1. Jillisa says:

    I am so grateful to have found this site. There is so much love here. It warms my heart. I’ve seen how you have warmed the harts of others. There is only beauty here. I am a 58 year old transgender MTF. I have a wonderful family who struggles to support me and understand. Yet it is hard to come to terms with who I am. The negativity is strong and I am sometimes portrayed as being less.

    Thank you for these words that are written here. I feel the love and sincerity that they contain. Though I am older, I am still a daughter of God, like you. I just struggle and want to feel loved.

    • Shamama says:

      Dearest Jillisa, you are welcome here at any age – love is love! If you need it, you got it! BIG hugs from Shamama!

      • Jillisa says:

        Thank you Shamama. I love you too. 🙂 It’s great to be loved for just who I am. Especially at this time of year.

        • Angelic says:


          We all want to be loved for who we are. I haven’t struggles with LGBT issues on my own behalf, but I have been ostracized for being too smart, too good (no drugs), too talkative, or too sensitive. It’s awesome any time we can just let ourselves be completely safe and unfiltered. I love that we have this loving space to increase the merriment of the season for ALL of us!
          Thank you for being a part of it with us!
          Love, (Cousin) Angelic

  2. Rosa says:

    im new hear and i didnt read the whole letter but the parts i did read made me start to feel really emotional and i hate crying (im not weak) so i stopped but I’m glad i found this site. Im currently sitting alone in the kitchen trying to eat pie alone. I feel like like crap cuz my family doesnt want me eatting with them or in general around like if gay is something they’ll catch.Ive always wanted a family who ate together around a table full of food but that hasnt been mine since i was 14 so 7years now. But thanks this lette did make me feel a bit better

    • Peg says:

      I wish I could sit and eat that pie with you. I am so sorry that you family is treating you like that . The responses that I read from the letters last year broke my heart and my hope was to try to bring some love into your life ~ crying isn’t always a bad thing. There will be a new letter every day for the next 39 days. Of course, you can always come back after you’ve finished the letter for a virtual hug. Rosa, you deserve to be loved, don’t ever forget that !!! I Love You ~ Mom

  3. Kate says:

    Thank you so much for your letter today. It definitely felt like you were right here with some of what was said. I am a trans female who is not accepted by almost all of my immediate family. The only way they want me in their presence is I present myself based on their expectations. They don’t want to see me as female. I had dinner with them today, and while they tried to be nice, the knowledge that they don’t accept me never leaves. So, it was hard today.

    Thank you so very, very much.

    Love, Kate

    • Peg says:

      My Dear Sweet Kate,
      You are welcome.
      I’m glad that you found this site and that it felt like I was with you. In my heart, I am with you. You are beautiful and I wish that your family saw you the way I see you.
      I Love You,

  4. Ash says:

    Hi, I’m ash.
    Thank you to everyone on this website writing letters to us. Personally, I am a transgender male (ftm) and pansexual. My parents and family do not support my love for my girlfriend and won’t understand that I love her. I’m lucky to have a few close friends who like me though. Anyways. I wish everyone the best, stay safe and happy holidays!

    • Mommy Janice says:

      Hello Ash,
      I’m new to this website. I’m glad you took the time to send us a kind note. I’m the parent of a non-binary pansexual. I’m still learning about it. I’ll repeat to you what I said to my child : “You’re my child, I’m ALWAYS gonna love you. There’s NOTHING you could say or do to ever change that.” If you ever need parental encouragement, remember those words…I say them to you!

      Mommy loves you!

    • Peg says:

      I am sorry to hear that your family isn’t accepting. I am happy to hear that you are in a loving relationship and I hope that you can find the love and support that you need from this site. I Love You, Mom

  5. Adam C says:

    Hello, Im Adam and I’m a 28 year old transguy. FTM (female to male). Kinda bummed bc Im going to be spending Thanksgiving most likely alone and spending Christmas and New Years the same way. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and just wanted to reach out to anyone who may feel like talking.

    • MamaShockley says:

      Hi Adam,

      I will be thinking about you today and sending you all the good energy I can muster and I’ll always be a willing and loving listener if you need one. If you want to share your location I would also be happy to do some recon to see if I have friends near you or can locate some support systems for you! Hang in there. You aren’t alone in spirit!!!!

  6. Benji says:

    I’m so happy I found this! I’ve been really dreading the holiday season since I’m non-binary and am trying to come out but I don’t think my family will accept me. It’s going to be hard this year since I know nobody is going to use the name I prefer. Including my mother who knows about my identity yet refuses to acknowledge it which really weighs down on me because she always insists that she just doesn’t have the time to deal with my pronouns. I’m sure these letters will make this time a little more bearable! Thank you so much for doing this!

