HAPPY NEW YEAR my holiday child!


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To my darling holiday child,

Today is New Year’s day.  Did you get much sleep?  I love having you here with us on this first day of 2015.   Come here, let’s have a big giant hug!  Put your feet up, and come sit by our fireplace, I have something I want to tell you….

You are a grand and wonderful human being.  I love you for exactly who you are.

In my home you are free to express yourself just as you are: your dress, your hairstyle, tattoos and piercings if you have them! I accept all of you.

Know that my heart and soul wish for you, for the coming year, is to understand that deep down, to your very essence, you are a shining bright light of love and joy.  Deep down.  When you feel lonely or sad, know that I will always love and accept you, and those whom you love.

Are you chilly?  Here, let me wrap you up in this cozy blanket. Better?  Good.  Now I have one more thing to tell you…

Throughout the last few months, I have been collecting and posting the amazing letters that your holiday moms have been sending to this website, and I have read every single comment from every reader that has been posted.  I have cried right along with you, and held you in my arms and held on tight. I have seen your smile and felt your happiness as you read these words of love from all of the moms here.  It has been my honour and privilege to be a small part of comfort and peace that has come your way this holiday season.  It has been just incredible to witness the outpouring of absolute pure love and acceptance for you!

Take all of this love and acceptance into the world.  Carry it with you in your heart.  Know that you can always come back here anytime to dip yourself into the warm glow of it all.

I love you to the moon and back.

Your Holiday Mom




  1. Eugenia says:

    Hey Mama Lisa,

    Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for writing this beautiful letter, and for editing and coordinating everything. I’ve been reading the letters, but for some reason, something keeps drawing me back to your letter. I don’t know, I just feel so happy and loved when reading it!

    I’m a lesbian, but I’ve not come out as that to anyone. I have two friends who know I’m not straight but that’s the closest to which anyone knows about my sexuality. Coming from a Catholic family, school and a rather conservative country in general, i’m afraid to come out and would rather stay in the closet. I am NOT looking forward to telling my parents! I guess the reason why I am commenting now is because I had a pretty rough night last night, arguing with my parents over a really small matter and I just wasn’t feeling good as a whole(still am not, actually, but it’s okay). Sometimes, okay scratch that. ALL the time I really just yearn for an adult whom I can talk to whom I am comfortable around and trust y’know. I haven’t found that person yet but god I can’t wait to find her.

    It’s extremely encouraging and inspiring to see all the holiday moms here being so wonderfully supportive and well, honestly, I wish I had that as well.

    Anyways, thanks for hearing me out. I wish you and your family all the best for the year ahead. Have an awesome 2016!

    With all my love,

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Eugenia!
      How on earth did I miss this lovely comment! I always get an email notification! Anyway, so glad you told me in my letter today that you posted here. First of all, I understand, I grew up Catholic as are my kids, but we do not really practice. My teenage daughter is bisexual, and it was hard for her to come out to us, even though she knew we were totally fine with all of that. So you are definitely not alone!

      I am proud of you for reaching out when you need to get your love tank filled, and know that you can come back anytime of the year to read our letters as they stay up all year long!

      You know what, love? It gets better! Even if your family does not ever truly know, know that family can come in many different forms. Some friends become more like family than blood relatives ever could!

      I am so glad that you have some good friends that know your true self, and that you can feel safe around them.

      I love you to pieces, and wish you all the best for this coming year, my darling holiday child,

      Mom Lisa

  2. Sowmya says:

    Hey Lisa
    My name is Sowmya and I’m gay. I can’t tell any of my family members that though. I come from India and India has been known for its biphobic/homophobic beliefs. Anything of the LGBTQ+ society will be shunned and my parents are traditional to their last breath.
    Something else that is part of the Indian culture is arranged marriages. So imagine how tricky and terrifying it is for me to tell my parents the truth that they deserve. The only ones that truly know are my friends.
    The way I grew up was that I mixed in with two cultures, the western culture and Indian culture. I’m mostly the western culture since I was born here and grew up here, but my parents are traditional (like I stated before).
    I know that if I come out, it will rip my family apart. My parents will most likely send me back to India and put me into counseling, my prenatal will not talk to me, and they will most likely refuse to contact me ever again. I’m living in fear of the ones I love, I’m living a daily life of rejection of my true self, and I’m living a lie. A lie that I’m straight and happy. However, after reading these letters I wish that my parents had the same mentality as you. I wish they would give me the love that I don’t have right now and i wish that you were my mother. Thank you so much for everything you honestly made me feel a bit more validated.

    Love your holiday child,


    • Shamama says:

      Hi Sowmya,

      I am so happy that you found our site, and that you read my letter and can truly feel that I am sending you much love and light this holiday season and always!

      Sometimes when we let go of the dream to have the parent that we WISH we had, and embrace the parent that we do, we can feel true peace inside. And then find others in our lives who love and accept you for exactly who you are, and have the healthiest relationship you can with your parents.

      Know that you can always come back anytime and get your love tank filled by the letters you find here!

