Holiday Mom: Tina

Me and ATo my dearest holiday child,

The holidays are upon us and I am so glad to welcome you home. I can’t wait to spend some quality time with you. I know that throughout the year you face challenges and I want to tell you that no matter what passes you are always deeply loved and welcome to come home. Do you have a special someone in your life right now? If you do I want you to know that they are a part of us too and we want to spend time getting to know how wonderful they are, as clearly they must be to have captured your heart.

Will you be able to make it home in time for the tree decorating party? We certainly hope so, and if you can please remember to bring an ornament to add to the tree which is unique to you. In our home you are encouraged to always express yourself and the way we decorate the tree is just one more way to let all our specialness show through. Like my son Aidan who is 10 this year, what makes you unique and truly you is never expected to be hidden away. You are loved and accepted for exactly who you are. After we decorate the tree and eat our fill of lasagna we will of course once again watch Christmas Vacation. More than once has our family been likened to the Griswolds! We are a bit crazy and love to have fun but we are all unique just like you. Love rules in our home.

After we head home and go to sleep after an exhausting day there is usually a couple of weeks to finish up our shopping and wrapping gifts. I hope you and I can have some extra time just the two of us to go out and have a day in the city looking for a little special something for yourself and your partner. I know there are times when your love doesn’t feel valid, that acceptance seems far away and even impossible. You need to know that you are never alone when you have your adopted family with you, be it in person or in your heart. You are loved and accepted, no changes required. Before you know it, Christmas will have arrived. If the weather holds, my grandparents, who are in their 80’s, will come to town from the country where we all originally hail from. Christmas Eve celebrations are kept relatively low key. We will keep a more traditional Ukrainian meal which will have no meat, but have 12 meatless dishes. After the meal we will have kutia (wheat) for dessert. I love wheat! We only get make it twice per year so dig in! After dessert as we relax with coffee and carols we will play some family games. It is always a big laugh, especially when the grandparents try acting out charades. We try to wrap up before midnight as Aidan still needs his rest as a growing boy. Perhaps after everyone retires you and I can have a quiet chat by the lights of the tree or we can sit quietly together and just “be”.

Christmas morning will be a low key affair with just the few us at home. Fresh coffee, tea and cinnamon buns will be ready for us. We will exchange the personal gifts we have for each other and also see if there are any goodies in our stockings on the mantle over the fireplace. If it is really cold we will light a fire in the fireplace and stay warm in our fuzzy winter pajama sets which we love to wear. Don’t worry we don’t all have to match this year! Make sure you let us know if we need to buy an extra set for someone special. It is very important to us that you both feel welcomed and loved in our home. I’m sure eventually my mom will call to find out when we are coming over and of course, once we leave home and head over there for midday dinner, all the chaos will ensue. The extended family will arrive and there will be more love and laughs to be shared. Aunts, Uncles and cousins will all want to spend time with you and of course play some games. Amid the chaos we will know how much it means to us that you let us welcome you. We are always here for you. Always!  

At this time of year, and always of course, you are loved. No matter what comes your home is always with us and in our hearts.

All my love, always!

Your Holiday Mom Tina


  1. Sissi says:

    Hello holiday mom! I didn’t have a chance to send you a reply earlier but thanks for having me over for holidays! I was very amazed when you mentioned Ukrainian meals as I’m Ukrainian mysel Ö and your family sure does sound very sweet and accepting and I hope you have great holidays and a happy new year!
    (Веселих свят!)

  2. Danny says:

    Hello Mom! I will definitely bring an ornament unique to me to decorate the tree with. I too love the Griswold’s! I always get at kick out of watching Clark and his family try to get out of whatever they got themselves into. But of course in the end the Griswold’s always stick together as a family. Sadly I don’t have someone in my life right now but I appreciate the offer of allowing them into your home. I would very much get a few laughs out of watching my grandparents act out charades. For Christmas meals I do enjoy lasagna although I’ve never had Ukrainian dishes before they sound wonderful. I would enjoy some time alone with you just to talk but it seems like there will be no time for it with this family! Thank you for this amazing opportunity to be a part of your family! To you and Aidan I wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love, Danny.

    • Holiday Mom Tina says:

      Dearest Danny,
      I will always make the time to talk with you.
      It is a very important way for us to connect. We can share hopes and dreams and reach out when we need that little extra support. I am thinking of you this day.
      Love always,
      Holiday Mom Tina

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