Holiday Mom: Mummy Boo

Holiday Mom: Mummy BooHello my beautiful holiday child.

We’re so glad to be sharing today with you! Welcome home.  I’m here, along with your dad and brothers. They’re just back from doing the grocery shopping, they’re downstairs unpacking. Go say hello. Too late! They already heard you, here they all come, running up the stairs, stand by to be given loads of hugs.

Can I get you a drink? I’ve been making some hot chocolate, or there’s tea in the pot if you prefer.

Now you’ve rested, shall we put on our boots and warm clothes and go to the woods? There’s lots to see and while it’s cold, it is sunny too and we could all have fun spotting birds and animals.  Or maybe you’d prefer to go down to the beach instead. We can all enjoy a walk along the pier or perhaps watch or join in with your brothers skimming stones and running along the waves on the shore. We could stop by the bandstand and hear the carol singing or smile as we watch children of all ages dance along as the band plays.  What’s your favourite Christmas song? We could ask them to play it for you.

Perhaps you’d prefer to stay in and join us making Christmas reindeer cakes. Your youngest brother’s too little to manage on his own, so if you could help him put cherries on for noses he would appreciate it.

The boys love gaming, so maybe you could all do that together while dad and I make lunch. Later we could sit together in front of the fire and catch up on all your news. You might find the cat joins us. She’s always looking for a warm lap to sit on and seems to know the best person to pick for a snuggle. Naturally that’ll be you.

Today is yours to decide. Whatever you’d like to do, we’ll do it.

You are so special, so loved, and so accepted. We are so proud of you and so honoured you wanted to be with us.

Look! The Christmas tree still hasn’t got its star. We saved it for you to put up. As you hang the star, make a wish. And we will wish for you as well. To have a year where you are happy and safe, where you are cared for and comforted. Knowing that you have people right here who care about you so very much.

It’s dark now, and I’ve been looking forward to this all day. We’ve planned a surprise for you. I’m amazed your brothers haven’t given it away already. We’ve got some sparklers. Let’s go out into the garden, light the sparklers, and write our names in the sky.

I’m going to settle down for the evening. Want to join me on the sofa? We can call out for pizza and watch a movie. Your brothers want to give you a kiss goodnight before they go up to bed, and probably get you to tell them just another bedtime story pleeeease!

As 2016 comes to an end you may be looking back with relief this year that has been so difficult for so many has come to an end. Or you may be anxious about the year to come. Hopefully with our family together tonight we can all look forward together for happier times in 2017.

Pizza’s here! You get the first slice. It is so wonderful to be here with you and just enjoy your company. How lucky our family is to have you in our life.

Lots of love

Your Mummy Boo, Daddy Bill, and your brothers.


  1. Post Sisters says:

    Dear Mummy Boo,
    Thank you so much for sharing such a sweet and loving family with my sister and I. We are grateful for all of the love you have shown us. We wish you and your family a great new year. My sister and I will be staying up till sunrise to see the first morning sunrise of the year.Maybe you have new years traditions too, I hope you will share them with others that you care about. I hope you enjoy the year to come.
    Love Yours,
    The Post Sisters

    • Mummy Boo says:

      Staying up to see the first sunrise is a lovely idea! I like that tradition very much and I think as your brothers get older it is one I’d like to do with them.

      At the stroke of midnight here we usually raise a glass and listen out as people let off fireworks, call out new year greetings to one another, and ring bells. On a clear night you can sometimes hear the boats out on the sea sounding off their New Year greetings too.

      Wishing you a very happy year to come – and, I hope, a beautiful sunrise to greet you in the morning.

      Mummy Boo x

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