You are LOVED!

blue xmas cookiesDear Darling!!

Well, things have started to get busy for the holidays, I wish with all of my heart that you could be here with us to share it! I know that you being here would bring so much to the holidays!

Let me start by saying, that I am ridiculously proud of you for stepping out of a pretty big comfort zone. I know first hand how hard that step is to take, I’m a mom…but I’m also bisexual. Sweetheart, it may be challenging at times, but know that there are people…a lot of people…who might not know it yet…but are just waiting for the beautiful spark that you are to touch their lives.

Our family is one blessed with diversity, my niece is marrying her girlfriend from high school this summer, my nephew is still searching for the guy that will make him happy for the rest of his life…but he’s still young and enjoying college life to the fullest, our son is making headway with his own special needs. I am forever grateful for being born the loving person that I am, and you should be too, Sweetheart, you are perfect just the way you are! I’m also grateful for the beautiful people who make up my family.  Right now, all three of my boys are too young to “know” what exactly their sexual orientation is…however, seeing their acceptance of others, and hopefully seeing how supportive our family is of their cousins, when they finally discover how wonderfully they’re built, that they will be able to be as fearless as you are, knowing that it’s far less important WHO you love, than it is THAT you love.

It would be nice to have you filling the empty chair at the holiday table, to get to talk to you over dinner, learn about the things (and people) that you love, your hobbies, your hopes and dreams for the future, you can’t grasp how important those things are, and I would be excited to hear all of it!!

I’m going to finish this letter off for now, I’ll definitely be around, and certainly be thinking about you, even when the holidays are long passed. Know that you are frightfully and wonderfully made, and YOU ARE LOVED!!!

Love Your Holiday Mom,

(and your holiday brothers Matthew, Connor & Adrian)


    • Joanne says:

      Ann, in so many ways, I know exactly where you’re coming from!! I was brought up in a roman catholic household…however, I was blessed to be brought up by wonderful people (who coincidentally went to heaven never knowing, but I’m sure they guessed) I watched them as they openly accepted my cousin who married her wife years ago (when it was first allowed legally).

      I would love to be your holiday Mom, to give you the biggest, warmest, most sincere hugs ever, to know that you feel warm, safe, content and accepted. To know that you can relax and just enjoy the holidays without having to worry about “Do they know?” or “What’s going to happen if they find out?” Instead, just watching you love and be loved…and just be. That, sweet girl would be present enough for me!!

      Well then, as far as wanting brothers…for as long as they can remember, they’ve wanted a sister…so you’d fit right in, darling!!

  1. Ann says:

    Joanne please be my holiday mom. I can never come out to my parents as bi because they’re strict Christians. I am too and that makes it super complicated. Love Ann x

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