Our Past Letters

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2016 Season

Nov 23  Holiday Mom 2016 Starts With Love From Shamama!

Nov 24  Holiday Mom: Keeley

Nov 25  Holiday Mom: Mama Tee

Nov 26  Holiday Mom: Mama Bea

Nov 27  Holiday Mom: Sister Brit

Nov 28  Holiday Mom: Crystal

Nov 29  Holiday Family: Aunt Cheryl

Nov 30  Holiday Mom: Dianne 

Dec 01   Holiday Mom: Momma Rain

Dec 02   Holiday Mom: Trish

Dec 03   Holiday Mom: Nashia

Dec 04   Holiday Mom: Mommy Stacie

Dec 05   Holiday Mom: Carrie

Dec 06   Holiday Mom: Gina

Dec 07   Holiday Mom: Jenn

Dec 08   Holiday Mom: Hillary

Dec 09   Holiday Mom: Jamie

Dec 10   Holiday Mom: Jeny

Dec 11   Holiday Mom: Seamstress Momma

Dec 12   Holiday Mom: Mama Lacy

Dec 13   Holiday Mom: Mama McA

Dec 14   Holiday Mom: Mom Ro

Dec 15   Holiday Mom: Auntie Michelle

Dec 16   Holiday Mom: Mama Meredith

Dec 17   Holiday Mom: Angela

Dec 18   Holiday Mom: Momma Phyllis

Dec 19   Holiday Mom: Mama Kat

Dec 20   Holiday Mom: Mama Claire

Dec 21   Holiday Mom: Mama Aly

Dec 22   Holiday Mom: Sogi Ruth

Dec 23   Holiday Mom: Ashley

Dec 24   Holiday Mom: Laura

Dec 25   Holiday Mom: Erin

Dec 26   Holiday Mom: Tatiana

Dec 27   Holiday Mom: Rachel

Dec 28   Holiday Mom: JoyBear

Dec 29   Holiday Mom: Ricki

Dec 30   Holiday Mom: Gypsy Mama

Dec 31   Holiday Mom: Mummy Boo

Jan 01    Happy New Year! from Shamama


2015 Season

Nov 15  Our Fourth Season Starts US Thanksgiving Day 2015!

Nov 26  Holiday Mom: Peg

Nov 27  Holiday Mom: Erin

Nov 28  Holiday Mom: Alexandra

Nov 29  Holiday Mom: Jenn

Nov 30  Holiday Mom: Jean

Dec 01   Holiday Mom: Virginia

Dec 02   Holiday Mom: Sparrow

Dec 03   Holiday Mom: Matti

Dec 04   Holiday Mom: Theresa

Dec 05   Holiday Mom: Christie

Dec 05   Holiday Mom: Lisa P

Dec 06   Holiday Mom: Sarah

Dec 07   Holiday Mom: Taryn

Dec 08   Holiday Mom Wendy B

Dec 09   Holiday Mom: Krissy

Dec 10   Holiday Mom: Fiona

Dec 11   Holiday Mom: Laurie

Dec 12   Holiday Mom: Courtney

Dec 13   Holiday Mom: Tammy

Dec 14   Holiday Mom: Sophie

Dec 15   Holiday Mom: Heather

Dec 16   Holiday Mom: Kathy

Dec 17   Holiday Mom: Maggie

Dec 18   Holiday Mom: Lisa W

Dec 19   Holiday Mom: Lena

Dec 20   Holiday Mom: Lily

Dec 21   Holiday Mom: Amy

Dec 22   Holiday Mom: Carin (and Reese!)

Dec 22   Special News!

Dec 23   Holiday Mom: Suzanne

Dec 24   Holiday Mom: Mags

Dec 24   Holiday Mom: Tu Mama Ana Maria

Dec 25   Holiday Mom: Tina

Dec 26   Holiday Mom: Betsy

Dec 27   Holiday Mom: Anita

Dec 28   Holiday Mom: Marjorie

Dec 29   Holiday Mom: Ulla

Dec 30   Holiday Mom: Lee

Dec 31   Holiday Mom: Lisa J

Jan 01    Happy New Year! (with video)


2014 Season

Nov 27  Happy Holidays From Your Shamama!

Nov 28  You are LOVED!

Nov 29  Your Holiday Mom: Tina

Nov 30  Your Holiday Mom: Kelly

Dec 01   Happy Holidays to My Adopted Holiday Child!

Dec 02   Your Holiday Mom: Lori

Dec 02   My Dear Holiday Child

Dec 03   Your Holiday Mom: Catherine

Dec 04   Your Holiday Mom: Carin (+ Dad Reese)

Dec 05   Your Holiday Mom: Lisa

Dec 06   Your Holiday Mom: Jean

Dec 07   Your Holiday Mom: Bev

Dec 08   Your Holiday Mom: Emily

Dec 09   Your Holiday Mom: Toby

Dec 10   Your Holiday Mom: Karen

Dec 11   Your Holiday Mom: Suzy

Dec 12   Your Holiday Mom: Marj

Dec 13   Your Holiday Mom: Jennifer

Dec 14   Your Holiday Mom: Sophie

Dec 15   Your Holiday Mom: Gail

Dec 16   Your Holiday Mom: Sandi

Dec 17   Your Holiday Mom: Karen

Dec 18   Your Holiday Mom: Lori

Dec 19   Your Holiday Mom: Tina

Dec 20   Merry Christmas, my child…

Dec 21   Your Holiday Mom: Chrissy

Dec 22   Your Holiday Mom: Mandy

Dec 23   Your Holiday Mom: Elizabeth

Dec 24   Your Holiday Mom: Shannon

Something Extra For You This Holiday!