      Lots of love,
      Mom Lisa

  3. Randee says:

    I don’t know if anyone will see this or not, but I didn’t see a “contact me” I am a house wife who is LGBT friendly and has a bun in the oven, how do I become apart of this project?

  4. Taylor says:

    I don’t know necessarily if this will be shown, because I am new to this site. However, thank you. I have been going through a very challenging time lately, because of my mother and father. I love them very much, and I know they love me but I am never fully accepted. I head words spoken to me such as “You are straight, you have looked at boys all your life, I know of that”. I haven’t, I love and accept myself… But there is always an empty feeling in the holidays because I don’t feel like I am COMPLETELY being accepted and loved by them, and it depresses me. Along with me challenging depression since 6th grade, my parents don’t make the process of happiness much easier, for the reasons I have already wroten. My grades struggle because of this, aswell. My life sometimes feels like such and a mess and I would like to say thank you so much… Listening to this reminded me of how much I need to love myself. This is going to make the holidays a little more joyful for me, thank you… So very much.

    • Lisa says:

      Hello lovely, Taylor!

      I am so happy that you found us, and yes, know that you are being sent lots of love and acceptance from me! And take heart, new letters will be starting on US Thanksgiving on November 26th. More love coming your way!!

      Our letters stay up all year, so you can come back and read them anytime!! xo

      Mom Lisa

  5. Zoe says:

    Dear Lisa,

    First and foremost I would just like to say how beautiful your letter was, it bought tears to my eyes.

    I’m from Australia and have only just found this website and I think it’s absolutely fantastic!

    I fortunately have an accepting mother of my own. Well she is getting there anyway, when I came out to her she hugged me told me that she loved me and we cried, for a really long time. It’s taken some time but she has now understood that being gay is not a choice and that she loves me and accepts me for who I am.

    The reason I am writing this to you is because you show so much love to so many young people and I know how thankful these kids really are. I just want you to know that even though I am not in need of a holiday mum I still appreciate everything you said and I am so excited to read your new letter when it comes it.

    You’re an utterly wonderful woman who has touched my heart in such a way I never thought was possible. In all my 20 years worth of living I never would have thought that one group of mums could seriously help this many people.

    Just know that what you are doing is amazing and so many children and young adults are going to make it through the holiday season because of you and all the other mums on this website.

    I love you all so much!
    Thank you for everything!

    Love from Zoë xxx

    • Shamama says:

      Oh Zoe,
      Your comment brought tears to MY eyes! You have no idea how much your words touched my heart. I thank you so much.

      I am so thrilled beyond measure that you have a wonderful mom and your coming out story is so powerful, and deeply healing for many who will be gifted with your words.

      Our moms will also be touched deeply by your words, and the fact that you took the time to write to us to pour your love in our hearts, just shows me how incredible you are!

      Much love
      Mom Lisa

  6. Riley says:

    Can I comment more than once? I don’t know if that’s okay but I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me know how real this is and how sincere. I’m overwhelmed by multiple replies, I never thought this could make me feel so loved and cared for. Thank you Mom Taryn, Charmy, Carin and of course Mom Lisa.

    I had a panic attack after church today, after hearing once again that I am wrong and something that God never intended to be in the world. It made me feel so lost, so wrong and so, so unworthy. I shouldn’t be alive because what I am is wrong. I cried and cried and then went back to your letter and the comments and I didn’t feel so lost anymore. It’s like escaping from reality for a while. I feel broken and wrong but I know that there are people on this website that want to love me even if I’m broken. So, thank you. Thank you for taking time for us.

    • Taryn says:

      Please don’t ever feel you shouldn’t be in this world. You ARE meant to be here., just maybe at this time you are meant to be reading all these love letters, and feeling the support from here…. That’s all. What you are is human not a mistake…. Just keeping pushing forward with your unique self and know we all love you…. Hugs! Have a fantastic day beautiful girl!

    • Shamama says:

      Of course you can comment more than once, you adorable one!

      Hugs to you, and so glad that you can find love and acceptance anytime you need it. We are always here for you, Riley!
      Mom Lisa

  7. Sam says:

    Dear Holiday mom…

    I cried my eyes out while reading and listening to your letter. No one tells me they love me and I can’t remember the last time someone hugged me. I crave affection like that, I think because I never received it.

    I’m a gay girl, or possibly bisexual. I have no idea how to figure out my sexuality and I will probably be stuck in the closet for the rest of my life. I hate that part of me with all I have. If I could make it go away, I would.

    My family doesn’t really care about me and I will spend the holidays by myself this year. This website gives me strength, even if it’s just by strangers on the internet. Thank you so much for all you do, you truly make a difference. Thank you for your kind soul and your beautiful words that made me cry tears of joy because you are taking the time to write this and even reply to the comments on here. I’ve always wanted a mom like you.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Sam,
      I am so happy that you found us, and I am so glad that you are feeling the love I am sending you through my letter. And I am ESPECIALLY happy that you wrote to me! You know what? It DOES get better. And you WON’T have to be in the closet forever. Sometimes families come in unexpected places, and they have nothing to do with the families that raised us. Sometimes family are a circle of amazing friends! I know people who feel their friends are more their family than their blood ones. So, take heart, dear one, there are people in the world, and probably already in your life, that will love you UNCONDITIONALLY and that will accept you just as you are. And not to worry about figuring out if you are gay or bi, there is no time limit on these things. Your journey is yours and yours alone, and you will figure that out when you are ready.

