Happy Holidays: Mom Tina

holiday goldDear Holiday Child,

I welcome you into my virtual home this holiday season.  Although we have never met, I am so grateful for your presence on this planet.  The gifts you have to give are so uniquely you, that no one else alive could possibly give them to the world, but you.  I know it can be difficult to stand up and be who you really are.  It is tough for all of us.  But who you are is miraculous and wonderful.  Even if it feels that way sometimes, you are not alone.  You are loved.

Every year, when the holidays roll around, my family and I make a paper chain.  On each strip of paper, we write a fun activity we plan to do together over the holidays.  We always bake cookies, watch holiday movies, build ginger bread houses, and visit Santa.  This year, we will include you in all of those activities.  I promise we will make a cookie in your honor!  I will even let you in on a family secret, but you can’t tell!  We use hot glue instead of icing for our ginger bread house!  Of course, we don’t get to eat it, but it sure is beautiful!

We also always try to drive to the snow.  We have to go somewhere that we can build a fire, make s’mores, and drink hot chocolate too.  We sit around the fire and everyone makes wishes for the coming year.  This year, our wish will be for you and a beautiful new year.

We will welcome you into my virtual home this holiday and accept you and love you as you are.  You are a part of my family and we love you very much.  Never forget how special you are.  My heart is open to you this holiday season.  Please know that I will be thinking of you and loving you from afar.  You are loved.

Sincerely, Tina


  1. Peach says:

    I am pansexual, and my mom died at age 10 of breast cancer. I can now never come out to her, and I have yet to come out to my dad, I don’t think I will until i’m in college. But thank you, mom Tina. Thank you for making me feel loved by a parent.

  2. Shamama says:

    Oh thank you Tina!!! Paper chains, I forgot about those! I’ll be thinking of you round the fire!

  3. Lisa says:

    What lovely family traditions! And such a welcoming heart! Thank you for including us into your holiday! Beautiful!

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