Holiday Mom: Taryn


Dear Beautiful Soul

I am sooooooo EXCITED that we get to share on this together. I feel so honored to be a part of your Journey…….Imagine…….we are strangers and now get to connect in a beautiful way, of no judgment, no ideals…….just pure love for YOU (AIR HUG)….. Hope you felt that, as well as my following words to you….yeah YOU.

I am sure the holidays are hard as well some other days, and I want you to know you are not alone. I am here with you right NOW…Honestly right NOW, as you read this letter, and every other letter. Even, when you read it, over and over, all us Moms are here with you,…….Want to know why?  Well……. The secret is out……. YOU ARE Amazing…. Did you hear me ……Amazing and we ALL LOVE YOU

It that time of year that we all want to be with ones we love, for me that is sitting around the fire in our Pj’s with the YUMMY smell of dinner cooking, after we have been snowmobiling all day up in the beautiful Rocky mountains… Ahhh deep breath of the crisp mountain air. I also love putting the decorations on the tree with my kiddos as so many of our tree ornaments tell a different story… do you have a special ornament that makes you feel your story and warm your heart??? I imagine you here with us snuggled into the couch, as we tell stories of what we love, and why…. Ohhh we also love toboganning…. So much fun and a lot of laughter… these are some of what we do.…never though it might be warm where you are, and not have any snow. But, I am sure you have your own traditions as well, maybe a tree ornament this year to remind you how amazing you are…start a collection and hang in your room year long to keep reminding yourself that we love you and your awesome for being YOU. My family will hang one on the tree for YOU this year, to remind my kiddos and me how important love and acceptance of one another is. See… YOU do have effects on others, your brave heart has an impact on my young hearts, which I teach to love and respect ALL….BIG HUG……ahhhh I loved that….. hope you felt as well!

You may feel sad and alone from the individuals who cannot accept how beautiful your soul is and how much courage and a brave heart it takes to be EXACTLY who you are… and believe me… you are!

You are unique with a special light to share with the world……Please Please remember that….. your special light…… Speaking of lights.. don’t you just love Chritmas lights…I almost wish we could keep year round… but I get it… kind of funny in July. But I do really love the lights, my daughter has the white twinkle lights in her room all year round (maybe that’s what I should do to have a spot in my house for just my lights…YES!!!!) The yards all light up, we drive around looking at lights, as we live in the country so no walking around here….do you love lights? Do you walk around and see all the pretty colors, does your neighborhood decorate?

I feel sad for individuals in this world who cannot see how amazing you are. We all have a story, and just like books we judge by the picture on the cover and don’t realize the amazing characters on the inside……and yes sometimes in a book there are some, not so great chapters … but these help build the character, to move to the next chapter……I know what you might be thinking,…… hmmm…. either ….   (cheesy) or (easier said than done)…. But believe me you are not alone, and your next chapter is going to be AWESOME….. and all us moms here are a part of your storybook…SO COOL.

You Matter to me, and all the holiday moms, we want you to shine your light. And when you feel alone and sad….( Trust me, we all do now and again), come back and read your letter, look at your ornament or see twinkle lights, and feel how special and loved you are……YES LOVED

Warning…. Motherly advice coming:

YOU are Truly loved for who you are….. your SPIRIT, your MIND, and your HEART……Don’t EVER, EVER, EVER forget that. And you are never alone, we are all here to experience life together. To share and shine our lights with each other, (serect…… honestly some shine brighter than others)…PSSSTTT…… ..…….I can yours because……. YOU ARE TRUE TO YOUR LIGHT…….

Hugs and kisses!

Happy Holidays today, and from this day forward. I LOVE YOU and you MATTER and people care about who you are……………… I do.

From my heart to yours!





  1. Arryona says:

    Dear Holiday Mom, Your letter touched my heart which made me smile a lot. Ive come to realization that I am bisexual, my mother wont like it if she finds out. I feel like I cant talk to her about myself and who I truly am without being told its a “phase”. My mom doesnt like the fact that most of my friends are lesbians, she tells me I should stop hanging out with them because they could “rub” off on me. Actually, almost my whole family may not like the fact that I am Bi but my cousin will be there for me if they find out. I am truly blessed to find this website and feel accepted.
    With much love, Arryona

    • Taryn says:

      We welcome you with big open arms…..squeeze. ❤️ We here all accept you no matter what. Sounds like you have a cousin and great friends who also accept and love you. You can fill your heart with all theses wonderful letters of love for you everyday. Happy holidays beautiful soul and may each and everyday become easier for you.
      Love you….. Hugs
      Mom Taryn xoxo

  2. Cian says:

    Hi Mom,
    The holidays are always hard, especially not having a family to be with. I have friends that say I’m welcome over for a while, but I always feel like I’m intruding because I’m not actually part of the family. It’s been a couple years since the holidays have felt like a happy time like they are supposed to. I do have a boyfriend this year, which is a change, but it doesn’t fill the void that not having family leaves. And it’s so weird knowing my family is all getting together and enjoying the holidays and I’m just not a part of it. I guess it wasn’t much of a family to begin with though.

