Happy Holidays: Mom Sue


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Dear Holiday Child:

I have a gift for you dear one. It’s a reminder that you are without a doubt in the world, a loveable human being who deserves to be treated as such. You deserve the love of others and you deserve to love yourself!  I don’t presume for one minute to have walked in your shoes.  I know, as LGBTQ you find that some people have a hard time accepting you but I accept you as you are.  During this season you may find yourself alone but I want to assure you I’m thinking of you with love.My own children were raised with an understanding that sexual orientation has nothing to do with worth and I know they would see absolutely nothing wrong with yours. They would be interested in you as a person with all the unique qualities that add up to who you are. You can’t join me and my children this Christmas, but I’d like you to imagine you could!

Over the years, my celebration of Christmas has changed from one that focused on my five children to one that now focuses on my seven grandkids.  Over the years, besides the “traditional” family Christmas, I’ve also had some more unusual experiences. I once had a loved one in prison over the holidays and celebrated there! One year, four of my young adult children volunteered with me at a shelter for people without homes. This year, I’ll share Christmas Eve with someone who has experienced many, many lonely holidays. This person kept hope alive by imagining he would one day have the kind of Christmas he dreamed of – yes, he’s the one who spent time behind bars. My friend and I will drink eggnog, watch “A Christmas Carol” and take a stroll to look at the lights. I’ll be thinking of you and invite you to join us in a “virtual walk”.

The next day, I’ll go to my daughter’s home, where the seven cousins will be the centre of attention, running and playing together as we all take turns watching out for them. We’ll watch them open presents, eat too many cookies and likely spill or break a few things! We’ll listen to them laugh and exclaim delight over their new toys! I’ll think of you then too, as someone who deserves every bit as much love as my own grandchildren and children.

Can you imagine the kind of holiday season you’d love to have? That’s another gift, you know. It’s a gift you already have, the gift of imagination.  Do you imagine spending it with a special someone, with friends, a chosen family? Or do you crave solitude, knowing you are excellent company and using this time to treat yourself? Would you like a traditional dinner or something more out-of-the-ordinary? How do you feel about presents? Candles? Decorations? Create the Christmas that YOU want. If it isn’t possible this year, imagine it in the future.  Know that YOU deserve everything that this season is about – beauty, love and magic.  I want all of that for you.

Gentle hugs from Your holiday Mom,



  1. Sam says:

    Although I know this comment is late, I found this letter to be both uplifting and beautiful. I listened to the accompanying audio while reading the letter to myself. I am at the time staying with family that is not accepting of my gender identity. It has helped me a great deal to hear warm, loving messages from someone who is. Thank you for taking the time and putting the love you did into this beautifully crafted letter.

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