Happy Holidays: Sibling Logan

LoganTo my beloved sibling,

Greetings, my dearest sibling, my most beloved friend. I may not have met you yet in person, but I know you are out there. You might think I’m silly for loving you this much, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t silly, but silly is part of the magic. People have always forgotten the importance of laughter, and joy, and and unbridled silliness in our lives. Silliness is hope, it is a subtle way of knowing everything will be alright. My father can’t help but make jokes throughout the year, and this season always seems to bring out the fun in him, even if the months before sour him.

For years, I always ignored the idea of silly, the idea of fun and joy, and wanted to be a serious man from serious town. It wasn’t until some hard times in my life when I realized that fun and silly are freeing forces, that can put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. I began watching cartoons, both old ones from when I was young, and new ones. They made me appreciate hope, and fun, and silliness, and made me understand how my dad  would always try to be funny even in the darkest of times. Even if at first they seem out of place, fun and silliness can bring out love, another thing I want to give to you. Fun and Love go hand in hand, really.

It’s something I felt when my family opens presents on Christmas, and my brother and I always get joke gifts, like a billion combs or something. In my heart, I see you among us, my mom hugging you every time you open up something and your eyes light up, my dad joking when you open a box filled with consecutively smaller boxes that eventually lead to the worlds tiniest box. We have no fireplace, no real period of sitting around and talking about the importance of Christmas, but when we look at each other, we know that the love and fun and joy that Christmas represents is there. And I know we would bring that love and joy to you too. That’s what our silliness, our willingness to open up with fun, does. When we open ourselves up, and stop taking ourselves so seriously, we allow love to come in, and as well allow love to spread out to others. I wish I could give you something physical, a memento for you to carry through your hard times, but this is something I can give you: love, joy, and maybe an appreciation for silliness.

I know I must have been babbling on for a while now, but I just want to say one more thing. Be silly, my beloved sibling. Be fun. You don’t have to all the time, since I know times can be hard, but remember in the back of your mind the funny things. And also know that, no matter what happens, no matter how you feel, know that I love you with every breath in my body and every star in the sky.


Brother Logan.



  1. Raymond says:

    I think this is one of the nicest ones. I used to be really silly all the time until I came out and my parents started yelling at me all the time and so I stopped. I wanted to be a comedian once so it’s good to be reminded of when I was like that

  2. Trans Mom says:

    Logan, thanks for bring the fun and light-hearted to our holiday celebrations. It brings out of ourselves, so that we can loose our troubles and just enjoy the moment. Such a gift you have given us. Thank You!

  3. Sasha says:

    This put a huge smile on my face! I really wish I could meet you in person and have an actual big brother (I’ve always wanted one!). Thank you so much for spending the time to write this, it makes me feel loved.

  4. Andrea says:

    This is so, so kind of you. You and your family sound like wonderful hilarious people, I feel like we’d definitely get along! I know that when I have tough times this season I’ll be thinking of this letter. Thank you so much, brother. <3

  5. Mama J says:

    Logan, your house sounds like a blast! All the joy and laughter seems to be quite contagious and also quite charming! I find a good laugh along with the joy and tears of giving is a very good thing!

    Save a laugh for me!

    Mama J

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Logan — thanks for the love. I always need extra this time of year, and today was a good time to be reminded that there is room for ridiculousness and joy. Thanks for extending yourself to us, and sharing the cool details of your family traditions — I’ll have to re-create some of those with my friends. 🙂

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