Holiday Mom: Jenn


Holiday Mom: JennDear Holiday Child,

I missed you!! *tackle hugs* It’s been way too long since I got to see your beautiful face! Come in, come in. Let me take your coat. There’s a fire in the living room so go warm up and I’ll bring over some hot chocolate in just a minute! Then you can change into your new jammies and slippers and get super comfy. I got you matching unicorn slippers like mine!

Doesn’t the house smell amazing? It’s the cinnamon hard candy and cookies we make every year to give to neighbors. A Christmas Story is coming on in thirty minutes and you and I and the thirteen year old miniman can all pile in bed and watch it together. Then afterward we can turn on the Santa Bells hanging on the Christmas tree and sing Christmas Carols while we play cards at the dining room table. Later we’re going to eat Smores and I’m totally going to eat more than you this year!!! Just you watch!

We can even make colorful pompom ornaments for the tree and some extra for you to take with you! The ones with the rainbow ribbon were the biggest hit last year so I bought more of that style for this year!

I missed you. Did I say that already? Because I really did. Would love to see you more often but I know you’re busy. I’m just a phone call away if you ever need me. You know that right?!? Because even rockstars need a cheerleader sometimes.

Now off to bed with you so we can do it all again tomorrow.

I love you, you know. To the moon and back. You are perfect. You’re exactly the person you’re supposed to be. Don’t let anyone ruin your happy. Ever. Because you deserve to be incredibly happy and loved. The kind of love they make movies about. The kind of love people write books about. That’s what I hope for you.

Never settle for less than what you want and find the real you. Not an approximation or you or a watered down version and not what anybody else tells you you’re supposed to be. Because the world deserves to meet you, and keep you, just like I’m going to do.

Because 2017? You’re gonna rock it with some hard core awesomesauce! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish! I believe in you. I have faith in you.

Love you more than I did yesterday!

Your Holiday Mom Jenn


  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Mom!
    I’m so happy to see you again and your hospitality has always been the best. I always feel like I’m at home with you around. I absolutely love the unicorn slippers and new pajamas, I haven’t had any that match in a long time.
    I will definitely watch A Christmas Story with you and I love card games, as long as I can get to try one of your Christmas cookies, cookies are my absolute favorite.
    As an art major I would love to make ornaments with you, and I’ll definitely utilize the rainbow ribbon.
    Thank you for your encouraging words, I’m kinda scared of what next year will hold since this year was not so great for me. But I can happily say that I haven’t received any hate for being a gay trans man.
    Thank you for all your love,
    Your Little Daniel

    • Jenn says:

      Hi, Little Daniel!!!
      Matching PJs are the best! We forgot to take pictures and splash everyone on social media with our awesome!! We’ll have to remember next time. I’ll make a note!!
      Cookies! I just made chocolate chip cookies the other night that were bigger than my hand! I’ll whip some up so they’re warm and fabulous.♥
      I’m so thankful you haven’t received any hate. You are who you are and you’re AMAZING. You don’t have to change for anybody!
      Next year? Next year is going to be the best year EVER! Think of all the fantastic things you’ll get to do, people you’ll meet. If ever you feel afraid close your eyes and feel a great big hug from me to you. Everything will all work out. Things have a way of doing that!
      Love you,
      Your Holiday Mom Jenn

  2. Carter says:

    Hi holiday mom!
    Everything sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to see you this year (and no I’m gonna eat the most s’mores FOR SURE!) I missed you so much AAHHH!!! I’m so excited to play games, make rainbow ordiments, and to see A Christmas Story with you guys! I’ll see you soon!!
    Your nonbinary holiday child

    • Jenn says:

      To My Nonbinary Holiday Child,
      I’d better go to the store before you get here and load up on the Smore’s supplies! We’ll even have to break out the “official” Smore’s roaster we got last year. That thing sure has seen some use!!
      I’ve missed you every day we’ve been apart and can’t wait to see your beautiful face. Don’t be late, cause you know I’ll worry about you.
      See you soon!
      Your Holiday Mom Jenn

  3. Jenn says:

    Holiday Child Dylan,
    I’m SOOOO glad I got to see you! I’m all over the card games. My favorite is SKIPBO! We’re adding yarn and button ornaments in lots of different colors so you’ll have to come back to help! Miss your smiling face already. Love you and don’t let anyone get you down. I’m always here even if we’re not together. I’m sending you great thoughts and already know what an amazing future you’re going to have!!
    Your Holiday Mom Jenn

    • Dylan says:

      Dear Holiday Mom
      I love SkipBo!! How’d you know? I would love to come back and help with the ornaments!
      I’ll bring pictures of my friends and my girlfriend so you can see them. Love you and see you soon!
      P.S. Is it okay if I call you mom?

      • Jenn says:

        To My Dylan,
        EVERYBODY has to love SkipBo! My other favorite is Phase 10! Have you ever played that one??? I don’t remember. 🙂
        Pictures are great! But why don’t you just bring them along?? We’ll make more room at the table. Or pile into the living room and eat in front of the fire. Being together as a family at Christmas is the ONLY thing that matters! Related by blood doesn’t have to mean everything.
        You can absolutely call me mom.
        Love you!
        PS – It’s gonna get cold tonight. You gonna be warm enough?? I’ll send extra love just in case!!! ♥

        * Editors Note: For those new to our site, please understand that all conversations about meeting are meant as virtual. We do not facilitate live interactions due to our legal liabilities if we were to do so.

        • Dylan says:

          Dear mom
          Of course I have played Phase 10! I love that game!
          I’d love to bring my friends and girlfriend along to visit. They will love that.
          It is kinda cold here. I’ll be warm enough now with your extra love.
          I love the idea of us all sitting together in the living room or in front of a fire. We can eat and play games together.
          I can’t wait to see you soon!
          Lots of love

          • Mom Jenn says:

            We had another fire last night. Made more hard candy. The house smells soo awesome! Thought about you and your girlfriend and were sending great thoughts your way!

  4. Dylan says:

    Dear Holiday Mom
    My name is Dylan and I am 16. I identify as gender-fluid and bisexual. I missed you too! *hugs back* The house smells amazing! And I will totally eat more smores than you. Thank you for letting me into your home this year. It means so much to me. I have some fun card games for us to play. I love the rainbow ribbon ornaments! They are my favorite! My bio family isn’t accepting of my gender identity and it makes the holidays really hard. Thank you again so much for letting me into your home.
    Love your Holiday Child Dylan

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