Holiday Mom: Suzanne

suzanneMy dearest one,

I wasn’t able to have children of my own so jumped at the chance to be your Holiday Mom. My heart is so full knowing that you are reading my words of love to you this Solstice.

For as long as I can remember, I have referred to this time of year as the season of light. And it is by far my most favorite holiday. A time when we can be cozy indoors while the cold rain rages outside. There is something so magical about the Pagan tradition of bring a full grown tree into the home and decorating with lights and ornaments passed down from my family, specifically my grandmother. She would have loved you as dearly as I do.

We celebrate the Solstice under the guise of a secular Christmas. Complete with a tree, gifts, and stockings. We tend to gift one another those things that are needed with a few fun things that support our work in the world and our dreams. This year, a new sofa for the living room is on the list as well as The Addams Family TV show from the 1960s on DVD.

What is on your list this year? I already have a few things in mind but want to make sure that you receive exactly what you want.

Your holiday father and I have been so very blessed to be godparents to a precocious four year old and share in the lives of our friends’ children. It is not the same as having your own which is why we are so delighted to have you with us this year — so that you can share in our celebration and take full advantage of our love. 

Ten years ago, I experienced the hardest holiday season ever. Earlier that year, I had experienced a very hard break up with my live-in boyfriend. Let’s just say we weren’t on the same page. And I had also decided to change my role as an enabler in my family which left me on my own for the holidays.

To me, this holiday is about family. So what does it become about when you don’t have one anymore? In my case, a dear friend picked me up and took me to his family’s Christmas Eve celebration and then drove me to see that neighborhood in Seattle where every house is decorated with lights. If it hadn’t been for my friend, I don’t know if I would be here today as I was ever so heartbroken from so much loss that year.  And now I want to do the same for you, through this letter of love and comfort. 

What I want you to know is this:

You are loved beyond measure. 

I support you and your goals.

I am so honored to be you Holiday Mom. My face glows at the very thought of you. And I am hugging you virtually as you read my words.

Always know that you are perfect as you are. You never need to hide yourself from me or your Holiday Dad. We are here for you always. 

Wishing you all the light of the season from the bottom of my heart.

xoxoxo, You Holiday Mom



  1. Remy says:

    Thank you so much for this letter. While this may come off as insensitive, I’m glad you have a feeling of what it’s like not to have anyone to go to on Christmas. It makes me feel less alone and that you GET it. I’m sorry you had to go through that too but I can see how you’ve turned it into a way of giving back. Your letter was so sweet to read and I hope you have an awesome holiday!

    • Suzanne says:

      You are so welcome, dear Remy, And your note is not insensitive at all. I do get being misaligned with your family of origin. And the amazing part is when you begin to find out how many of us are out there. It’s like a secret club that begins to surface.

      I am so grateful for this project and the heartwarming letters that I have received from you and your Holiday Siblings. It has healed wounds that I didn’t know could be healed.

      Wishing you the most glorious Christmas and New Year… you are such a gift. xoxo, Your Holiday Mom

  2. Holiday Ciocia says:

    Hello Holiday Children!

    It is christmas eve already, can you believe it? After you go to sleep, someone might be putting some presents out for you under the tree.

    This is one of my favorite songs, wishing you peace this holiday night, sweet dreams!

  3. Angel says:

    Dear Holiday Mom,

    All I want this year, is to feel loved and accepted and from reading this, I feel like I’ve gotten everything I wanted for Christmas this year. I want to tell you are amazing and thank you for allowing me to be one of your many holiday children.

    – Your Holiday Daughter, Angel.

    • Suzanne says:

      Dear Angel,
      You are so welcome. Your Holiday Dad and I are so very proud of you. We could not have asked for a more perfect daughter.

      So much love to you on this Christmas Eve and throughout the year… xoxo, Your Holiday Mom

    • Suzanne says:

      Anytime, sweet Cassidy. It is such a gift to support you. Happy Christmas Eve. xo, You Holiday Mom

  4. Danny says:

    Hello Mom! Thank you for such an amazing letter! Even if you have no children of your own I am glad to be your child this holiday season! This letter filled me with such gladness and warmth. This holiday truly is about family and to have you and Dad this season makes it that much more memorable. Thank you for so much support with my decisions! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love, Danny.

    • Suzanne says:

      Dearest Danny,

      I has truly been a gift to be your Holiday Mom. You note has warmed my heart beyond measure. Much like the image of the Grinch’s heart expanding, my heart is three times the size as it was prior to hearing from you.

      Your Holiday Dad and I wish you all the light of the season and a glorious new year. xoxo, Your Holiday Mom

      • Danny says:

        Mom, thank you for responding to my letter! Just as your heart may have grown three times much like the Grinches, your heart is nothing like his as it was prior to growing. You have so much compassion and love for others and it warms me to just hear your words. XOXO, Your Holiday Daughter, Danny.

  5. Yaeli says:

    Hi Holiday mom!