      Know that I DO love you more than you will ever know, and you can come back anytime to get your love tank filled, and you can write to me anytime and I will ALWAYS be here, okay?

      AND, new letters will be coming starting November 25th! Yay!

      I am proud to be your mom,

      Much love
      Mom Lisa

    • Taryn says:

      Dear Sam
      Just like mom Lisa said, family comes in many ways….. Not always blood, but by the unconditional love of the heart….. That’s what matters. Seeing you the biggest hug….. Right NOW…… Did you feel that…. Ahhhh that was great…. A virtual hug! You have lots of time to figure out who you are….. No rush, not even us adults know who we are. So take your time and find the people, wether this site or others that embrace and love you for who you are NOW, a beautiful soul just trying to figure things out…. Quite frankly ….. Just like the rest of us…. You brave soul. Let the love here from all these moms help you feel like the amazing SAM you are. Love you


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Taylor,

      I am so happy that you found us! Know that new letters will be starting to post on November 25th, and even more love will be heaped upon you all the way to New Years! Please come back and contact me anytime, okay?
      Love you to the moon and back, Taylor!

      Mom Lisa

  8. Daniel says:

    Thank you so much for this.
    Things have been bad with my mom and these have helped me fall asleep the past couple nights. I can’t thank yall enough for everything you do. You have saved my life and you have made me feel loved.
    Trans and lonely for a family

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Daniel!
      First of all, I am so happy that you found us, and that the love you feel from me and all of the moms here is helping you feel less alone, because you really are not. I also read your beautiful comment on the About Our Letters page, and it brought tears to my eyes because I can tell you are such a beautiful, loving, incredible human inside and out, and deserve all of the acceptance and love coming your way! I am sending you the hugest HUG right now, Daniel, can you feel that? I really am! Know that you can come back anytime to get your love tank filled, and that new letters will be starting on November 25th!

      Do something that makes you feel special today, and know that I love you to pieces!

      Mom Lisa

  9. Riley says:

    Is this for real? Are there actually people out there taking the time to write letters like this and make girls like me feel loved when we haven’t felt loved for so long?

    I’m just a girl who is gay, raised in a strict Christian family which means I can never be out and who I am and I will never find love because that would mean hurting my parents to no end. And now there are moms on here that want to take time to write a little something… I don’t think you can ever know how much that means to me.

    I can never be myself and I will forever be hiding. People I thought loved me hurt me so I don’t really believe in family love anymore. But if this is for real, it might be true.

    • Lisa says:

      Oh Riley, you know what? I AM real, and I really AM sending you tons of love and acceptance just as you are! Know this, all of us at Holiday Moms are real women who truly feel so much love for you, not just during the holidays, but all year long forever! I hope that you can feel the hugs I’m sending you right now… feel that? Know that you can come by anytime to get your love tank filled, okay, beautiful girl?

      Love you to pieces!
      Mom Lisa

      • Riley says:

        I can’t remember the last time someone hugged me and I don’t think anyone has ever called me beautiful or sent me love like that.. It made me cry. Thank you for making me feel a little less lost in this big world that scares me so much.

    • Taryn says:

      This is for real….. We care and want you you to feel all the love in the world. The world can be a lonely place when you feel you are not accepted and hiding. But all us moms want you to feel free and loved for WHO you are, a beautiful soul. Here you have family, acceptance and lots of love to get through the day.
      Mom Taryn

    • Mama Lisa says:

      My dear, sweet child,
      May you some day have the opportunity to live your true life, it just may take some time. You will learn that family does not always mean blood, but family is having people in your life who accept you for who you are, no matter what. Please remember that I will always have your back, my sweet holiday child. I love you.

    • Charmy Wesling says:

      Yes Riley !!! This Mom Army Of Love is very real and we are all in your corner ! You don’t have to hide who you are , you are amazing in so many ways and we are so blessed you have shared your story with us!
      Love Holiday Mom Charmy

      • Riley says:

        I’m reading these comments over and over again because I just can’t believe that actual people take the time to write to a lonely girl like me. I have to hide who I am because I don’t want to hurt my family. I’m stuck in this world and I wish I could go far away where no one knows me and I can be who I am but I can’t. It kills me to know I will never have love in my future. I want to get out of here but I can’t. Knowing that this website exists might give me a little more hope.

        • Taryn says:

          Please don’t feel lonely ….. We are here.
          Sending you a huge hug(XOXO). Don’t feel stuck in this world you are here for a reason, to be exactly who you are., to be the beautiful person you are.


    • Mom Carin says:

      Riley, my darling child, you have a whole team of Moms who love you for who you are! In time, things will change. Until then, we are here, to love you for the wonderful, beautiful person you are. We may be distant but we are very real. With real lives, really sending you love and hugs.

