Happy Holidays: Momma E

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To My Adopted Holiday Child:

First of all, Hugs. I’m that kind of person – so when you’re rolling with me that’s what you get; and lots of them.

This time of year can really suck, to be blunt. The inflated expectations for the “perfect” holiday (Just what is that anyway? I still haven’t figured it out, and I have a half century of holidays behind me already!), and the “perfect” family to spend those days with. My family certainly isn’t perfect; we live a noisy, crazy, chaotic life. But I’d love to share it virtually with you, even just for this brief time. 

I know it’s difficult, especially at this time of year. Many of us feel disconnected and depressed during the holidays to varying degrees and for a myriad of reasons. But you’re not really alone. Weirdly, in my head I’m hearing Bon Jovi singing “We got each other and that’s a lot. For Love, we’ll give it a shot!” But maybe that’s not so weird.

I, and other moms like me, see the amazing person you are shining out from inside. We see YOU – stronger than you should ever have to be – in that struggle to be genuine and authentic to yourself and others. I accept you for who you are – gay, lesbian, bi, trans, questioning – you are a person who matters, someone who sets a courageous example of tolerance and acceptance for others. I have two girls, both teenagers, and my heart breaks along with theirs when they encounter life’s harsher realities. My first instinct is to shield them; but my real job is to give them the love and support they need to stay strong, to learn, to grow, and to care about others. Please, consider the same done for you, unconditionally. Please take some time to look at yourself and see you as we see you – beautiful, capable, brave, and incredible. Back to Love. That’s what the season is about when you break it down to the basics. Love accepts. Know that the second I got involved with the Your Holiday Mom project you were accepted into my heart without reservation; and that you’re part of my family.

I take two weeks off of work at Christmas, spend time with the family and friends, get the house decorated, some holiday baking done, and for those two weeks dinner is actually ready when the family gets home and all the laundry is done. I become June Cleaver for those two weeks – but I draw the line at vacuuming in a dress, heels, and pearls… jussayin. The balsam candles stay lit all day and evening and holiday music plays non-stop as I sing my way through wrapping presents.

This year, I will also be thinking of you. As I light those candles, sing off key, and wrap presents, I will be sending positive thoughts and good karma your way. Know that if you showed up at my house you’d be eagerly invited in, hugged, and probably put to work baking cookies. This year, there won’t be as many presents to wrap but that’s okay, because what’s more important is that I have a lot to be thankful for, including you.

Love and Hugs, Momma E

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  1. Julia Pardieu says:

    I was just told about this site – and so thankful for the love and support. I hope you still see these comments as I want you to know how much this means to me and others. They do not all comment – most don’t. But I want you to know that it means sooo much.

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