Happy Holidays: Mom Tamilyn

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Dearest Beautiful Child,

Ohhhh, there you are!! We found each other . . . yay!

My name is Tamilyn, or as the others call me, “The Momma.”  Today, I am your Holiday Mom.

I would love to be able to give you a big, squishy hug . . . hugs warm my heart. I am an open, loving mom who is so excited to be here with you to be your loudest cheerleader!

I am a mother of two fabulous boys. My oldest is 23, and he is straight, while my youngest bundle of light is gay. He is 20 now and has been out for eight years. I tried very hard to show and allow my children to express themselves from the time they were born. Davi came out to me in a letter when he was 12. I still have and cherish that letter. How hard it must have been for him to have such courage in sharing so much of himself at such a young age . . . soooo very courageous! I, as his mother, and knowing my child, thought maybe he was special and had always made a point of stressing that sexuality was a personal thing and it did not make any difference whatsoever in a soul’s life or potential, nor was it more important than anything else! 

His brother never batted an eye, more or less like, “That’s great! What’s for supper?” His father is another story for another time. It was just me and the boys living in our home, and in our home he had the freedom to be himself . . . always. He has blossomed into a fabulously, well-rounded hair stylist. (All those poor Barbie dolls and babysitters that had to have their hair sacrificed!) Now at 20, he has been to New York for training and works at an amazing salon where we live . . . all through his own hard work as we are not a wealthy bunch to say the least. He is firmly on his way to living his dream in the fashion world. His brother is “acceptance” in action, but he is also a story for another time. I burst with pride whenever I think of how blessed I am to be a mother.

The holidays are a time for love, connecting, and sharing. We have a tradition of taking turns speaking about what we are grateful for, or even just speaking about our lives. Exchanges of love and hugs are shared, and the topic does not matter. Sharing is the theme. My son’s LGBTQ and straight friends gathering at my home after school, on weekends, and on holidays was the norm. I was truly blessed to have all those extra children to love, and I still keep in touch with most of them today, thankfully.

I’d like to invite you into my heart this season or for a lifetime if you wish. I am soooo very grateful for being able to connect with you at all!! To connect, to encourage, and to simply let you know you are the perfect you. Remember that always!

xoxo squishy hug xoxo

Mom Tamilyn


  1. Tamilyn says:

    Hiya Bryce!!! i am soo honored to be the highlight of anyones day !! I totally understand the holidays blahs however i am here to tell u that today and everyday from here on out there is an extra heart in your corner …always ..thank you so much for writing to me and allowing me in xo i am excited to get to know you and share your thoughts ..thank YOU so much for being you !!!! happy holidays may your belly be full of delicious food and your heart full of warm love ..All the best now and in the year to come SQUISHEYSSSSSSS xo


      • Bryce says:

        You’re such a sweet and kind woman you truly deserve it. And I too can’t wait to get to know you better! Thanks again! You will never know what things like this mean to me!

        • Tamilyn says:

          awww :0) thankyou .. Are you all prepared for christmas? i think i have it under control .. but i am sure i am forgetting something lol …my kids are both in their own places this year so its a little weird for me and the dog ..and here in western canada where i live we just got snow this week so it didnt really feel like christmas till now .. its beautiful when it snows here ..not so much if your in the midwestern united states right now ..i pray everyone stays warm and safe ………..it will be a nice quiet one here this year and whereever you are i wish for you peace and love 🙂 have a great day bryce !!

  2. Skyler says:

    Thank you Mom Tamilyn. I love the name you chose for your son Davi…that is so beautiful. It sounds like your home was a safe haven for all children and that is awesome. I have the feeling that if I had come out earlier my Mom would have been the same. My Mom and Dad are gone now and I really miss them esp. at Christmas. Thank you for inviting me into your home. Your son and family are very blessed to have you as their Mom. Have a very enjoyable Christmas and a wonderful New Year Mom Tamilyn!! hugs 2 u! Sky 🙂

    • Tamilyn says:

      Dear Skyler ,
      how excited i was to see someone wanted to connect !!! thank you for taking the time to share yourself with me …HUGS!! speaking of cool names i loveee yours i am done having children but if i was to have another that would have been their name… Skyler Rae ..i am sorry for the loss of your parents my dad has been gone 20 yrs and i still miss him daily xo i hope this season brings you peace love and health …always

      love ,

  3. Bryce says:

    Hey there. I really want to thank you for being a holiday mom. As a member of the LGBT community, holidays are usually a pretty depressing time for me. However, these emails are the highlight of my day. In your letter you had mentioned being in our hearts for more than the holidays. I would like that very much. You seem like such a nice person. Merry Christmas, and thank you so much. You have no idea how much these emails mean to people

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