    • Peg says:

      Give your mom a little time ~ you’ve know you are non-binary for how long? And she is probably just learning what it is. Talk with her and let her know how she can support you. You may ask her to see a counselor with you. Be true to yourself and know that I Love You ~ Mom

    • Mommy Janice says:

      Hi Benji,
      I just read your letter and Peg’s reply. I, too have a non-binary (adult) child. It is a fairly new thing that I’m trying to learn. I’m also willing to learn it. The pronoun thing is a bit confusing, and, although it means a great deal to you, your mom may consider it a ‘just a minor detail’. I agree with Mom Peg. Give your mom time to adjust. “Old habits die hard.” The rest of our family doesn’t know about my child’s true identity. So, I don’t get a lot of practice calling them by their true name and pronouns (‘they’ had to help me construct that sentence lol!). I’m trying, though! If your mom is at least trying, that’s a good thing. Remember, it’s ‘baby steps’ for us.

      Mommy loves you!

  7. Kirsten says:

    I saw this on Facebook and I decided to check it out I am a pansexual 14 year old girl I haven’t come out to my parents yet but my friends and my brother know I am really happy I found this and that there are people out there that care about us and don’t judge I just want to say I love everyone of you and keep it up

  8. Katherine says:

    I saw a post about this website on Facebook. I am so thrilled that something like this exists. I am an 18 year old queer female, and I just came out to my parents in July before I left for college. My mom has always been verbally and (rarely) physically abusive. My parents don’t really support my queer identity, and I live in a more conservative arabic family. Holidays have never been easy because of all the time I’m forced to spend with my parents, but I’m really worried about how its going to be now that my parents know I’m queer. I really hope things go ok. At least I have my friends to text when things get bad.

    • Angelic says:

      Hi Katherine,
      We’re so glad that you found us here! I’m also glad to hear that you have friends that you’re prepared to reach out to when you need support. We are looking forward to holiday celebrations here and your contribution makes it even better for all of us.
      Much love, Mama Angelic

  9. Lydia says:

    Hello, I’m a 15 year old pansexual and have come out to my parents multiple times only to face severe punishment. I’m Christian and I believe everyone is equal and God loves everyone not matter the gender or sexuality. I’ve been dating my beautiful girlfriend for over a year now and have been threatened with camps and private schools to “fix” me. I have to stay closted even now to prevent severe repercussions for not only me but my girlfriend and all my friends. My parents have huge connections in our town and could ruin anyone if they like. I’ve read some of these and your kindness is amazing I’m crying. Continue being amazing people, for people like me

    • MamaShockley says:

      Lydia I’m sending you big virtual mom hugs. And I’m praying for you, too, to help keep courage in your heart. Stay true to who you are! ❤️

  10. Michelle says:

    My family has never accepted me. I have been a disgrace to them ever since I came out. I have had the police called on me because I came to a funeral of the one person who accepted me. I have been told that my kind is the reason God is punishing the world. It is so nice to know people accept others for who they are and not try to destroy them. I am looking forward to reading the letters. And finally feeling acceptance for once.

    • MamaShockley says:

      Michelle, you are beautifully and wonderfully made. God doesn’t make mistakes and you are living the life you should be, whatever those around you think. How do they presume to know God’s will? What arrogance!

      I will pray that you have the strength to keep being the person God made you, no matter what anyone else says. You will find your community and your path. You are perfect. You are enough. Just as you are.

  11. Nikki says:

    Wow. I am so incredibly grateful that there are such kind, loving people like you. Thank you from the bottom of my hear for all you do. I hope your message reaches those in need. No matter the difference, big or small, you ARE helping those that struggle so much. I’m not sure if there is anything I can do, but would love to help/volunteer in any way that I can. Fortunately most of my family is loving and accepting (except my parents) so I can’t even imagine the worse struggles that others may go through. Thank you again!!!

      • Angelic says:

        Hi Nikki, I am so incredibly grateful for YOU! I am so happy for you that you have loving family. Still though, it’s not trivial to feel unaccepted by one’s parents. I’m glad you’re here with us all for the holidays!
        Love, Mama Angelic

        PS: As for helping, from
        “we are always in need of moms (and dads, siblings, grandparents, and friends!) to comment in reply to our LGBTQ youth who are leaving comments.”

  12. Tamsyn says:

    I found you through Helen Boyd and conversations with a gender therapist on Facebook. I read several of the letters from last year and was brought to tears. I am soon to come out as a transgender woman to my teenager and two adult children. As I go through the holidays, I’ll look to these letters to continue my resolve to do that in the new year. Thans so much for doing what you do and providing a very positive source of light during the holidays!

    • Your Holiday Ciocia says:

      Hi Tamsyn,

      I am proud of you for choosing to come out to your children. I know that can be a hard and maybe even scary decision. I am sending you warm thoughts of support to carry with you through the holiday season and always.

      • Tamsyn says:

        Thank you for your kind words! You’re right, It is quite possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever done but it is also the right time to come out to them (although I will wait til after the stress of the holidays!

        What you do here is beyond words and each days letter brings me to tears when read. I am so glad I found this site.

