Holiday Mom: Mama Claire

Holiday Mom: Mama ClaireDearest and best holiday child:

When I grew up, my mom (a single parent) really didn’t think much of holidays. She had a tree because I asked her to, but there were never presents from Santa under the tree and she used to hide in the bathroom with the lights off on Halloween. I love her, but I also really love building my own traditions.

This year, I’m so happy that my tradition is going to include bringing you into our home. We’re still struggling to figure out exactly what things we like to do at the holiday season…I like to make little presents and decorations for the house. Maybe you could help us make some ornaments for the tree; I’d love to have one with your name on it. My husband likes to leave cookies out for Santa and the reindeer and makes sure they get eaten down to crumbs by Christmas morning, so maybe you’d like to help with that too.

We don’t really have any special foods we love to eat — although I really love baking, so we could make bread and cookies or muffins. We are vegetarians, which I hope is okay, but we don’t mind making turkey for our loved ones if that’s what they really want to eat. My toddler daughter would probably throw all of hers on the floor and try to eat yours anyway…you don’t have to share with her, but I bet she’d be happy if you did. She loves eating off other people’s plates.

The one tradition I always remember from childhood is filling stockings with lots of tiny gifts (and an orange in the toe, chocolate or real). It delights me to watch you pulling little fun toys or silly hair clips or anything else I can possibly think of, out of your stocking and heaping them in a big pile next to you. We have special stockings for everyone, although we just got them at the dollar store, so I hope you weren’t expecting something hand embroidered! Sometimes something doesn’t have to be super fancy to be special.

You are so welcome in our home and our hearts. As my daughter would say, “hug and kiss”. I hope you feel the strength and love of this invitation and use it to feel as welcome as you have ever felt.


Mama Claire


  1. Evalyn says:

    It is nice to know someone is willing to try new things and bring different people and ideas into there life. This made me smile quite a bit and I giggled a bit at the thought of your little one trying to eat off of someone else’s plate. Things are interesting this year for me because I can tell my parents are trying. They are trying their best to use my name and pronouns and it is great. Though it’s my siblings I have to worry about. I haven’t sat down and explicitly told them but they notice. I don’t think they however quite get it. Some of things they say makes it hard on me but I do my best to stay positive. I have great friends who accept me and it is has truly made my life better. I hope your holidays are fun and I thank you for letting me into your home this season.

    • J XD says:

      I am SO happy to hear that your family are trying for you and that you are staying positive, even when it’s a challenge, Evalyn. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy 2017! With love and hugs, Mama Jx

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi mom,

    Thank you very much for letting me into your home this season. Though you are a young family, I think it’s fun to figure out what kind of traditions you’d like to carry on for years to come. This year I’m gonna make the cookies because no one in my birth family likes to do it so I’m happy to do so, and instead of sugar cookies they’ll be chocolate chip so they will all be eaten. I hope.
    I’ve always wanted to be a confectionary chef so I would love to help you bake anything you have in mind. And now being an art major, I would love to help with ornaments too!
    I’m very happy you accept me at your house, it’s difficult for me to be myself and now that I’m out of school for the semester, I don’t hear my pronouns used anymore. My parents are “accepting” of the LGBT community but as long as it doesn’t interfere with their lives, and my dad hates trans people so that’s why I’m still closeted. I can’t wait to be back in school again.
    I’m sorry I tend to ramble. I hope your holiday is wonderful and that you remember me during this season of giving.
    Love, Your Little Daniel (he/him)

    • Amy says:

      Daniel, I bet you make amazing chocolate chip cookies, these are always a favorite in our home. Thank you for sharing your creative dreams. Stay warm,

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