    This message brought a smile to my face, as all messages from holiday moms do.

    This letter is even more special to me because today is my birthday!

    I will hold this letter close to my heart all day.

    Hopefully you and my holiday dad will have a good holiday!

    • Suzanne says:

      My sweet love, Yaeli,

      Hearing from you today warms my heart, We do hope that you had the most wonderful birthday full of special treats. Your Holiday Dad and I went out for lunch today as the next two days will be spent with friends.

      Wishing you all the light of the season, dear one. xo, Your Holiday Mom

  6. Caolan says:

    Hi, Mumma Suzanne!

    I, too, like to celebrate Christmas as solstice! The only problem is that where I am right now, it’s simply not possible. The family I’m staying with for a while now is staunchly conservative Christian, and I’ve been lying to them to help comfort them that they shouldn’t just get rid of me. I’ll tell you a secret — I did a housewarming spell in my room because it just felt wrong for me to be there. I feel better now. 😉 Right now, all i want for Christmas is a place to call home. I’m currently couch surfing because I’m not welcome in my family home. I’m tired, so tired of running, but I’m so scared of my parents. I’m currently in my hometown, but it feels so close and it scares me every moment I think about it. Now I understand as a child how frivolous my desires for Christmas were — toys and games — when now my Christmas wish is a matter of life and death.

    Have a warm, blessed solstice, mum.

    • Suzanne says:

      Dearest Caolan,

      It is such a delight to hear from you, my precious holiday child. I always love hearing about the magic you are working in the world. It warms my heart how much we have in common as I, too, perform house blessings. I always find it comforting that shift of energy that occurs when all the noise quiets.

      It sounds as though you are taking good care of your self though I do hope you find yourself in a more comfortable living situation soon. You deserve the moon and the stars, my dear, in addition to a place to call home.

      Sending you warm wishes, love, and hugs… xoxo, Your Holiday Mom

  7. Ryan says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words, I am spending my holiday with my unaccepting family and it is tearing me apart to keep myself so hidden. We never had a good relationship anyway but as I am unable to leave home for quite a few years yet, I am having to keep my sexuality and gender identity away. I am genderfluid and pansexual (my pronouns are they/them).

    Thank you for making me smile this morning as I was told about the project a few minutes ago and wanted to try it out. I have felt extremely welcome.

    Your holiday child, Ryan.

    • Suzanne says:

      Dearest Ryan,

      Your Holiday Dad and I love you so much. I am so grateful that you found us here. You are such a strong, brilliant, and bright child. We are ever so lucky.

      Wishing you all the light of the season… love, Your Holiday Mom

  8. Lara says:

    Hi holiday Mom,

    Your words are very touching, you bring me a lot of happiness.

    That sounds a wonderful Solstice!! I am glad we can bring our two faiths together in this holiday season.

    Can we bake gingerbread cookies? I’m a sucker for cookies haha.

    This has helped me, in this lead-up to Christmas.

    Your holiday daughter

    • Suzanne says:

      Hello Lara,

      I would so love to bake cookies with you. It was apart of my holiday tradition and then I stopped eating wheat. Though I do cheat a bit around the holidays and Gingerbread sounds amazing.

      On the Solstice, I lit candles and reflected on all the things I am grateful for this year and started planting some seeds for the Full Moon on Christmas. Your Holiday Dad declared it a day off as he was seeing Star Wars.

      Wishing you all the light of the season, dear one, Your Holiday Mom

      • Lara says:

        Aww that sounds lovely!! I hope the seeds have come in for the day!! 🙂

        Hmmm I have to watch gluten too, it can be difficult, but I break the rules sometimes too hehe

        Hehehe go holiday Dad!!! That is definitely a cause for the day off haha 🙂 (Go Rey!!!! *swoons*)

        Have an awesome time, Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice!!

        Lara, your Holiday Daughter

  9. Ciel says:

    Dear Holiday Mom,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. This holiday season has been very hard on me, but your message brightened my day already, even this early in the morning!

    I’ll be spending this holiday season with a mother that has been rather unaccepting of my fiance– I can’t even imagine how she would handle it if I came out as trans to her. It’s been hard keeping such a big part of me secret, and you telling me you love me how I am nearly made me cry for joy.

    I hope you and Holiday Dad have a good holiday! I really wish we could sit together with some hot cocoa– I hope you wouldn’t mind me Skyping with my fiance, she would love to meet you.

    I love you so much, and thank you for accepting me!

    Your Holiday Son,

    • Suzanne says:

      Dearest Ciel,

      Congratulations on your engagement! We are overjoyed and so proud of you. There is nothing quite like finding the one you love. When I met your Holiday Dad, I had no intention of getting married… but then you meet that one and you can’t imagine weathering the storm without them.

      I am so honored that you choose to share your truth with me. You are such an amazing human. And I can’t wait to see your face.

      so much love, s

      ps… I love hot cocoa and drink it every night. Now I’ll also think of you. xo

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