    • Taryn says:

      Your friends and people who love you and want to be with you ARE your family, just like all us moms here(Virtual family) but we love you too! Change what ” the idea ” of Christmas is to you. Friends, boyfriends and doing an activity together or make each other decorations to exchange, start your own traditions . I am not trying to say Parents and blood family wouldn’t be amazing, but that just doesn’t work for you right now….. Not to say someday it will , but please embrace your friends invitation of caring for you with love. And of coarse you family here everyday with a new letter of love for you, I love you for being the beautiful soul that you are, and come back and read and reread letters everyday (maybe that’s a good tradition to start) your virtual family is here for you everyday
      Much love to you from my heart to yours
      Big hug
      Mom Taryn. Xoxo

    • Taryn says:

      I wish I could be there to wipe you tears. BUG HUG for you….. Please know I love you and your beautiful soul. We are virtual but this is an amazing family right here, where you can come everyday and read and feel all this love for you. You are so brave, like I said in my letter, it is sometimes hard to shine your light, but the right people will see your pure heart and love you for the AMAZING YOU that you are.
      Mom Taryn xoxo

  3. Laura says:

    Hi mom, last Christmas was really hard for me. I brought my girlfriend to dinner and it didn’t go well. I was screamed at and had a gift thrown at me and ended up spending Christmas in Dennys. I’m really scared about this year, but reading your letter and letters from the other moms is so calming and reminds me I am still loved. Thank you. PS I love the lights. My neighbour does a huge display every year for charity. It’s really cool.

    • Taryn says:

      Sorry to hear last year was not an ideal Christmas. Hopefully this year will be better, with you reading all the letters of love for you. YOU are so loved here❤️, make a cup of tea and snuggle under your covers and read.( sounds great to me too!). Make some ornaments and decorate your space. Visit and comment here, as if we are there with you, new letters everyday of moms who love you, want to hug you and know how beautiful you are. I love you❤️
      Mom Taryn xoxo

  4. Christina says:

    thanks mom!! now ill always associate christmas ornaments and twinkling strings of lights with the kindness of your words and the warmth of your heart!! im a closeted-to-my-family-but-out-to-my-friends teenage polyromantic lesbian and its so great to feel loved for a change! p.s. youre adorable and i love your typing quirks ❤️❤️❤️

    • Taryn says:

      So happy to read that you felt my love touch your ❤️. We all need to share love for one another, come back everyday and read the beautiful letters, and have that LOVE HUG!
      You are so much loved by me…..I ❤️U!
      Happy holidays …. I will put an ornament up for you this year.

    • Taryn says:

      Absolutely NOT , this family is for anyone who may be feeling lonely or lost and need a place to refuel their hearts with lots of love. There is a different letter everyday till Jan1 to read to help you feel the love for the wonderful person you are. You can revisit and reread to your hearts desire. Welcome to this amazing group of Love❤️ My wish for you is much love and happiness each and everyday no matter where you are on your life’s journey.
      Big hugs!
      Mom Taryn xoxo

  5. Taryn says:

    Thank you for the great idea on the ornament…. Never thought of Mylar wrappers before….. It is a nice simple way to remind us of how awesome we are.
    Your ornaments are probably beautiful with kitty’s on them. We have a kitty too, and they love the ornaments and lights in the tree( a little too much). So nice to hear things are going well for you right now and that you are sharing in the joy of all these beautiful letters from amazing moms.
    I live crafting as well and will make an ornament for our tree for you as well.
    Happy holidays
    Love you too
    Mom Taryn

  6. Leon says:

    As always, these letters bring me up in bad times. Each time I read one I feel a sense of belonging. To someday surround myself with people who love and *accept* me is all I ever wanted. I’m scared to death everyday that I’ll never find it, but these letters always give me hope that I will. Thank you.

    • Taryn says:

      Leon you are so welcome, and you do belong, we are all family here with nothing but love and respect for one another. Virtual … It may be,but we are FAMILY, and when you find one you find more. There are people out there who will love and accept you just like us.(squeeze) did you feel that?
      I love you for the amazing human being you are with a beautiful soul.❤️

      Mom Taryn xoxo

  7. Robert says:

    Mom Taryn, thank you! This went right to my heart and I’m smiling as Ari cat purrs in my lap! Purr at you!

    Thank you for activities I can do even within my limits. I can’t hike or ski or skate any more with my disabilities but I could sit on a snowmobile and go real fast and still share in the fun! That so totally rocks! I could even do the tobogganing as long as you put the snowmobile at the bottom of the hill for me to get back up it instead of climbing. That is so beautiful!

    I’m looking at that special ornament right now and I’d make you one if I was there. I cut six sided snowflakes out of shiny Mylar candy and granola bar wrappers, recycling trash into ornaments. Rinse them off and fold them in thirds, shifting a little in my hands or using a protractor to get the angles right to make it even thirds. Then just cut out bits with scissors and unfold it, do two the same and stick them back to back or glue two of them to different sides of a disk cut out of cardboard or plastic. Maybe cut the disk out of a used laundry detergent bottle or something before it goes in recycling and punch a hole, use a twist tie from a bread bag to hang it on the tree.

    I make fancy things from trash for the holidays no matter how broke I am, and paint cats on shiny glass ornaments from the store. This year’s not so bad, this year is actually great thanks to some luck, and next year will be even better. I think the worst times in my life are finally over.

    Thank you for being here for me. Thank you for how you put this and your total acceptance. If I can’t be there in person, cut a mylar snowflake and think of me, because when I look at mine II think of you.

    Love you,

    Rob (And Ari cat, who purrs at you)

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