Dec 25   Your Holiday Mom: Karma

Dec 26   Your Holiday Mom: Andrea

Dec 27   Your Holiday Mom: Maggie

Dec 28   Your Holiday Mom: Karen

Dec 29   Your Holiday Mom: Chloe

Dec 30   Your Holiday Mom: Miller

Dec 31   Your Holiday Mom: Angela

Jan 01    Happy New Year my holiday child


2012 Season

Oct 30   Videos to Inspire: Bishop Gene Robinson

Oct 30   Videos to Inspire: Lana Wachowski

Nov 15  YOU Are Loved!

Nov 22  Happy Holidays: Mom Annette Marie

Nov 23  Happy Holidays: Mom Marji

Nov 24  Happy Holidays: Mama Sunshine

Nov 25  Happy Holidays: Mamabear

Nov 26  Happy Holidays: Mom Beth

Nov 27  Happy Holidays: Mom Teri

Nov 28  Happy Holidays: Mom Melissa

Nov 29  Happy Holidays: Mom Sue

Nov 30  Happy Holidays: Mom Amy

Dec 01   Happy Holidays: Mom Logan

Dec 02   Happy Holidays: Surprise! Holiday DAD Burt

Dec 03   Happy Holidays: Mom Hollie

Dec 04   Happy Holidays: Mom Min

Dec 05   Happy Holidays: Momma Sarah

Dec 06   Happy Holidays: Mom Chris

Dec 07   Happy Holidays: Mom Becky

Dec 08   Happy Holidays: Proud Mama

Dec 09   Happy Holidays: Mom LARK

Dec 10   Happy Holidays: Mom Anita

Dec 11   Happy Holidays: Momma Wen

Dec 12   Happy Holidays: Mom Deborah

Dec 13   Happy Holidays: Mom Jina

Dec 14   Happy Holidays: MommyGnet & Jazz

Dec 15   Happy Holidays: Mom Rosie

Dec 16   Happy Holidays: Mama Mosie

Dec 17   Happy Holidays: Dad James

Dec 18   Happy Holidays: Mom Tamilyn

Dec 19   Happy Holidays: Mom Sandy and Dad Bob

Dec 20   From Shamama: The Longest Night of the Year

Dec 21   Happy Holidays: Mom Michele

Dec 22   Happy Holidays: Momma E

Dec 23   Happy Holidays: Mom Georgia

Dec 24   Happy Holidays: Mom Grace

Dec 25   Happy Holidays: Mom Jackie

Dec 26   Happy Holidays: Mom Sherri

Dec 27   Happy Holidays: Mom Lucy

Dec 28   Happy Holidays: Mom Debbie

Dec 29   Happy Holidays: Mama Jennifer

Dec 30   Happy Holidays: Mom Sandra

Dec 31   Happy Holidays: Mama Jenn

Jan 02    To All Our New Friends… Thank You!


2011 Season

Happy Holidays: Mom Sue

Happy Holidays: Carin, Natasha and Catrina

Nov 24  Happy Holidays: Sibling Ashley

Nov 25  Happy Holidays: Mom Tiffany

Nov 29  Happy Holidays: Shamama Robin

Dec 01   Happy Holidays: Sibling Logan

Dec 02   Happy Holidays: Mom Chris

Dec 03   Happy Holidays: Trans Mom

Dec 04   Happy Holidays: Mama J

Dec 05   Happy Holidays: Mom Tina

Dec 06   Happy Holidays: Mama Daphne

Dec 07   Happy Holidays: Priscilla

Dec 08   Happy Holidays: Mom Carolyn

Dec 09   Happy Holidays: Mom Teri

Dec 10   Happy Holidays: Mama Jenn

Dec 11   Happy Holidays: Bianca

Dec 12   Happy Holidays: Suzanne

Dec 13   Happy Holidays: Elizabeth & Jim

Dec 14   Happy Holidays: Mom Billie

Dec 15   Happy Holidays: Mom Laura

Dec 16   Happy Holidays: Robbi

Dec 17   Happy Holidays: Doctor Mama Lisa

Dec 18   Happy Holidays: Mama Susan

Dec 19   Happy Holidays: Shirley

Dec 20   Happy Holidays: Francesca

Dec 21   Happy Holidays: Momma Lisa

Dec 22   Happy Holidays: Momma Wen

Dec 23   Happy Holidays: Auntie Pamela

Dec 24   Happy Holidays: Mom Becky

Dec 25   Happy Holidays: Michele

Dec 25   Happy Holidays: Mom Kari

Dec 26   Happy Holidays: Mom Manni

Dec 27   Happy Holidays: Mom Christine

Dec 27   Happy Holidays: Aunt Erica

Dec 28   Happy Holidays: Mama Christina

Dec 28   Happy Holidays: Ellen

Dec 29   Happy Holidays: Mom Katie

Dec 29   Happy Holidays: Mom Nancy

Dec 30   Happy Holidays: Mama P

Dec 30   Happy Holidays: Jessie

Dec 31   Happy Holidays: Mom Ann

Jan 01    Happy New Years from “Momma” Dean