Happy Holidays: Momma Wen

holidayDearest Child of my heart,

As we approach the Holidays the hustle and bustle has taken over my days. I would love to have you join in the fun with my family and me. I’ve been known to tease my children by saying “No snow……no Holiday shopping.” But, every year I’m out there digging up fun things at the secondhand shops and looking for just the right yarn for a scarf or mittens. Yes, I can be a last minute knitter and sewer for sure and would love to have you with me making magic happen. You can be sure I’ll be sneaking around the corner and asking the clerk to tuck away a few things I know will be perfect just for you so you to will feel the magic and be surprised as we all open our gifts on Christmas morning.

It would be wonderful to have you share these shopping excursions with me. We can take the train into the city and afterward go home to decide what might be best to wrap in what paper and what ribbons can be used on what packages. Sipping hot cocoa and eating way too many sugar cookies as we sort the bright paper and ribbons. As the day wears down we can sit in front of the fireplace in rocking chairs talking about anything that brings you joy or may weigh heavy on your heart before retiring for the night with our hearts a little lighter and the promise of a magical holiday season we’ll share over the next few days with a family that loves and respects you.

I know you have faced many challenges because you are living your life in an exceptional way as a part of the LGBTQ community, perhaps still working to overcome fear of retribution and rejection. I am proud of your choices to go with a lifestyle that has called to you since early childhood. You are very courageous to be who your really are in this world and I hold you deep in my heart. It’s such an honor to know you as a part of our holiday celebration.

Please come on over even though it is only a virtual visit, let’s make the holiday season brighter for you, the family and me.

With much love & Blessings surrounding you,

Momma Wen



  1. Trans Mom says:

    What a wonderful holiday celebration. This is an amazing treat has brought back memories of holiday sweaters that Mom used to make for us as we grew up. Have wonderful holiday season!

  2. Tommy Costner says:

    Thank You, Mamma Wen! Thank you for your support. Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

  3. Shamama says:

    Love you Mama Wen… feel right at home. Thank you for opening your self to us all…

  4. Lisa says:

    So much beautiful tradition and magic woven in the lines of this letter. Thank you Momma Wen!

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