Happy Holidays: Mama Jennifer

Dearest One,

YOU are the Holiday Gift We’ve Been Waiting For!

I want you to know how happy I am about being your Holiday Mom! You are such a gift to this world, and I am honored.

My dearest child, maybe you know what it feels like to be ashamed of who you are. Maybe you know what it feels like to have a secret about yourself, and maybe you are afraid that if your loved ones or society knew about your secret, you would not be accepted or loved anymore. Maybe you are confused or conflicted about who you are. Maybe you hate that you are different. I know you’ve had pain, and I know that this time of year can sometimes feel lonely and empty. 

My dearest child, YOU are so very precious. As your Holiday Mother I am telling you, with all my love and wisdom, that you my child, are a gift. When you are TRUE to yourself about Who You Are, you bring Truth to the World. You, my child, are courageous. You are a Warrior.

I assure you that, if you choose to allow it, your pain will bring you to a path of healing. All that you have gone through and all that you are going through will bring you to a deeper place of self-love and acceptance. The more you are true to yourself and the more you love and accept yourself, the more you teach others to do the same! It causes a ripple effect of love in your community and in the World. My sweet child, just by You Being You, you bring the Biggest Holiday Gift to the World, you bring the gift of tolerance to humanity.

This “gift” of tolerance that you offer us, just by You Being You, is not always an easy task. It can bring with it an immense amount of pain and confusion because there is still so much brokenness, old beliefs and intolerance, even hate in the World. These things can discourage us, bring us down, make us hurt so bad that sometimes we just want to give up. But, you my dearest child, you are here in this life with a very important mission. And I know that you are FULLY equipped you for this mission. You are here to Live Authentically so that humanity can choose love and tolerance over fear and hate. YOU are the gift we’ve all been waiting for!

My sweet child, remember who you are. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world that I get to be YOUR Holiday Mom. May this letter feel like a warm embrace, loving you, and telling you how proud I am of you.

I am giving you the biggest and warmest holiday hug!

Your Holiday Mama,



  1. Jessi says:

    This has made me feel so much better than anything my mother has said to me in my entire life, thanks mom 🙂

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