Holiday Mom: Marjorie

marjHello my beautiful holiday child !!

Come on in let me get you a tea and we can have a holiday cozytalk. Let me go first —I LOVE YOU !! Me with all my quirks, aches and peccadilloes (isn’t that a great word), who am I to say anything but I LOVE YOU  and welcome to my crazy house!

The thing is this house is always filled with LOVE and acceptance. We don’t care who you love, just THAT you love. We don’t care how you look, your smile makes you look beautiful all the rest is just decoration.

I wish for you this next year is for you to know deep down how amazing you really are! How much the world needs you! YES YOU! This world needs your spirit, your smile, your love, and your acceptance that not all understand at the same rate.

I wish for you a year of total happiness and belly laughs and kisses from someone who thinks your amazing! I also wish for you the sure knowledge that you are a star –  a product of thousand years of love.  Yup, that’s YOU!

An amazing star made of love! Be happy… be healthy…. be amazing !!

Love your holiday mom,



  1. Cassidy says:

    Mom –
    Thank you so much! I’m blessed to be a part of your family this holiday season. I essentially got friendzone-rejected last night (but my parents decided to take my phone for dumb reasons so now he’s going to think I’m ignoring him too), and got absolutely no sympathy, except from a friend online, but I still wish someone would have given me a hug and promised me I’d find someone better.
    Anyways, I love having this website to sort of do that for me, as nonphysical as it is.
    Have a happy new year!

    • Aegina says:

      I’m so sorry you’re feeling isolated, Cassidy. You are loved and treasured. I’m sure you will grow and find someone right for you.

      Here’s to a brand new year!

    • Anna says:

      Aww I feel for you. It’s not a nice feeling, but it happens. Of course I don’t really know the situation, but I have been there and I know it sucks. If you do want to contact him, maybe you could try facebook messaging or another way of online texting/contacting him? Anyway, I hope you get support from the people around you and if not, I hope you feel it from me or other online people. Even though I know a hug feels very good after this happening. But here:*virtual hug* which is not the same, but I hope you feel it a little.

      Thanks for this letter by the way, Mom! I hope you have a wonderful 2016 too!

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