Happy Holidays: Mom Jina

Dear Adopted Holiday Child,

My name is Jina, but you can call me Mom. I would be honored to be your Holiday Mom. I know it can be difficult to navigate through this stressful time, but these holidays are a time of love. And I do love you. You are an amazing soul, just as you are. I wish you were going to be here for the festivities. You could join us and share your hopes and dreams, and tell us about your adventures.

The world is going through some changes now, and soon we will all realize that there is no time for hate. We all will be free to love in our special way. There is no wrong way to love. When you encounter the hate that makes you feel less than you are, think of me standing with you, holding your hand. Together, we can lead the haters out of the gray and into the sun. In the sun, we will stand under a beautiful rainbow that shines acceptance and love. Out here, we are all free to express ourselves as the beautiful souls that we are.

I would like to thank my son and adopted daughter who trusted me enough to be in their lives. They led me out under the rainbow, showed me unconditional love, and provided great adventures. In the same way, this holiday season, I hope you will let me be your mom, and know that I love your perfect self just as you are.

 Mom Jina

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  1. Jackie says:


    What you say has proven so true for me as well–my children teach ME so much more than I could ever hope to teach them! Wouldn’t you say that’s true of all the children/parents who gather here? Even when we as parents aren’t aware of it, our children serve as guides to a new way of seeing our world. With each generation born, change marches into our lives. It’s just easier for some than others.

    To the ‘children’ who read and hear these letters–it’s true for you too. YOU are an agent of change…although your family may not realize it just yet. Keep being YOU…our world is slowly but surely catching up. Xoxo

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