Something Extra For You This Holiday!

400x420 copyDear Holiday Child:

This note is from your Shamama, the creator of this site and the voice behind our video. This year, I’ve created something special for you and anyone who would love to take one minute to find comfort, love, encouragement and calming. My 50 One-Minute Meditation App has me speaking directly to you, offering support. It JUST launched today… I hope you enjoy!

With Love, Shamama

Click HERE for Apple!

Click HERE for Android!

Don’t use apps? No worries, visit to find the website version!

Meditation Topics Include:

let it go + quiet the inner critic + center after an upset + release worry + surrender to what is + find inner peace + calm fight or flight + stop doing, start being + cool down anger + slow racing thoughts + ground to the earth+ stream of gratitude + cleanse in rain + harness the power of wind + call forth your true self + call up your inner warrior + realign with your purpose + gather your courage + indulge in self-care + honor your gut truth + allow your vision to guide + be who you are + honor your gifts and talents + melt blocks and resistances + release memories that haunt + soothe your weary soul + restore after burnout + release guilt + hold another in light and love + breathe through pain + move beyond disappointment + listen to your body + connect to higher self + open to magic and synchronicity + tune into your intuition + heart centered awareness + cultivate compassion + call upon inner wisdom + a moment of pure grace + forgive yourself + forgive others + invite in the new + pat on the back from Robin + accepting your true self + open to creativity + prepare your mind to learn + let your inner beauty shine + cultivate true wealth + calming fears for parents + release a nightmare + be okay with being different

Plus Three Bonus Wordless Audios: wordless fire + wordless ocean + wordless wind

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