Happy Holidays: Mom Sandra

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Hello My Adopted Holiday Child! Please imagine joining my family here at our hearth and in our home.

My wish is that you feel it is possible to believe in your dreams so completely that they come to your life full-force. I do know how challenging it can be to want to be who you truly are and not be able to be, and also how others can be less accepting than we hope. I’m a mom of three nearly grown young adults. I’m also a daughter and a woman that is come out to my true sexual identity in midlife. I waited because I allowed fear, lack of acceptance and many moments of shame to keep me from being who I truly am, right now.

Right now. That’s the gift that is most precious…this PRESENT moment where you are you and no matter what, you are loved while living your truth. The LGBTQ community shares many of the same challenges as humanity, but the road to acceptance is often paved with boulders, hurdles and pits that are made of intolerance – the “Ubuntu” is missing. What is “Ubuntu?” It is an African term that describes the essence of being human. It speaks about humanness, gentleness, being vulnerable. It embraces compassion and toughness of spirit that recognizes that my humanity is bound up in yours. We can only be human together. 

My beautiful children and I are here loving and celebrating the gift of being uniquely who we are together during these holidays and I will count you among us all in spirit with open arms. Imagine yourself sitting by the fire and sipping a warm cup of cider with us. We love to dance, play cards, laugh and of course eat. Cookies and Grandmother’s apple cake are on the top of the list of goodies.

My favorite part of the holidays while growing up was magical moments that unfolded in the middle of the night. When the house was quiet; I would sneak out of bed, flop on the floor and scoot under the lighted holiday tree. I loved the smell of the pine wafting down and surrounding me. The glow of the lights engulfed me with warmth and from this perspective of looking up and through the twinkling lights the magic lifted off and dreams launched. OK Admittedly, I still steal away these moments every year. I’ve shared the magic with my children where side-by-side we’ve vented frustrations, conjured up solutions to our challenges and found hope in our dreams. I’m here to share that with you. Nothing is Taboo under the magic of the holiday tree and in our home.

My wish for you this holiday is that you know how truly brave and amazing you are. My wish is that you come and join me here, I’ll be your Holiday Mom, we’ll spark a few dreams together and who knows… the magic may just help a few of your wishes begin their journey toward coming true. May the light of unconditional, accepting love from my heart and our home encircle and hold you in the same way the magic lights of my secret seasonal hangout have comforted me. My wish is that you KNOW from your depths what a true masterpiece you are.

You’ll always have a place in our home, around our table, and flopped under the tree being dazzled by the lights or doing some dazzling of your own. Come we’ll celebrate “Ubuntu” together these holidays and always.

Much love,

Mom Sandra


  1. Royal says:

    I had forgotten that part of my childhood that you so beautifully described while under the Christmas tree. It, too, had become my special place where I could just “BE”. Thank you for bringing this memory back to me and for sharing that part of Your Self that has stepped into the light. Much love to you and your family, Mom Sandra, as you continue on this journey….radiating your light to the world. Blessings…

    • Mom Sandra says:

      Royal, I love that special place and that’s what we all need; to feel supported in being our truest selves… always. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to participate in this amazing, loving, soul touching experience. I want to share that there is a community right here where Ubuntu is alive and well and that beauty is not relegated to the far reaches of the world, but it’s right here where we are! Thank you and blessings for you and yours.

  2. Jackie says:

    Love the feeling of magic under the holiday tree. You described it beautifully…I can smell the pine…feel the lights’ glow and hear our shared conversations there. This was a lovely letter. Xoxo

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