  10. Dylan says:

    I just want to say that this is making me cry. My own family doesn’t support me. I’m gender queer and pansexual, but growing up with a conservative christian family doesn’t allow me to be out of the closet. This previous summer, I had a girlfriend, and she meant the world to me. I loved her, and I still do. My mother found our texts and she took my phone and make me break up with her. It’s been about a month or two and she’s gotten over me and now has a girlfriend. That, and the fact that, and the fact that I can’t be myself makes me very stressed and unhappy. It makes me feel like I’m not good enough to be a part of my family. Dylan isn’t my birth name either, My birth name is Lily. Even my friends who know my sexuality and gender identity refuse to call me by my preferred name. The only friend that calls me Dylan is my best friend Asche. Also, I live in Alabama, so that’s another reason why I’m not accepted. So, thank you so much for this. I really needed this, all of you make me so happy.

    • Lisa says:

      Oh Dylan,
      I am so sorry to hear about your girlfriend, first of all, and then of your feeling that you cannot be true to who you are. What I know for sure is that myself and all of the holiday moms here love and accept you JUST AS YOU ARE. You ARE more than good enough, just because your family is uncomfortable with certain parts of your life, does not mean that this reflects on YOU at all, this is more about THEM. Be true to yourself, and I am so happy that you have a WONDERFUL bestfriend, Asche, who celebrates your gender and your preferred name. Reach out to them as much as you need, and to US!

      Much love and light today and always,
      Mom Lisa

  11. Charlie says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I’m Charlie, i’m nonbinary and pan/demisexual with one lip piercing. My mom is very unaccepting of my identity, refusing to use my pronouns and preferred name and i have never been shown much love, so as soon as I read the first few words, i broke down. This made me so happy, and cared for, I am still crying, this is so sweet and i really needed to hear this. Thank you so much, Holiday Mom

    • Lisa says:

      Well Charlie? Now YOUR words have ME crying! We are quite a pair, aren’t we? At this very moment I am sending you a giant hug… can you feel that? I really am! I DO care for you, and am so so happy that you found us, and my letter for you. Know that you can come back anytime to reach out to me, and I will be here, along with all of the other Holiday Moms that love you to pieces just as you are! xoxoxox

      Much love and light
      Mom Lisa

  12. Kaid says:

    I just found this website through social media. and I’m so happy.

    I guess I should start off with my story. a few years back, I realized I wasn’t who I wanted to be. I figured I was bisexual, as I had dated both generic genders, male and female. then I figured out I was pansexual. I was never really sure what the definition of pansexual was, but when I found out, it was what I was. I was pansexual. about a year or two later, I found out how to use they/them pronouns. my mother told my father figure that she thought I was trapped in the wrong body. and I do. I feel trapped. nobody ever uses my pronouns, they/he, around me. they never use the name I want to be used, Kaid (and in some cases, Kay). when I surprised my mother with the name change, she was implement devastated. “my Kayla doesn’t want to be Kayla anymore, she’d rather be someone else.” I cried. so hard. se had accepted me being pansexual, and she was okay with my pronouns, though she never used them. but she hated that I wanted to be called something else other than Kayla.

    I’ve been looking for a place where I could feel accepted, without family butting in. and I found it. thank you so much for participating on this website. it helps me already, and will help more people in the future. hope to hear back soon. <3

    – Kaid

    • Lisa says:

      Hello Kaid,
      Well, first of all, I am so happy you found us! And I am so proud of you for coming out to your parents, how brave of you! Know that I, and all the other Holiday Moms DO accept you exactly as you are… a beautiful and precious human! Given that your mom was accepting of your pronouns and gender preference, I think that your name change will come too, it will just take some time. You have been your birth name to her for a long time, and with time, she will accept your awesome new name too. I love your name!! Know that you can come back ANYTIME to get your love tank all filled up, I’m sending you a hug right now, Kaid, can you feel that?

      Much love and light,
      Your Mom Lisa

  13. Katie says:

    This. Is so wonderful. I just found this site and what these amazing women/individuals do for us kids and the LGBT community. My family has seen me go through a very hard time with a particular relationship and they have an idea that I am curious about girls and that area but..they don’t know the extent of it. It pains me all the time to hear them and extended family talk about the atrocities of being gay and “those poor lost people.” I love my family and I love being close with them. I get such a deep knot in my stomach when I realize how much of myself I keep from them. I’m a passionate person, I love to love, and I know in my heart that I love women. It’s such a big part of me and it hurts every day to keep it all secret; to sit by and watch my family talk about it all seemingly oblivious to how I want to live…and to know that they will never accept that about me. So, although I have not really come out to my family I can understand the pain all the same of those who suffer from isolation and hurtful advances from those around them. So…well all that to say that I am so thankful for people like this. Thank you thank you thank you for all of you who take it upon yourselves to reach out to us and show all this love. I cannot tell you how much of a beautiful difference it makes. Thank you and love on 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Katie,
      I can tell that you love your family very much, and know that they love you too! Just know that someday you may be able to come out to your family,but until then, know that you always have me and all of the Holiday Moms here! I just think you are AMAZING and am PROUD of you for reaching out to me, and us! You have so much love to give, and I know deep in my heart that some day, you will be able to speak your truth. Much love and light to you!

