Happy Holidays: Mom Amy

dear holiday child,

hi, i am amy and i would like to say that i accept you for who you 
are! i was adopted as a child myself, so being your “adopted mom” is a very special honor for me. actually, i am honored to be one of your holiday moms any time of the year.

i have three sons and adore them! they are unique individuals just like
 you. through the years, i have met their friends, many who are
 from the lgbtq community, each having so much to offer to this
 world, just like you. while some of them were teens, they had issues at home or school. it
 was difficult for some to “come out” because of the fear of rejection.
 our house was and still is a safe place for those that need it.
 surprisingly, some of their parents were okay with it and eventually 
came around to be fine, but sadly some did not. they were always welcome to stay with us until they were strong enough to move on. i know that was because of our total acceptance of everyone.

it was easier for one of our sons when he told us he was gay. both my husband 
and i told him that we love him, no matter what and that we think he 
is terrific, and that he will do great things in his life. our other sons and extended family supported him as well.

i think back to when i was a kid (6-12) and was bullied because i was
 overweight and had a mother with mental health issues. it was a sad, lonely
 and scary time for me. i did not have many friends and felt isolated. my dad had to work to support our family and i was an only child who
 dealt with this on my own. as time went on, i grew five inches and was no
 longer overweight! i had better self esteem and decided that i was going to 
be kind and accepting of everyone.

through the years, i have had friends of
 all nationalities, races, religions and sexual identities. it was 
more difficult in the 60’s and 70’s for many, and as time has marched
 on, i can see that life does improve. it might not seem so at this
 time for you, but i know that it will.

i hope that my short message 
has given you some hope. be strong and know 
that there are many moms and dads out there that think you are

be well and many hugs to you!

happy holidays,

mom amy

PS Holiday Kitty Thanks to The Stein Family!


  1. Amir says:

    Thank you very much for you words, Amy. I have a friend who is a lot like you, I think. He’s very accepting and when he found out about my partner and I he never treated us any differently than he had before.

    I’m really glad there are people like you.

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