        Regarde, Tamsyn

        • Angelic says:

          Hi Tamsyn,
          I’m glad you found this site too. Isn’t is wonderful when we can all be festive together! I know you have what it takes to share with your children. No matter their reaction, you are perfect as you are & there are many who love you completely. Stay strong.
          Much love, Angelic

  13. Felicity (Flic) says:

    Hi Moms! I’m a 40-something transsexual woman. I have many friends, some supportive family and have lived quite happily and legally for over a year.

    This year will be difficult for me though because I won’t have my Mom. Sadly she passed away in June. My greatest supporter, my closest friend, my confidant and the only one who really knew me.

    Thank you all so much for this site!

    • Your Holiday Ciocia says:


      I am sorry to hear about your loss, I wish I could have met your mom, she sounds wonderful. I hope you are able to carry her spirit with you always. Sending lots of love and light.

  14. Carla says:

    Hi there. I came here in hopes of writing letters to the wonderful people that find themselves alone this holiday season, but it is a blessing to see that the spots are already filled by loving moms. I will be thinking of those of you that are in need of family support this holiday season. You can get through this, and you will find that the family that you build out of supportive friends is often far better than the one your genes put you in. Hang in there!

  15. Sarah says:

    Hi 🙂 I just found this website through Facebook. Conversations with a Gender Therapist shared information about you. I am Mum to a trans teen and I would love to be involved with your project. Perhaps even start an off shoot here in Australia. Please let me know how I might be able to contribute to your beautiful cause! <3 Sarah

  16. yiska says:

    Thank you for this site and your dedication. I came out as transgender f2m in August so it will be great to have support over m Yb first holiday of coming out.

    • Your Holiday Ciocia says:

      Hi Yiska,

      Welcome! Sending you warm thoughts for the holidays. The first holiday after a big change can be full of mixed emotions, but we are here for you, and you are not alone.

  17. Shanea says:

    I have came to this site for like minded people. I am bi and poly. I am homeless right now with 3 kids living in different places. I was staying at my grandma’s but she wanted me to move out because her god frown up on me having a husband and a boyfriend which both knows about each other, it a poly thing. So now I am staying in a shelter. Hopping to move when tax time is here.

    • Angelic says:

      Hi Shanea,

      I’m so sorry about how your grandma treated you, but I’m very glad that you have found us here. I know you’ll find a way to do what needs to be done. Thank you for adding to our holiday merriment here and contributing to our joy.
      I love you, Mama Angelic

  18. Hope laskow says:

    I just found this and i am so happy to have stumbled accross it. Im pansexual and aromantic. My mom dosent get it and im pretty sure my dad is homophobic. Ive tried to tell them about my girlfriend but the always shoot me down and start saying how its “wrong”. So thank you sooooo much for making this.

    • Angelic says:

      Hi Hope,

      I’m so glad you found us here. We all think that your choices are personal for you & the way that you are is exactly what is best for the world. I’m sorry that you aren’t feeling acceptance at home, but you’ve got it here!! Thank you for being part of our holiday joy.
      Much love, Mama Angelic

  19. Josie says:

    I’m so glad I found this website. I’m asexual and my family loves and accepts me but I have many friends who aren’t as lucky as me. I will definitely be showing them this website

    • Angelic says:

      I’m glad you found this site too! And I’m glad you have plenty of love and acceptance. Thanks for spreading the word to others who need it, and thanks for joining in our holidays here.
      Love, Mama Angelic

  20. Gage Tyler Rinebolt says:

    I am so glad I found this website!
    I’ve been out as transgender (ftm) for about 7 months. My mom loves and (kind of) accepts me.. I know she tries.. However I’m really nervous because I’m going to my mom’s for thanksgiving and some family members will be there… That aren’t so accepting ..
    I’m just so nervous on how they will act towards me… Luckily my husband will be there with me.

    • Angelic says:

      Hi Gage,

      I’m glad you found the site also. Isn’t it wonderful to have so many loving people coming together to share joy? I’m glad that your mom is trying & that you have your husband for support during trying times. How did Thanksgiving go? Big hugs from me!
      Love, Your sister, Angelic

  21. Mandy says:

    Thank you guys so much for this! I’m ecstatic that I found this site, and it’s going to make my holidays so much more enjoyable. I love you guys!

  22. Mary says:

    Thank you, Robin and all other Holiday Moms. Thank you for tour wonderful loving words and your warm, open hearts. God bless you.

    • Angelic says:

      Thank you Mary for your loving heart and for joining us here. God bless you as well. Big hugs, Love, Mama Angelic

  23. Ina says:

    I’m already so happy I found this website a few days ago, now I’m really looking forward for holiday season <3 I love what you do and I'll make sure I'll share this so that over people can find it who go through the same or similar problems that I do.
    Love, Ina

    • Angelic says:

      Ina, I’m also very happy that you found the site. Thanks so much for adding to our holiday cheer & for spreading the word to others.
      Big hugs & much love, Mama Angelic

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