      Your Holiday Mom

      • Katie says:

        You make me cry 🙂 thank you so much. I just literally can’t describe how much your words have lifted my spirit to new heights. Your acceptance and all around joy is ecstatic to me ! Thank you again for your advice and encouragement and love. Much love to you!

  14. Ronnie says:

    Oh jeez. Where do I start? When I first read this letter, I cried with joy. My own mother is very accepting of me, but my dad, the one I live with, doesn’t. They divorced, and the court deemed my mom ‘unsafe to be around’, so you can kind of imagine how I feel. Anyways, when I came out as Transgender and Pansexual to my father, he was very accepting sounding, but he refuses to use different pronouns for me, let me use the name I prefer, let me wear or buy clothes from the men’s section, etc. The only thing he has allowed me to do is cut my hair short, but even then, it is in a feminine pixie cut. So reading this, man, it really hit me hard.
    So Holiday mom, I thank you. What I really needed right now was some
    reassurance so thank you so much! If I could hug you tight, I would. Thank you so, so much. Even if this is nearly a year old I feel it is still relevant.

    Love, your Holiday Child,


    • Lisa says:

      Hi lovely, Ronnie,
      First of all, YAY you found us! And I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart.. I see you for who you truly are at your core. A beautiful unique amazing transgendered pansexual human! Sometimes moms an dads take a long time to get used to new pronouns, and the whole idea of transgendered. With time, he will hopefully get used to the idea, many many MANY parents start out just like he has, and end up completely amazingly accepting and even championing their new son or daughter.

      Come back anytime you need your love tank filled, Ronnie,

      Lots of love,
      Mama Lisa

  15. Savannah says:

    This made me feel so much acceptance and worthyness I couldn’t thank any of you holiday moms enough..

    • Lisa says:

      Oh Savannah,
      Writing a letter to you of love is the easiest thing ever because you are just so awesome! Know that all of us moms here send you love and acceptance all year, but especially during the holidays.

      Love and light to you, love,
      Mom Lisa

  16. Flynn says:

    Thank you so much for doing this project. I’ve needed this kind of reassurance so much after coming out as Bigender rather recently.

    My mom thinks I’m just confused, and that I’ll “realize I’m really a girl with tomboy-ish tendancies” sooner or later. Or something like that. And I know no one else in my very Christian family and friends group will support me even remotely, so knowing I have a family here, even just for the holidays just in case really, really helps.

    Love, your new Holiday Child,


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Flynn, and welcome to my family! I am so proud to have you as my new Holiday Child! Come here, let’s have a hug… feel that? Good! Now, sometimes moms and dads feel confused when they hear about their child’s gender identity for the first time, there is so much to learn for them. With time, hopefully they will accept you just as you are, because you are perfection just as you are!

      Much love and light to you, Flynn,
      Mom Lisa

  17. Austin says:

    Hi. This one is the first letter I listened to and this one made me cry alot. I’m so happy I found this amazing site. I’m also proud of y’all – you are strong and try to make people feel stronger. I’m sure I’ll listen to it again and again when I need it. Thanks for posting. You probably saved some lives. Being a mother isn’t very easy, because you are learning and teaching at the same time. Sadly my “mom” doesn’t know about it, but I don’t think complaining would be right. Thanks for your words, thanks for your voice. All I need is some of the things I never had. Talking to people who are full of love instead of hate is one of them. I wish I was there, because sometimes hugs help a little bit more than even lots of words. I’d like to look at your eyes, even if it makes me cry more and crying makes me look ugly.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Austin,
      I am soooo glad that you found us! You can visit here anytime and reach out to me if you ever need a HUG or some extra love in your day, okay? Sending you both right now… can you feel that? Sometimes when I have a good cry I call ig the “ugly cry” only because I am just freely letting all of that pent up emotion out. It’s so healthy to do that! Yes, surround yourself with loving peeps, and now you can count me among those.

      Love and light to you, Austin,
      Your Holiday Mom Lisa

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Austin!
      I am going to be co-ordinating letters again this year, and came across your lovely comment and wanted you to know that I am thinking about you, and sending you yet another GIANT HUG! xo

      Your Holiday Mom Lisa

  18. Ari says:

    Hi Lisa!

    Thank you so much for this. I’m asexual and genderfluid. I’ve struggled a lot with identity and coming out. I used to identify as bisexual, but it didn’t feel right. I had refrained from telling my mom I was bi, because I’ve heard her say, many times, that bisexual people are whores. I haven’t told her I’m gendefluid because I don’t know how she’ll react. My whole relationship I had with her was basically ruined after I got a girlfriend (I was born female).

    Anyways, when I found this site I nearly cried. These messages always make me so happy, and even though I don’t personally know you, I feel like you’re there for me no matter what, and it’s always made me feel like I belong. I have depression and social anxiety and my mother doesn’t understand. Even this comment is hard to write. But you truly understand all of us, and you care. With this, the end of 2014 was so much more bearable.

