love it!
      Spreading love around,
      mama Catherine!

  11. Marni says:

    Dear Mama Catherine,

    Thank you for your beautiful letter that gave me the warm fuzzies.It sounds as if Christmas at your house will be blissfully chaotic, full of love and laughter, and an all around fun place to be. Thank you for welcoming us into your heart and home.

    • Catherine says:

      Dearest Marni
      Love, laughter and warm fuzzies, that’s what it’s all about!
      Love to you and your partner,
      mama Catherine

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Alyx
      You are so very welcome, welcome, welcome!
      Big hugs and Big Smiling!
      mama Catherine

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Annie,
      In my heart of hearts, you are here with me. Always! Not just on Christmas!
      Knowing you are here,
      Mama Catherine

  12. Kim says:

    I myself am Latin. I’m not from Guatemala, but I actually had the opportunity of being there for three months. I really miss drinking horchata, and having this really nice soup made of beans and milk cream. I think that what you do in this site is very generous and kind. Warm wishes to all of your family and lovely holidays to you all.

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Kim,
      Raising a glass of Horchata to you and yours in the Holiday Spirit!
      Mama Catherine

  13. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful letter! Thank you so much for giving of your heart this holiday season. Just beautiful!

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Lisa,
      I have found that the more I give of my heart, the more I have to give! How beautiful, the way that works!
      With a Heart-Full,
      Mama Catherine

  14. Phil says:

    Momma Catherine,

    I also have a large family. And I remember early on in my youth how exciting Christmas was for me and my family. I’m from lousiana, so the idea of family and family honor hold a lot of weight in a community. So you can imagine how bone shattering it was to find out that I’m gay. But I was 14, simply trying to figure myself out and who just wanted to talk to his mom about what was going on inside me. I’m 25 now, living in another state, so I don’t remember much of Christmas. Or, at least, how I want to remember it. But your letter allowed me to close my eyes and imagine how Christmas should be with my family.

    So thank you, virtual mom. Your letter will always hold a special place in my heart.

    With so much love,

    Happy Christmas mom.

    • Catherine says:

      Dear Phil,
      I’m so sorry you don’t have only good memories of Christmas with your family. I hope you are making new beautiful Christmas memories and traditions with the good people you will spend time with on the holidays this year. Know that you are in my heart and on my sofa at holiday gatherings this year!
      Big love to your new holiday activities!

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