Holiday Mom: Keeley

Close-up of a pumpkin pieDear Beautiful Holiday Child of Mine,

I’m so thrilled to have you here with us. It’s the night before Thanksgiving and you are in the kitchen with your Grandma Carol and I preparing for tomorrow’s dinner. Your Grandpa Al is in the living room fussing about everything. He seems like a grouch but he is really a huge teddy bear and loves and spoils you. Your fur-brother Storm is scratching at the back door begging for one of us to let him out. Storm is a five year old black cat that I rescued from your Great-Grandma Mary’s house in North Carolina. He was about 3 months old and everyone thought I was crazy when I drove 6 hours round trip to rescue him. Now no one could imagine the family without him.

This is your baby sister Nyla’s first Thanksgiving. She is five months old and a very happy and sweet baby. Nyla will laugh, talk and drool on you when you are holding her. She is in her swing at the edge of the kitchen because she doesn’t like to for her grandma and I to be out of her sight for long. Your grandma will share with you her tips and tricks for making her delicious food; this information is invaluable trust me! You will follow in my footsteps and volunteer to be a taste tester.

Once things are all prepared your grandma will roll her hair up before getting in bed. Your grandfather will have already fallen asleep on the couch and will be snoring loudly until your grandma tells him “go get in the bed Al!” By now Storm will have whined so much you will let him out. Everyone else will be sleep and you and I will have a good conversation and laughs in the living room. I’ll let you know that I love you and think you are incredible just exactly the way you are and don’t you ever forget it! When we finally decide to go to bed I will let you have my bed and I’ll take the couch because that’s what moms do.

The next morning you, your grandma and I will complete the finishing touches before the rest of the family arrives. Football will be on and there will be family stuffed in every corner. You will eat until you are about to burst and enjoy lots of hugs and laughter. The older folks will tell you stories about “back in the days” and you won’t be able to keep a smile off your face.

I’ve truly enjoyed you spending thanksgiving with me my beautiful holiday child. I hope that as you journey down life’s path you hold with you all the love you received today and NEVER FORGET YOU ARE PERFECT JUST AS YOU ARE;  ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

Love Always,

Your Holiday Mom Keeley


  1. Valerie says:

    I’d love to cook with you and grandma (I am afraid that my grandma won’t be accepting, but I don’t think I have to be afraid of that here). I definitely want to be a taste tester!
    I’d love to watch my little sister for a while, maybe I could play some music for her, though bringing a piano or cello might be a challenge 🙂
    Your letter really touched me, thank you so much, the love is so clear, we and Nyla are very glad to have you!
    Love, Valerie
    PS you don’t have to take the couch, I can bring an inflatable bed that’s so much better than a couch and even some beds haha

  2. Gabby says:

    Dear Mom,
    I just want you to know that I would love all of this. I would be glad to let Storm out and hold Nyla and laugh at Grandma Carol yelling at Grandpa Al to go to the bed. And most of all I’d really really like to talk and laugh with you at night. Thank you.
    Your Holiday Daughter, Gabby

    • Momma Keeley says:

      Good morning Gabby
      I’m so happy to share this time with you! Having you around just makes the holiday complete. Storm and nyla adore you and you will always get a good laugh at your grandparents. I loved talking to you and I hope you enjoy your day and the rest of this holiday season
      Love momma keeley

  3. Caolan says:


    Thanksgiving is hard this year. I’ve been working very hard to earn money so my boyfriend and I can move in together, and it’s crazy to think that at this time last year I was officially homeless and starving at a time everyone around me was enjoying feasts. Even while I’m working the Black Friday sales at the store I work at, I’ll have you in my thoughts. I’m sure you would have dinner early, just so I can eat with all of you! And I wouldn’t give in to Storm’s whining! My boyfriend’s cat, Willow, is the same way; she’s a fat and sassy little tortie who always wants out. Instead I’d cuddle him by force, maybe invite him to play string games or Blanket Monsters with me. Cats are easy to distract. As for my baby sister, I would keep her out of your hair too. I seem to be a child magnet, and little kids are always staring at me, especially when I’m presenting my most true, masculine self, because I don’t quite fit into their idea of boy or girl. I love kids because of this. While they don’t seem to get the third gender/nonbinary idea, they understand more than adults that I’m neither a boy or a girl.
    It’s such a wonderful time to spend with you. I love spending the holidays with my moms.

    • Auntie Yvonne says:

      We are so happy you are spending time with us! I am sorry to hear this year is hard. But know that we love and support you sweetheart.
      Happy Thanksgiving!
      Auntie Yvonne

    • Keeley says:


      Of course I will have dinner early so that you and your boyfriend can eat and I will be sure to pack a plate for latter. I am sorry for this difficult year but I am happy that this year you have shelter and I hope that next year is even better. Children recognize good people and what is on the outside doesn’t matter you have a beautiful spirit.

      Love Mom Keeley

      • Caolan says:

        Momma Keeley, thank you for your kind words. I just got home from a long day at work and I’m very tired, but the food will go great in one of those thanksgiving leftover recreations! Maybe a sandwich, yeah?
        I’m glad someone thinks I have a beautiful spirit, because I’ve been doubting myself a lot lately. Give my baby sister a big hug for me! She deserves it for being such a good sister and reminding me of joy in this world.

