Holiday Mom: Auntie Michelle

Holiday Mom: Auntie MichelleDear Holiday Child,

Welcome to your three aunts’ house! I’m Auntie Michelle and I’m so thrilled you’re going to be with us during the holidays.

On your way in, you might notice the video games and couches in the living room. We love all sorts of games and want you to join us and play some. What’s your favorite? We’ve got NES, PlayStation, even board games.

Come over here to the kitchen. It’s kind of small but in this cabinet on the right you’ll find more tea and coffee than you could possibly drink. And the pantry is stocked full of hot chocolate, even white mocha chocolate! Your Auntie Kyle will bring us lots of treats from her bakery so I hope you have a sweet tooth. And Auntie Clara can show you the amazing trapeze tricks she’s learned.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any pets right now, but we have lots of stuffed animals and nerd gear. The big white Tubbs cat plushie is especially comfortable to cuddle up with, but there’s a Star Trek blanket over there if that’s what you’d prefer.

There’s only one rule in your three aunties’ house: be yourself! We love you just the way you are and we don’t want you to change. While you’re in our house, we want you to be completely comfortable, just like we are. Everyone is welcome here and everyone is accepted just the way they are. If you are joyful, dance with us! If you are sad, let us hug you and cry with you. We all get sad sometimes; life can be really hard. But we’re always here for each other and we’ll always be here for you.

Please enjoy your stay in our home. Let us know what you want to celebrate! We have no strict traditions of our own. During these lovely holiday months, we just like being together with the people we love and enjoying each others’ company in a place where everyone can be their wonderful selves.

Love and hugs!

Your Holiday Auntie Michelle


  1. Alexander says:

    Hi I know it’s really close to Christmas but I just saw spots leading to this site on Instagram and I just recently came out to my family as gay but they already weren’t really that ok with me being Trans and my mom laughed and walked away when I came out saying things like “Why would you even, first all this shit about being Trans and now Gay I’m seriously done with your **** (biological name that shall not be spoken) No Daughter of mine is going to be spending Christmas with this family as a fag.” And I broke down crying and screamed “You know what I don’t care it isn’t my choice and I honestly don’t care if I’m not with the family the only people who accept me in this [awful] family are dad and (Aunt and Uncle) and they don’t even live in this province!” And that basically how coming out as gay went for me with my mom honestly it was the worst day ever and reading what this website did really made me happy p.s sorry if what I said made anyone mad or something

    • Moshe says:

      Hey Alexander

      Coming out can be tough. People have expectations of one another that don’t always match reality and that can be hard. I would encourage you to find people who support you and nurture you and keep them close. We can’t always choose our family, but we can choose friends who become like family. I don’t think what you said would make anyone mad. You are going through a tough time and it’s ok to seek validation for your emotions. I hope that you will have a better time over this holiday period, and that you will move on from this place to find your happiness.

  2. Brett says:

    Aww you make me want to be (virtually) adopted by you guys! You all sound so welcoming and kind, you made me want to play some board games, drink tea, and just hang out with you! And a little bit of advice if you get an animal, a big snuggly kitten is always a good choice!

  3. Jazzy says:

    Auntie Michelle,

    If you don’t mind, I am going to virtually settle onto your couch with your cat plushie and cry. If you’d listen, I’d tell you all about my mother, who passed five years ago and accept all the hugs you’d give. People say grief gets easier, and it does until you remember just how many things in your life won’t be the same without whoever you’ve lost.
    Maybe, once I’ve let it all out, I’d ask to play a board game with you and make you some hot chocolate as thanks for putting up with me. Maybe I’d drag my fiance to your home as well, so we could enjoy a welcoming family atmosphere without familial bullying or intolerance of our gayness.

    Thank you for the welcoming note. As I am soon going to head home for a semblance at a family Christmas with my remaining family, it is nice to be reassured that not everyone will judge me simply because my fiance is also a woman. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season along with the other Aunties.

    <3 Jaz

    • Brigid says:

      Hi Jazzy,
      I’m hoping you’ve had a good year and that the grief gets easier with each passing month. I know what it is to lose family members, and I feel for you deeply. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season in 2017, surrounded by loving, accepting friends and family. Remember, we (your Holiday Family) are here for you if you need us. Hugs!

  4. Cassidy says:

    You know me so well – I will try not to drink ALL of the tea in the house! Thank you so so much for your unconditional love; it means the world to me.
    Your Holiday child, Cassidy

  5. Sean says:

    Thank you so much for having me over and i love the tea selection its amazing i love tea! And i would love to play video games with you and a board game after would be fun. Thank you for having me this year

    • Michelle says:

      We’ve got all the tea and board games you can handle 🙂 Hope this is a great holiday for you!

  6. Makayla says:

    Hello, your house is lovely, I love got chocolate and coffee! You are very kind, my parents are not accepting and always put me down. We should get some animals sooner or later! Cats are great, dogs and cute too. We should play some boardgames it’ll be a lot of fun.

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