Happy Holidays: Mom Marji

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My New Beloved One,

This I share with you from my very heart.

I am a 55-year-old mom who was blessed to have received a 13-year-old daughter, through foster care, five years ago. Santina came to us as a very sad young girl. Life had not been kind to her. She had parents that were addicts and had been in the system for a few years. The foster home she came from had promised to adopt her, but let her down after having been there over two years. You can imagine how disillusioned and bitter she had become. But I believed in her, her strength, her spirit, her very being. I did not “know” her any more than I “know you.” That doesn’t matter. I knew her with my soul, as I know you with my soul.  

Santina little by little, with lots of love, time, and support became able to accept me and my unconditional love. And within the safety of this love she was able to share with me that she was unsure about her sexual identity, unsure about her sexual orientation. She felt a powerful attraction and connection to girls and was worried that this meant she was different and that scared her.

This is where you come in my dear one! I will tell you, with the same heartfelt love I have for her; yes, you are different. You are allowed to be different from everyone else, we all are! You have a journey that is uniquely your own. You are a divine soul and you are free to love whoever you are lucky enough, or blessed to love. And my wish to you is just that you are loved back. I told her, and I tell you, you have been hurt, and there will always be others that choose not to understand or accept you, but you are worthy! Worthy of love, respect, and hope for a beautiful future.

During these holidays, I want you to know that you are the “gift.” You are the star on the tree, the glow of the candles, the light of the universe. Please stay true to who you are, do not change to fit in, be liked, to be accepted. You are perfect in the very person, the very being that you are! No, I do not “know” you, but I didn’t “know” my Santina either. But I knew she was worth loving, and I know, without a doubt, you are, too.

So I send you this love, this acceptance to say this: No matter where you are right now in your life, no matter what you may be going through, there is a mom in Connecticut who will love you and send blessings to you today, and from this day forward. I will send a powerful healing energy to you and will keep you in my heart for the rest of my days.

Love and blessings, forever, your mom in Connecticut,



  1. jean says:

    Dear Marji,

    I can relate on some level with your story of your daughter in the sense that I don’t really know what I am. I identify as queer, but I can’t say I exactly fit into any box within the LGBT community. I know at some point I’ll figure it out because I’m only fifteen, but it can be really isolating even within the LGBT community. I’m also a christian, so I don’t get a lot of love from people who are supposed to be loving. My parents are sort of accepting…. so long as I don’t try to discuss it really. Your post got to me and made me start crying. There are days when I’m so sad and scared because I don’t know who I am. Little by little though, I’m finding out from the love of my friends that I don’t have to be a label, I just have to be me. Thank you holiday mom! happy holidays to you and your family!

    • marji says:

      Oh, sweetie, 15 and all these things to deal with~ I can tell by your words that you are wise beyond your years. But that doesn’t help when so much is on your shoulders. I am so moved by your words and I am so proud of your knowing you are not a “label”. We all go through life seeing where we fit in and where we don’t. And accepting who we are is not something that comes easy. Your words brought tears to my eyes. I hope it gets to a point when you can discuss things with your parents. At least they are somewhat accepting, so I believe in time things will improve with communication. Until then, be strong, be accepting and most of all, be gentle with yourself. You are a beloved soul and deserve all the good things life will bring you. Have a happy holiday season and thank you so much for holiday wishes to my family and me~ Blessings of love and light~ Marji

  2. Jordan says:

    You are a beautiful divine soul, which has allowed you to help others in perceiving that they, too, are beautiful divine souls. This letter will help people to perform miracles in their own hearts this holiday season, to turn on the light that expunges the darkness.

    Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. Santina is blessed to have had you as a mother. Your mothering spirit is so bright that you’re able to extend it beyond the confines of the walls of your home. For that, I thank you. For that, we all thank you. You, too, are a gift, the glow of the candles, the light of the universe.

    • marji says:

      Dearest Jordan…..your words are so kind. I thank you for the gift of your message. I am blessed by your heart, your soul. May your holiday season be all that you could hope for and may this continue your whole new year! Bless you, sweetie~ We are all in this together, and I am glad to share this world with you~

  3. Hannah says:

    All of you are beyond amazing individuals. I’ve read maybe seven letters today and each and everyone was perfect and special and I couldn’t help crying. I want you to know that you have sincerely touched my heart and have made me look forward to what’s coming along in my life. I’m not gay and I’m not straight. But that doesn’t matter, we’re all human and to feel loved is an amazing thing. I want to thank everyone for helping me through the day and season. Thank you so much. <3

    • marji says:

      Oh, sweetie, you are so right! We all just need love, plain and simple. Who we get that love from is a blessing and that is all that matters! May you always receive the love you deserve, not just this holiday season but all year long~ Blessing and light to you, Hannah~ And keep looking forward, the best is yet to come~

  4. jennifer says:

    thank you for being a bright moment in someone’s dark day. i’ve never been afraid of being a lesbian, but i have been sorrowful for those that were. you are an inspiration to those that deserve acceptance and a motivation for those that are still seeking reassurance. shine on beautiful soul.

    • marji says:

      Dearest Jennifer, I thank you for your kind words~ I wish for you a season of magical moments this year! Blessings and love…Marji

  5. marji says:

    Oh, sweet Jane and Nikki, I am so pleased that my message was felt by you both…..please know I am very touched by your words~ Love and light…Marji

  6. marji says:

    Thank you so much for your kind replies, Rachel, Tina, Amy and Rose~ There is a thread that connects us all and our love can heal when we share with each other……may we all feel the warmth and blessings! Love and light to each of you~

  7. Rachel Tucker says:

    Marji, this touched my heart at so many levels. You are a dear, and truly heaven-sent person, who actually can reach inside someone and touch their very soul. As i listened to you, and read your words at the same time, I felt a glow of love ignite in my heart, and I truly felt a connection with you. I’m older than you, but my inner child leapt at the sound of your voice, and she loves you, knows you love her. Thank you.

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