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My dear darling adopted holiday child,

This holiday season you may find yourself surrounded by people who don’t quite understand you. I would like to invite you into a warm and loving space, where you can feel free to be whoever it is you truly are.  Where you will feel loved and supported.  A place that you can come and stay and leave, but come to when you are ready.  I would like you to feel at home.

The holidays, for me, aren’t about how much money you spend on someone.  It is about spending your most valuable currency – time.  About sharing things that make a memory, and I have that here for you.  I hope this letter serves as a warm lantern along the path of your life, and I pray that when you hear me you’ll know you can visit this memory for years to come.  You are miraculous for just being.  I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of you for waking up and choosing to continue your fight.  My support and dedication to you will never waver.

I hope this year you find yourself in a community filled with love and I hope you remember my words to you.  My gift to you this year is total acceptance, no matter what category you identify with most, know that if it keeps you healthy and happy you will always have me by your side.

All of my love this holiday season
Momma Andi


  1. Carolina says:


    Your kind words touched my heart. I’m grateful to have been shown this site by an online friend. This letter, your letter, has truly made me feel at home, and I thank you and all the other Holiday Moms for this amazing act of kindness.


    • Andi says:


      Your words brought tears to my eyes this actual holiDAY. I’m sending you the warmest of hugs and love, in hopes that you feel acceptance of some form this thanksgiving. Even if through my words on this site.

      All my love,


  2. Taylor Jayne says:

    Dear Andi,

    Your letter truly gave me the happiness and warmth I needed lately, I plan to come back to it when I need the support I don’t have at home. With holiday season starting I know things may go down hill but this letter gave me what I needed to stay strong. Thank you so much.


    • Andi says:


      I am thankful that you’ve found some small bit of peace in this letter. I hope that the warmth you feel from it will grow into other areas of your life and that the right people will stand up in support. All my love, Andi

  3. Dean Jonathan says:

    Hey Andrea,
    It is so heart warming to have such a welcoming letter, lately I have grown to despise the holiday season, due to the fact that I am surrounded by family who half on them don’t accept me and the other half just couldn’t care less.I hope to learn more about you.
    Thank you for your love an acceptance.

    Dean x (transboy)

    • Andi says:


      Hi. I apologize that I’m a few days late in responding. But, am so glad that you found my letter for you. I wish I could hug you. While a wonderful thing to have, please remember that acceptance from your family, isn’t necessary for you to be happy. Live in YOUR truth. Know that you are supported. Know that you are loved.

      I’ll check back soon. I hope today finds you happy.


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