Holiday Mom: Lena

lenaDear Holiday Child,

 We are so excited and happy that you will be with us virtually for the holiday season.   We are very blessed to have you join us, wherever you are. 

 We begin the holiday season with the festival of lights “Diwali” in late November.  Your holiday mum comes from an East Indian background, and this the one holiday I like to the start the season with.  It’s a great gathering to start with because it means overcoming darkness though light.  Its love, positivity, and hope for everyone.   Its all really easy and fun to celebrate, we place candles in window panes to encourage light into our homes and hearts.  We will all (regardless of ethnicity and orientation) dress in our finest bollywood outfits.  We will start with home-made somosas your grandmother and I made and order Indian take out for the rest.  We will all enjoy the night and celebrate the light coming into our lives.

 After we have digested the Indian food, we will then go to Canadian tire and pick this years addition our Christmas village.  It’s a democracy so your input is very important.  Its all about strategy and scale, sometimes we cant decide so we buy a couple and everyone tries to explain/justify as to why their choice should be close to the main square.

 Your dad and grandpa are big chocolate fans so after Canadian tire the next trip is to get to an advent calendar at the mall.  Since our little guy is only three this is the year he also gets an advent calendar.  We will examine every calendar at the mall for quality and design.  Again it’s a democracy, everyone including the grandparents will have the same calendar.

 At this point, being a mum, I will check in to make sure everyone is fully hydrated, sleeping well, and eating their veggies.  Christmas can be stressful and so commercial.  I  want to make sure you know you are loved and we are thinking of you.  You are always in our thoughts and your well-being matters to us.  

 Once the house is decorated, your holiday dad will put up the fake tree we bought at Canadian Tire a couple of years ago.  We will spend some time placing the ornaments on the tree.  We collect ornaments, so each year any new ornament will be discussed and placed strategically.  We look forward to what ornament you will be adding to the tree and what it means to you.  Once the house is decorated, we shut off the lights and head to the airport.

 Pack your swimmers, we are heading to Palm Springs for the first Christmas celebration.  We have it all planned out, but your input is important, yep another democracy.  Christmas eve will be at the pool, and then we will be meeting up with some other folks for Christmas day buffet at a local hotel.  We like buffets, you can have whatever you want, we have a vegetarian, gluten free and picky toddler so this works very well.

 After Christmas and boxing day shopping, we will then head back and celebrate news years with the rest of the family, this is another big celebration, early Ukrainian Christmas.  Your holiday dad is half Ukrainian and your holiday grandma will make the perogies and cabbage rolls from scratch.  It’s a very special time, as we discuss what the year will bring for us and especially for you.  We look forward to hearing all your plans, goals and your wish list.  We are so looking forward to seeing the bright future you have ahead of you.  We are also proud that you are true to yourself and despite any setbacks in the last year you are heading into the new year with renewed hope.  Your holiday mum and dad are from very different backgrounds and upbringing but what brings us together with you are our values.  Via Holiday Mom, you are always welcome here virtually in our home! 

Love your holiday mum,



  1. emery says:

    this letter was so beautiful I have German heritage with my great grandfather being a German from Russia and piroshkys were very popular in my family growing up. It made me so happy to hear they are a holiday tradition somewhere else too

    Your holiday child

    • Lena says:

      Hi Emery/Sarah,
      This tradition will be kept going for a long time here so you are always welcome in our virtual home. Your Holiday Mum, Lena 🙂

  2. Aneesh says:

    Dear Holiday Mom,

    I’m south asian too! And as my ‘family’ has decided they no longer feel it necessary to include me in their lives because of who I am, Holiday Mom blog posts have become a lifesavior through the holiday season. I am so thankful to have this week’s letter from you, Mama Lena! Thank you again. <3


    • Lena says:

      Hi Aneesh,
      You are always welcome here. Like I said to Olivia I know all to welll whats it like not to fit in, but give it time it may get better. Have a very merry christmas! Lena 🙂

  3. Angel says:

    Dear Holiday Mom,

    Sounds like you guys have a very cultural Christmas! It sounds like a lot of different work goes into it.

    I just wanted to say thank you for letting me into your life even through a letter. It still warms my heart and makes me feel wanted and important.

    – Your Holiday Son, Daughter, Human

    • Lena says:

      Hi Angel,
      I am so happy that my words warm your heart. I mean every word I say. You are important and wanted to us virtual mums. We accept you as who you are becuase who your are is what makes you so very special 🙂

  4. Holiday Sister Lisa says:

    Merry Christmas, Holoday mum Lena!

    I love your tradition of Diwali! Maybe that symbolism is why I love all the lights during this season. I also suffer from SAD, so the trip to Palm Springs sounds great! I looks like our Christmas is gonna be green this.year, anyhow, so the warmth would be a welcome change.

    My bio mum was Polish, so she made killer pierogi (stuffed with fried sauerkraut and mushrooms) and New Years eve everyone has to have some pickled or creamed herring for luck. Thank you for reminding me of those traditions. She has been gone 11 years this past week, and my “dad” doesn’t want me or my wife around. My mom kept my dad’s hate suppressed, but with her gone, he has no reason to behave.

    We have no children, and live in a tiny apartment here. Also have very few friends – all of whom have their own families to spend the holidays with. One friend has it worse than us. ..she has MS, so I will pick her up, and use our wheelchair to bring her to our place for a quiet dinner on Christmas.

    Enjoy Boxing Day shopping! The deals can really be wild!

    Thank you for reminding me how great an extended family can be. I appreciated sharing yours via letter!

    Merry Christmas and joyeux Noel!

    Your holiday sister,

    • Lena says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Its sounds like you have the true spriit of christmas with your quiet dinner, you your wife and your friend. As I am trying to keep my mother in laws tradtion of perogis going, I may substitue store bought instead of real perogies some years, hope my hubby doesnt find out, but I am not sure I can get them past my husband taste buds. Diwali is also hands my favourite holiday for the same reason its light when the sun is less out. I wish you a merry christmas, and all the best in the new year! Lena 🙂

  5. olivia says:

    im crying im actually crying right now like big tears just uhm thank you ;; this is the nicest thing ive ever read n while i have a big (extended) family its stiff n when i try to talk to my parents or siblings they either laugh at me or ignore me or yell at me n hearing about this n being somewhat included and babied is so nice i love it thank you so much

    • Lena says:

      Hi Olivia,
      I am glad my letter is comforting. I hope your dealings with your family can improve with time. I know in my younger days, with my heritage, that my family would not have been accepting of me marrying outside of culture. Thankfully for me our relationship has evolved over time. I hope this possibiity is for you as well, even though I understand it does not happend with everyone. Wishing you a merry christmas 🙂

  6. Christina says:

    thank you mom lena!!!! all of this sounds VERY fun and i TRULY appreciate yours and your familys support!!

  7. Marshall says:

    thank you so much, i needed this, i really needed this. it made me cry from happiness, thank you.

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