    I can’t thank you enough for making me feel welcomed and safe. I don’t know what to say anymore, but thank you.


    • Lisa says:

      My dear Ari,
      Thank you for your note, I love you to pieces, you have no idea! I am sorry that you feel that you feel your mom does not accept who you are, hopefully with time this will change. What I want most for you is for you to truly love YOURSELF no matter what! I also am SO PROUD of you for declaring who you are as an asexual and genderfluid, this makes you all the more extraordinary!

      Know that I am always here for you if you need me, as with all of the other moms here on this site.

      Sending you huge amounts of love and OF COURSE a massive hug to boot!

      Love always,
      Your Holiday Mom

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ari!

      I am collecting letter again this year for Your Holiday Mom, and you wrote a beautiful comment here last year, and I just finished reading it yet again. I want you to know that I am STILL thinking of you, and hope you are feeling all of the love from my heart again this year. xo

      Your Holiday Mom Lisa

  19. Elle says:

    Hi Mum!
    Thank you so much for your kind words as they are really helpful. Personally, I know that I am pansexual and genderfluid, but I have been recently debating over whether I should transition as more ‘male’ using hormones. My mother is heavily religious so I probably wont come out to her, but my boyfriend is very accepting and willing to understand how I feel towards my gender and sexuality. It is wonderful to know that you love and accept me as your holiday child and I would like to say a massive THANK YOU.
    With hugs and kisses,
    Your holiday child Elle.
    xx ♡♡♡

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Elle!
      I am so happy that my words could offer you some love and good stuff when you needed it. And whatever you decide to do about transitioning or not you will decide in your own timing. Either way, transition or no, I will always be here if you need and extra boost of hugs and support! I am beyond happy that you have a wonderful boyfriend, of course you do, cuz you are pretty darn wonderful yourself, Elle!
      Love you forever and always,
      Your Holiday Mom Lisa

  20. Brielle says:

    Thank you so much for making this…I was debating on commenting on this because I usually just browse through & read letters and go on with my day, but this is the only letter/audio message that really spoke to me this past holiday season. And even though it’s over I’m still really sad. I do a really good job forgetting how messed up my childhood was, growing up as a transgender child in a devoutly religous home, it was tough…but I survived and that’s all that matters. Every once in a while, it’s nice to feel like I matter. that I don’t have to compartmentalize myself for people to love me. THANK YOU from the bottom of my queer, femme, beautifully beating heart for taking the time to make this.

    *hugs* thanks for being a great holiday mom. I’m gonna take this message wherever I do and whenever I feel sad or start thinking about my past, I’ll look back on this & know that there are people in this world who will love me unconditionally, without restraints.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Brielle,
      First of all…… I love you. For realz. I can feel your sadness in your words, and am actually picturing you right here beside me and wrapping my arms around you in a warm hug. I’m totally not even kidding. I just hugged you! :0) And secondly, it means the world to me that you would take the time out of your busy day to comment on my letter, and to share your kind words with me.

      I hope that someday you won’t feel like you have to cover up your feelings or memories, that they will heal up and you won’t have to revisit them in such a raw painful state. I just know that you are an amazingly strong human being, and I am SO PROUD of all that you have accomplished thus far, and that you are here today and able to share your feelings with me and those whom you trust in your life.

      I don’t want you to compartmentalize, I see you as the whole amazing person that you are with all your parts that make you that amazing person. We all have many parts of ourselves that we hide sometimes. I’m a mom, sheesh, somedays I go to bed thinking… I’ll do better tomorrow!

      Yes, take these words with you into your days, pull them out and read them, and feel that I am there with you if you need me. Come back here anytime as I get alerted when a new comment or reply comes in. And also be sure to reach out to others in your life when you are feeling a bit alone.

      Shine your beautiful bright light into the world, my dear Brielle!

      Love you forever,
      Your Holiday mom

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Brie!
      You wrote to me last year on Your Holiday Mom and I was reading through comments and found your beautiful one! How are you doing, love? Know that I am still sending you HUGS and much LOVE and accept you still, you fabulous person you!

      Your Holiday Mom

  21. Deby says:

    Hi Lisa

    I felt a lot of emotions when I read your letter, sadness cause it remind me bad memories I tried to keep away, and joy, cause I felt your love.Thank you for your letter. Your sweet words and your kindness made me cry.
    You are the mother I’ve ever dream, the mother I’ve never have. I wish you could be here and protect me in your arms.Thank you to love me. I love you too and I wish all the best for you, cause you are a so beautiful person, you deserve it.

    Your holiday child

    • Lisa says:

      My dear Deby,
      YOU are a beautiful person and YOU deserve love! I am so glad that you felt the love I sent to you in this letter, and am glad that although you feel sad, that you also felt joy within the words. I want you to know that even though it may feel like you are all alone sometimes, that you are not. You have me now, and every day forever and ever, and I bet you also have some pretty amazing people in your life who also surround you with love. Even though no one will ever replace your mother, know that I actually do have that Mama Bear feeling towards you that is protecting you with my heart and am always here, along with all of the other moms here too!

