Holiday Mom: Seamstress Momma

Seamstress MommaDearest Holiday Child,

I’ve got to say I’m shocked about the election. I’m sorry to start with politics but many of my friends are LGBTQ, and I know what this election represents. I will do everything in my power to protect the marriages and families of my friends. And for you. I will stand for your rights. I’m writing this letter because I need you to know we stand with you. I asked my newly transitioned friend if I could call him my brother this week.

So I know this hurts. And I am trying to make sure you never need to question that you have people who love you.

Our holiday tradition is a work in progress. We just moved down the street from my high school, and were still kind of moving in. My folks are coming over for a smoked turkey with turnips and greens, nutty baked sweet potatoes, and probably too much sparkling berry juice (its my 5-yr olds favorite).

Our son asked to paint his nails for Halloween, and I have completely forgotten this week with how busy everything is. I really do try, and sometimes I just forget stuff. We’ll make sure we’ve got some polish for when Grandma and Grandpa come over. We like to play dress-up here. We try stuff on. It’s fun for us to do costumes and find out what we care about around here. We don’t judge.

I hope this note is long enough to say I love you and I wish you were able to visit us this holiday. We’re hosting a teen this summer to see if we can start talking about adopting an older kid. There are families who love you. I am sorry if you don’t hear that enough.

Much love and light to you,
seamstress momma, spirited young son, and baseball player dad.


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