Happy Holidays: Suzanne


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My Dear Adopted Holiday Child,

Welcome to our home. It makes no difference to me that you identify as LGBTQ. I am pleased to welcome you here however you identify. Plain and simple. You are wanted here. No judgments. Now come on in, and let’s shut that door so the cats don’t get out.

We’ve got that lovely wreath on the front door, but other than that, you won’t find the house decorated for the holidays. It’s just me, my husband and our cats, and while I used to do a tree and lots of decorating, I realized it caused me more stress than delight, and I started to look at how I really wanted to spend my holidays. So, we roll a little differently than others… a lot less traditional here… something tells me you might be able to relate.

What we lack in decoration and tradition, I believe we make up for in other ways. So now that you’re here, let’s get cozy. We’re in Phoenix, so my husband Chris is probably standing by the grill in his shorts and t-shirt. He does all the cooking at our house. The kitchen is his domain, so we’ll grab a beverage and say our hellos, and then we’ll leave him to whatever culinary delight he might be making for us. He’ll have the satellite radio on so there’s some nice ambiance, and if you and I gang up on him, we might get to change the station to something we’d like better. He’s fairly flexible.

You and I can head into the living room where I’ll introduce you to the most comfortable couch on the planet. Okay, that may not be a verifiable fact, but hanging out on my couch, in and of itself, is much like receiving a terrific hug.

I’m likely to ask you lots of questions, not to be intrusive but because I’d really like to know about you. I promise not to pry, but it’s kind of my thing, connecting to people, learning about others. But, I’m also happy to simply hear about your taste in music, or to discuss that movie you watched last week, or have you explain that video game you love that I would be terrible at.

Chris will bring us an appetizer to tide us over, while he continues to work on the meal that he estimated we’d be eating right about now. But we won’t mind the wait because he’s also likely to have said something silly to make us laugh. He’s running behind on dinner because he’s been stepping in and out of the living room to catch our conversation. He’s not as “outward” as me with how much he cares about things, but he’s happy to have you in our home.

We might sit down at the table in the kitchen to eat, or just do plates on laps in the living room. After dinner, THERE WILL BE CHOCOLATE… always chocolate, and then we can head out to the backyard to join Chris at his outdoor fireplace. He loves that fire, and will sit and stare into those flames for hours. It’s quite relaxing actually and a great place to unwind after a good meal to talk about… whatever.

When it’s time for you to go, goodbyes will come with hugs and handshakes, and we will hope that you take a little bit of our love back out into the world as you continue on through the holidays and your wonderful life. Because, Dear One, you ARE so worthy of love, and in my book, you are free to love whoever and however you want. Most of all, I hope you’ll throw a heaping helping of love onto yourself from yourself.

THAT is a new holiday tradition, I’d be thrilled to begin.

With Love,




  1. Nicole says:

    Oh my gosh this just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My mom’s okay with homosexuality but doesn’t believe in bisexuality. and I’m bi. I’ve just always wanted somebody that I can sit down and talk to, who will just listen.

  2. Becka says:

    I would love to just sit and talk with someone who will listen! And I would love to get to know you too, honestly. I like to hear all about other people’s lives much like you do. Maybe someday 🙂

  3. Elise says:

    My mum’s name is Suzanne.
    I think I like you better. 🙂
    I hope you have a great holiday!

  4. Matt says:

    Thanks for this, your home environment sounds a lot like what I had when I lived with my aunt and uncle. They kicked me out after a while but I don’t hold it against them anymore. This made me smile, so thank you.

  5. Rachael says:

    will everyone of these letters give me tears? (I like it, actually, but I’m still pretty shy)
    You actually make me get a little annoyed that I live SO far away from you! Conversation with you sounds lovely.

  6. Trans Mom says:

    Oh My. I am definitely loving this. As I sit here warming my hands around a mug of coffee. I am longing to be there outside in shorts with you and your hubby. Thank you for your warm treat, your love and warmth this holiday
    season, Suzanne

  7. Lisa says:

    Such a sweet letter of unfolding love and delight! I say YES to that new tradition! Thank you Suzanne! Beautiful.

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