      You are a strong and amazing human being, Deby, and I am so super proud of you for being you!!

      What a brave soul you are!! xoxoxo

      I LOVE YOU!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Deby!
      You wrote to me last year on Your Holiday Mom and I just wanted you to know that I am STILL thinking of you, and still send you HEAPS OF LOVE!

      Your Holiday Mom
      Lisa xo

  22. Samantha says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks so much for this letter. I found this website over the holiday break after I came out to my mom as both bisexual and depressed (she rejected me and sent me to live with my estranged father). I’ve been having trouble staying okay and coping, but this website has brought me small sparks of happiness and reinforced the belief that I am loved.

    I’m so happy there’s a place like this on the Internet that spreads love and light to those who really need it. You got me crying when I read the line about being “a shining bright light of love and joy”. The recent trials at home had me forgetting that fundamental part of every. single. person. Thank you so much for reminding me that I am not bad and I am not wrong: I am capable of bringing love and joy to the people around me.

    I cannot thank you enough.
    Love, Samantha

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Samantha!
      My daughter too is bisexual and suffers from depression sometimes, and now I can add you to the fold of my beautiful daughters! I am so glad that you really do understand and see that inside you (and every other person on earth) is truly a shining light at the core, that what is covering us as skin and bones is only that. The real beautiful you is untouchable to pain and suffering, though some days I know it is really hard to see that. I am SO PROUD of you for coming out to your mom, and am sorry that she has not adapted well. Sometimes these things just take time, and I hope that with time she will accept all of you and open her arms to you again. But in the meantime you have me, YAY! and all of the other amazing moms here to fill you up with love and support when you need it! And I bet, because you are so awesome, you have other folks in your life that can also fill you up with love, am I right? :0)

      I love you, Samantha, and I am really glad that you are here. <3


  23. Renée says:


    I am crying right now because I am so overwhelmed with emotion. I was on Tumblr on my phone, laying in bed, when I found this website. On New Year’s Eve, after I had explicitly come out to my parents as a lesbian, my mom said she knew I liked guys and that she knows I think such and such guy is hot etc. She refused to believe me, then it was all sorts of questions. Now we just don’t talk about it at all. I also go by my middle name but they refuse to call me my middle name, even though it’s what I prefer. And she has now started asking if I am on drugs, if my friends have HIV, etc. She is really getting on my case some days, and then other times expects everything to be normal. She provides every physical need for me, but I just want to feel loved. Truly loved. And I don’t feel that from her. I feel like a worthless disappointment. And then I found this site…

    I guess I’ve always been seeking a mother.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Renée,
      First of all I LOVE YOUR PICTURE! You are just beautiful and your cat is adorable. It looks just like our kitty that we used to have.

      Secondly, hear my words…. first and foremost I LOVE YOU. i really do. I know it seems strange to hear that from a person that you have never met, but I read your words, and I felt your heart and I truly am sending you all the love i can right this very minute. Can you feel it? I am sorry that your mom did not take your coming out well, perhaps she needs some time to adjust to the news. When my daughter was figuring things out (it took about two years) I wasn’t sure if she was a lesbian as she maybe thought, only because she had been attracted to guys too. It was a confusing time for her and me too. But eventually with time she figured it out and we all grew together and now she is out exactly as who she truly is. So, maybe it will just take some time with your mom. Deep down she loves you, but is just feeling scared a bit because she does not understand.

      Either way, know that you always have me! I am always here for you, Renée, whenever you need a boost of love and support to get you through a rough patch. Me and all of the other amazing moms here. So please reach out to us when you need us okay?

      But also, I bet there are other people in your life that can fill you up too! Reach out to them too when you are feeling low. But always know that you are NOT a worthless disappointment, the exactly opposite! I am SO PROUD of you for claiming who you are and living your life as authentically YOU. Beaming with all of the love you have to give to that special woman who is out there for you when you are ready!

      I love you, Renée! HUGS TO YOU from your Mom,

  24. Raphael says:

    Hi, Lisa. I’ve had some horribly distressing things happening at home lately, especially since some of the events are because I’m genderfluid and asexual. Your words were just what I needed. It made me feel like, for once, I actually had a parent that loved me and would always accept me.

    Thank you. I love you too, Mom. Can I have a hug? 🙂

    Raphael H.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Raphael,
      First let me start by saying…. I am so sorry that you have had such a horrible time at home lately! But I am also SO HAPPY that you found us and that we found eachother. Yay! I completely understand genderfluidity and asexuality, but not many people do. I am SO PROUD of you for A) figuring out who you are and B) for boldly coming out and expressing who you are fully. YAY YOU! You know what? You really DO have a parent that loves you and will always accept you in me, and you can come back anytime when you need an extra boost of love and of course A HUG. I’m sending you one right now, feel that? I bet you also have some people in your life that also love and accept you too. Reach out to them on those days when you feel the most low. I just adore you and thank you too for writing to me! Your comment made my night.

      I love you to pieces, Raphael, today and everyday! Now go be that fabulous YOU!