  4. Holiday Mom Tatiana says:

    I’m sorry about your mom, Emery. It’s so hard when someone we love is ill. I’m sending much healing love to your mom. And to you. I always have extra hugs for you.

  5. Daniel says:

    Hi Mom,
    Thank you for letting me help cook with you, I really enjoy helping in the kitchen with you and Grandma. Though I have to work a very late shift tonight, I am so glad that I was able to have a wonderful family dinner and football watch party with you. The pie is always my favorite!
    I’m so happy that you accept me for being me, it’s very hard for me to pretend to be someone else during the holidays simply to not cause issues in the family. I grin and bear it because I know there are others that recognize me for who I am. Being a gay transboy is difficult for me as I’m always scared to go to the right bathroom in fear that I will get beat up. I’m happy you are here for me, and though I’m too humble to accept that I’m perfect like you say, I do believe that who I am is what I have always been meant to be.
    Be careful tomorrow if you’re going Black Friday shopping! I’ll be working then too.
    Love, Your Little Daniel

    • Auntie Yvonne says:


      I am glad to see you here getting love from Holiday Moms. You are a gift and a joy! Come back and get another helping of pie tomorrow. I will save a slice for you.


      Auntie Yvonne

    • Keeley says:

      Hello My Little Daniel
      I hope that one day you will not have to pretend. I know that you have every reason to be afraid and I hope that one day that is not an issue. I hate that you have to deal with things like that. You are definitely who you were meant to be and don’t let anyone tell you different and if they do send them my way! No black Friday shopping for me and hopefully your shift is as smooth as a crazy black Friday shift can be.
      With love
      Mom Keeley

  6. Matty says:

    I don’t celebrate thanksgiving where I live…but still it’s hard…because at this time of the year, everyone is having school holidays and spending time with family…which is something I’ll never get to do. My dad has been gone for years…no phone calls. No emails…or letters or anything. I can’t reach him…no matter how hard I try. I’m not that close to the rest of my family…and my mom well. She’s always busy. Most of the people ik aren’t very accepting of LGBT+ stuff and well…it hurts everytime someone says “I love you”, because I can’t help but think..”if you really knew me…would you?”

    Yeah well…tell Storm hi and give him a hug for me. I love cats. Wish I owned a pet…maybe I’d be less lonely. Thank you for taking me in as your holiday child…I could cry at being wanted for one of the first times in my life

    xxx Matty

    • Your Holiday CIocia says:

      Hi Matty,

      I’m glad you are here with us. I don’t know what your situation is but I hope you can at least find a quiet moment to do something nice for yourself or have a few moments of peacefulness.

      I am slightly allergic to cats myself, but enjoy living vicariously (and very carefully!) through my friends’ cats when I can or playing Neko Atsume on my phone, lol.

      Sending extra hugs and love and light.

    • Holiday Mom Tatiana says:

      Matty, I’m so glad you checked in here with us. My family and I love you exactly as you are. You are who you were meant to be and you are a beautiful being. You would always be welcome at our table.

    • Keeley says:

      Hello Matty!
      There is nothing wrong with crying sometimes we need that release. I am a cancer so I cry about everything! Happy sad you name it lol. Storm has been a good companion when it was just he and I and I felt lonely I am thankful for him. A father should be there and it is not your burden to carry to reach him. I hope that your mom sees the beautiful gift and makes times. You are worthy of love and don’t ever think different.
      Love Mom Keeley

  7. B says:

    Thanksgiving is hard.
    I’m not out to, nor do I believe that I ever will be….
    Just a few moments ago I found out that my friend had just taken severe injuries at the Nodapl water protectors site.
    Even as I grow increasingly worried, even as I grow scared for my people, and ever anxious about dinner tonight your letter has given me a shred of Hope, Peace…
    Something to revisit again and again today as I have to deal with a side of my family that I’d rather forget exists.

    Thank you so much Momma Keeley, I really needed this.

    • Your Holiday CIocia says:

      Hi B,

      Sending lots of extra hugs to you, too. We are here for you when you need it. I’m sorry to hear about your friend and I am sending healing thoughts out to you both.

    • Holiday Mom Tatiana says:

      So many big things to deal with, B. I’m sorry about your friend and am sending so much healing love to you both.

    • Keeley says:

      That is a lot to deal with. I am so sorry to hear about your friend and I hate what is going on at Nodapl. I hope that one day you can have all the peace you can stand.

      I love you dearly !
      Love Momma Keeley

  8. emery says:

    We’re not celebrating thanksgiving at all this year, mom is in the hospital being treated for bad radiation burns from her cancer treatments. Over the last couple years I’ve been able to be more out and myself with my family but I will still need these letters this year.

    • Your Holiday Ciocia says:

      Hi emery,

      I’m sorry to hear about your mom, it can be hard when our loved ones are not feeling well.

      I’m glad to hear you have made some progress with your family, I hope it continues to improve.

      You are always loved and welcome here. Sending extra hugs and healing thoughts your way, too.

    • Keeley says:

      I am so sorry to hear about your mom, I am glad that you are able to be yourself more and hope as time passes you keep being yourself more and more. Here’s to quick recovery for your mom.

      Love Momma Keeley

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