Happy Holidays: Momma Lisa

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Dear Adopted Holiday Child,

I welcome you to our Winter Solstice Celebration. Our home is often filled with chosen family guests, whether it is the holidays or not. I welcome you to feel the love that we share, the laughter and the open heart. I am a birth momma of five children and a heart momma of more than I can count.

Our home has an open door to all who need a hug, a meal, to share a conversation or a place to stay. Over the years we have shared incredible laughter, cleansing tears, and much needed embraces. No one is turned away. And so you can count on the love that is generated within my home is energetically being sent your way. You are loved, welcomed, celebrated and cherished.

Every one has memories of the holiday season. Some are beautiful and some fall short. But I want you to know that this holiday, this heart to heart connection that we share can be a special gift to you. I know as a momma that every child is beautiful and brings their special unique blessings to our world. I want to celebrate this in you! I sit here and wonder what makes you smile, what songs get you dancing, what your best friend’s name is, what your favorite food is, what movie makes you tear up and more.

I feel you in my heart, you know. I am holding you tenderly there. Picture us sitting with the rest of the family; the house is a buzz with conversation and laughter. You can smell the food cooking, the fire is crackling and the tree glows in the corner. Maybe you and I decide to bundle up and go outside for a walk with the stars shining above us and the snow beneath our feet. Maybe we share a soft and casual conversation, or maybe we just breathe in the silence and look up into that starry sky. Don’t be surprised if I sprawl out in the snow to make a snow angel and invite you to do the same!

Know that I will be thinking of you this holiday season, dear one, sending you my love and all the positive energies I can gather for a beautiful New Year. You are a special gift to me and I hope you feel my delightful celebration of the wonder of you! Know that there are people here in this world that love you, value you and delight that you are such an amazing soul! May your holidays be a little brighter knowing that you are a part of this chosen family and that your heart momma is thinking of you while she decorates the Solstice tree and cooks her holiday meals, wishing you were here in person, but trusting that you are feeling the love. When the New Year rings in this year, close your eyes and feel my hug and listen closely …you will hear me celebrating you with a “Happy New Year, dear one!”

Blessings ~ Momma Lisa


  1. Cierra says:

    What a beautiful message. That made me feel better than I have in a long time. I hope you had a wonderful Solstice. Thank you so much.

    • Lisa says:

      It was a wonderful day! You were held closely in my heart and will be through the holiday season and far into the New Year! Much love sent your way.

  2. Trans Mom says:

    What a beautiful message of love and warmth for the Winter Solstice The feel of the crackling fire and crisp, cold winter air bring wonderful memories to life. Thank You Momma Lisa!

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