      Love your Mom, Lisa

  25. Luise says:

    Hello Lisa,
    thank you so much for your letter, your words really touched me and made me cry but in a good way because I felt loved.
    I love giving and receiving hugs,sadly my own mom refuses to give them to me or even talk to me since I came out.
    I try really hard to stay positive and strong but sometimes I wish I would have never came out and just stayed in the closet, that way at least she would still talk to me and hug me.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Luise,
      I am so glad that you felt the love in my letter to you. And I want you to know that you can reach out any time to me for love and support, I am always here for you in your corner! I am so sorry that your mom is struggling with your true authentic self, and I know there are some days (especially the holidays, probably, right?) that it does feel like it would have been better to have not come out to her, but I am sooooo glad that you did! You deserve to live your life as the truest expression of yourself, but I really do hear what you are saying that at least if you had not, your mom would still talk to you and hug you. On those days when you feel like that, reach out to those that love and accept you and can support you in those moments. Nothing will ever replace your mom, but at least you will not have to feel that way all alone. And you can always come back here if you need me, I’ll always be here for you sending you love and HUGS anytime you need me, okay? And on those days where you feel HAPPY and ALIVE because you came out, embrace those with all of your being and cherish them! You deserve all of the good things that life has to offer, Luise! I adore you already, and am SO PROUD of you for being true to yourself, despite what ended up being the result. How FRIGGEN BRAVE OF YOU! :0)

      Love you,
      Your Holiday Mom

      • Luise says:

        your letter and your comment helped me so much this year. Whenever I was feeling down I just came to this webside and read your words again.
        Now it is Christmas again soon. My mom and I still have no contact and my grandma, who was the only one in my family who supported me passed away a few weeks ago. I feel really lonley at the moment, but your words help me to get through this stage of my life.
        Thank you so much!

  26. Hakim says:

    Hey i just wanna say thank you for being the nicest mom that i wish i had, one who accepted me as i am not who she wants me to be. my own mom burned out a lot of my emotions so i doubt these hit me as lovingly as they should but thank you so much! i really wish my mom could be as loving and as accepting as you. a lot of bad has happened to me over the holiday break and ill admit right now it takes a lot to make me smile but you holiday moms have cushioned the blow and made a bit happier every time i get one of your letters. so thank you so much and i would to give you all a big holiday hug

    • Lisa says:

      Oh Hakim, I am so sorry that you have had such a hard time this holiday season… but I am so glad that you are here now! I hope that with time you will feel the love and acceptance from your mom that you deserve. I can tell that you are a bright and shining light in this world, and we are all better for having you in it! xoxox Please come back as often as you like and reach out, we are all here and love you every single day. xoxoxo

      Your holiday mom,

  27. Molly says:

    Thank you for saying that you love me to the moon and back. I’ve read the book before on my own but my parents would never say anything like that. Thank you to all of the Holiday Moms for giving me the kind of holidays I could never have when I was living at home, days without shouting or violence. I left home years ago so the violence is gone, but you’ve given me positive models that show me how my life could be in the future. Thank you for the hope you’ve given me!

    • Lisa says:

      Hello my sweet Molly!
      It is true… to the MOON AND BACK! It is one of my favourites, and I am tearing up and bursting with love as I am writing to you thinking of that darn book. :0) I am so glad that you found us here at Your Holiday Mom, and that our letters are giving you some positive models to show you that no matter what, there will always be people that love you for exactly who you are!

      I send you a giant hug, can you feel that?

      Your Holiday Mom

  28. Lisa says:

    Hi Fae!
    I am soooo happy that my words gave you the love that I am sending to you, dear one. You know, sometimes parents can surprise us, one important thing to remember is just to give lots of time for them to get their head around it. When my daughter at 14 came out as bisexual, I loved and accepted her because I already knew from the hints and discussions we had. But the couple of years up to that point as she was figuring stuff out, I had to just sit with it and let it absorb. Maybe it might be that way for your mom? Either way, you have me as your mom too, so no matter what happens I’ll always be here for you. It sounds like you are surrounded with love, and I know that when you are ready, you will be able to come out and live as you truly are. And if that is not for a long time, or ever, then that is okay too.

    I am super proud of you for claiming yourself in this safe space, and reaching out. I am a big hugger and am sending you a GIANT ONE over the interwebs, can you feel it?

    LOVE YOU, Fae!!

    Your Holiday Mom

  29. Fae says:

    Hi Lisa.

    Thank you so much for your beautiful letter. My name is Fae. I’m 17 nonbinary, genderfluid, biromantic demisexual. It’s so wonderful to know that I can share that with you and still have all of the love and support of you as my Holiday Mom.

    I wish I could be there with your family in person to celebrate the holidays with you. I’m sure it’s a magical experience. Hearing these words is such a validating thing and I’m forever grateful that you took the time to share the love in your heart with me. I live in a very conservative area and I know my mom loves me but the thought of really letting her know who I am is scary. You’ve given me the best gift of all; being able to be myself with someone whom I know loves me no matter what.

    It can be really hard around this time of the year so really I just want to say thank you for the kind words and love you have given me.

    Love your Holiday Child,


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