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Lisa Pamplin picMy Dear Holiday Child

I am honoured to be your holiday mom this year. I am writing this letter at the end of a long day, with plans to begin the holiday set up of our home. I love the holidays! Spending time with family and friends, enjoying fellowship and traditions. My favourite family tradition is getting new Christmas pajama’s on Christmas Eve. I am ready to get my holiday baking started.   Can you smell the shortbread? I sure can. My girls love decorating the tree! Each year I get them a new ornament, something that says something about the past year. This year my youngest is getting an Olaf ornament (she is sixteen! But loves “Frozen”), I have not found the perfect ornament for my oldest yet, she is in University now and has experienced many amazing changes this year so I must find the perfect ornament to commemorate this! And this year, in particular, when I hang my girl’s ornaments, I will think of you here with us! I love unpacking the ornaments each year and reliving the memories that come with each one, and now you will be a part of those memories. Each year we volunteer at the “Breakfast with Santa” and help with the local Christmas Hampers. As my girls get older, and their lives expand outside of our family unit, these Christmas traditions and the time spent together mean even more. What are your favourite memories of the holidays?

I am the mother of two beautiful daughters, who are my life. They are what I am most proud of in my life. I believe we have raised them well. They are good kids, amazing friends, and active citizens.   My “baby” is in high school, very involved in sports, a hard worker and amazing person. She has had a rough time with bullies in school, but has come through with a fierce attitude and supportive network. My oldest is in University, forging her way in the world independently. She has the best work ethic you will ever find and an incredible spirit. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow, becoming the most amazing women, whom I hope will change the world. I hope they are a part of a world that forces change, in attitudes, laws and love.   A world where someone does not have to “come out” they simply are, a world where acceptance is not needed, it simply is.

Know that I am proud of you. Of your accomplishments and achievements, but more importantly, of who you have become in life. Not what you do, but who you are. Your caring nature, your sensitivities to those around you, your love and compassion. In the end, what matters in life is your story. That’s why you’re here. You’re here to write your own story. What will it be? I know that it will be amazing.

Family is sometimes about choosing people to be in your life because they matter and they care. Surround yourself with people who care, who love, and who lift you up. I cannot take away any pain that you have endured, but I can wrap you in hope that it will not be like this forever.

Shine brightly my love, for the world is a better place with you in it.



With love

Holiday Mama Lisa


  1. Zizzy says:

    Thank you so much Mama Lisa. I’m crying as I type this, but I have a smile on my face. I needed this.

    • lisa says:

      My dear child
      I am thrilled to have put a smile on your face, happy tears are okay with me. I am wishing you all the best for the holiday season and the New Year.

      love Mama Lisa

  2. Lucas Love says:

    Mom Lisa–

    Thank you so much! This is really nice of you to say, I really love the last two paragraphs. They just made me feel so happy. It isn’t easy living in a place where you are supposed to be someone else especially around the holidays. I know that everyone but one of my family members will be calling me by a different name, even though most of them know who I actually am. It really makes me sad every time they do and I don’t really know how I am supposed to feel having my presents addressed to someone who was never really there.
    For the past two years I have felt neglected by my family, even though they’re supposed to be people you cant talk to.
    I love you so much, Mama Lisa. You just make me feel really happy and I know I’m loved here.

    Your loving son,

    • lisa says:

      Dearest Lucas,
      Sadly it takes many families a very long time to adjust to these changes. I pray that eventually your family can see you for who you are, the amazing, special and thoughtful person you have become. For now, I hope it helps that I accept you, for who you are and all you bring to this world. Bless you.

      love mama lisa

  3. Bree says:

    Thank you Mom Lisa,
    Though I am still afraid to come out as a bisexual to my family, your letter has given me strength in one of those painful nights. I’ve just found out about this site and I am so glad I did. Your last two paragraphs are the sweetest I’ve ever read. And I thank you so much!

    • lisa says:

      My dearest child,
      as this day comes to a close, and I tuck you in with my love, may you focus on the promise of a new day, with new light and opportunities. You are loved.
      love Mama Lisa

  4. Aly says:

    thanks mum. you have no clue how much this means to me. I… I’m glad to hear someone tell me it’s ok to be me and not call me disgusting for once.

    • lisa says:

      Dear Aly,
      Thank you for your comment! It is OK and I think you are the most amazing person, with so much to give. Let your light shine my dear.
      love Mama Lisa

  5. Michael says:

    Dear Mama Lisa:

    Thank you very much for your letter. It gave me the hope to continue with my life. There have been times that I tried to “end it” because I don’t know how to live life anymore. I came out to my parents that I was bi and they didn’t take it very well. And that was 3 years ago.

    So, I kept a mask on always to hide myself from them. It’s because their happiness is important to me. Seeing them smile instead of being happy myself is fine for me but I am getting tired now.

    I am in college now going to graduate in a year now and I keep seeing the happy couples around. My heart literally aches and I find myself whispering: “I will never have that.”.

    I was introduced to this website through tumblr and I read your letter. I wanted to cry but I couldn’t as I still live with my parents and they are just in the next room. I can not talk about this issue to them for they will get mad and possibly beat me up.

    Thank you for being a great Mama Lisa. I hope that you help others like me through your letters. I will continue living life but I still have the mask on. Happy holidays to you

    With Love,

    • lisa says:

      My Dearest Michael,
      please let me whisper louder than you that: Yes you will have this someday. I pray you can take your mask off soon and reveal your true and beautiful self. I send you my love, understanding and acceptance.

      with Love
      Mama Lisa

  6. Noll says:

    Thank you Mum Lisa for this letter. The last few paragraphs in particular mean a lot to me. My mother has become increasingly volatile and I am becoming quite scared for myself. I know I should keep going though, because people like you give me hope that my dreams of being surrounded by a chosen family that loves and supports me will one day become a reality. Same goes for anyone else reading this. Best wishes, everyone. xx

    • lisa says:

      My Dear child,
      please know that I am thinking of you. Hold onto your dreams, they will come true! I hope you feel the love that I am sending.
      Mama Lisa

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