Happy Holidays: Mom Teri

TeriListen to the audio recording of this message. Dear Adopted Holiday Child, The weather has turned cold and the snow has begun to fall here.  It is the time when we know we must build strong fires in the fireplace to keep us warm. Imagine yourself joining me here bustling around bringing in the firewood, dusting the snow from your coat and hat.  I will welcome the new addition of logs and greet you with a warm cup of cocoa.

With my son gone, my family now consists of dear close friends. We share this Holiday with new traditions and several old family ones.   Although I do not know first hand what you face in the LGBTQ community, I can relate to finding yourself alone and without family for the Holidays.  I hold a place in my heart for you with understanding and warmth.  I do know about not being understood by your family.  I know what it is like to be far from home and wondering just what your Holiday will look like and I understand the reluctance to open to others during this time.

I want you to know that I accept you as you are and welcome you to my home and an evening of Holiday music with my friends.  After the long evening of pageantry, we will return to my home, light the fire and giggle about the event. Bed will come too soon but it will be best since Sunday is a day of reflection and cookie baking. Breakfast will already be laid out for you sleepy head and we will take our time enjoying the dawning of the day and each other.  I am so delighted to have you spend this time with me. I have invited you here because you light up the sky by being you.  You bring a special feeling to this world, a special knowing that is so important and my heart fills with joy just knowing you.

This Holiday season let me embrace you just as you are, and include you into my home and life. Together we can begin to build this Holiday season into a meaningful statement of who we are – loving and kind souls. This season is really about love and acceptance.  It is about caring for each other.  I care about you.  I want you to know you are not alone.  I am here to listen and be your virtual mom. After the dishes are done the baking will begin.  These are not pop in the oven cookies…. oh no the two kinds of cookies I still bake are traditional family treats and were favorites of my son. Scotch shortbreads take kneading and slow baking but oh they are so heavenly!!  Just like you these cookies hold a delight for each person who meets them.

And then the fun ones are next, my mother’s candy cane cookies, mine are without peppermint sprinkles but for you we can add them.   We will roll the red dough, then the white dough into 6-inch snakes and twist them together so they look like an old barbershop sign finishing them with a turn down at the top.  The candy canes are now all ready for the oven. Freshly out we will sprinkle your cookies with peppermints sprinkles, or not! As the sun begins to slowly fade in the west I will gather a tin of our cookies and other delights, helping you gather your coat and hat.

Hugging you, gently kissing your cheek, I will whisper to you what a delight this Holiday is because you spent this time with me. And yes I will have tears of love swimming in my eyes for you because YOU have graced my heart.

Love Your Holiday Mom, Teri


  1. Megan says:

    I started crying… Thank you so much for this message, I really needed it. Though I have the fortune of spending the holidays with my family, but only if I stay in the closet. Thank you for accepting me into your home as I am.

    • Shamama says:

      Megan, you are free to be You with me!! Much love and a big hug to you! Mom Teri

  2. The Nerd says:

    I love scotch shortbread cookies! One of my favorite Christmas memories.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us in this letter. Reading it is like shortbread cookies for the soul.

    • Shamama says:

      So glad you enjoyed my letter! “Cookies for the soul’ what a wonderful image. xoxo to you!
      Mom Teri

  3. shelly says:

    I am lucky to have my family even if it is getting smaller every so often. I want so much to have a a family of my own circumstances prevent me from having that at this time so I would be happy to spend the the time with you. I miss those those traditions of making cookies and seeing the tree lights in the living room at at night have died wirh the older generation of my family. So thank you for including me even if it is only in spirit.

  4. Lisa says:

    Your warm and tender welcome flows through your words here, Teri! Thank you for opening your heart to all who need a place to be held this holiday!

  5. Shamama says:

    Oh I love the feeling here Mom Teri! My sleepy head and all those young LGBTQ youth along with me revel in your welcoming love. Thank you!

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