Happy Holidays: Mom Nancy

NancyDearest Holiday Child,

I love you just how you are and who you are. I’m not a religious or even spiritual person, but my daughter and I created some traditions over the years and we’d like to invite you to share with us, albeit virtually.

I was a single mom for a long time, so often my roommate and I would be like mom and mom and take my daughter to pick out a Solstice tree.  Come pick one with us!  We look for a tree that needs us: a scraggly, askew, short tree that just wants to be dressed up, given a name, and loved.  We look for a “Charlie Brown” kind of tree.  We always go to the garden store in our neighborhood and look around.  Come on over and see which tree needs our love.  We’ll bring her home and together we’ll stand her on a round coffee table in the corner, decorate her with weird ornaments of all kinds, and put some wild-patterned fabric underneath.  Imagine that it’s your turn to pick the tree’s name this year.

Then we’ll set up the Gnome Table: a table full of gnomes both traditional (from my Swedish relatives) and goofy (from the thrift store), ceramic snow-people, and anything else we feel is fun.  Pine cones!  Snow globes! Porcelain shoes painted gold!  Can you just picture it?

Solstice dinner is always a fun affair: we pick out our favorite foods, make them all and then eat together by candlelight. My daughter likes stuffed shells and I like shrimp scampi.  What would you like this year?  And what would you like to drink?  Options usually include sparkling white wine or a nice ginger ale, but really — you can have whatever you want.  Whichever drink you choose, you will enjoy it from a champagne flute. What do you want to wear?  This is one of several opportunities where we let our freak flags fly: go formal, go grunge, go glittery, go goofy!  We’ll take pictures and remember each year.  Thank you for sharing dinner with us, even though we’re not meeting in person, it’s wonderful to picture it all!

Next up is a weekend, evening Solstice party to celebrate the lengthening of the days. Imagine joining our motley crew of very different people, full of love and caring for each other and for you. Finger foods, wine and home-brewed beer, mulled cider, string lights, candles everywhere, and white-elephant gifts (all as weird as we are!) under the tree or near the Festivus pole are the things we will enjoy. We dance to great music.  Dance with us!  Laugh with us!  Hugs for all!

Christmas Day, come to brunch at my ex’s house for coffee and quiche.  New Year’s Eve, who knows what we’ll do, but we’d love to have you come along.

My friends, my daughter, and I all love you for who you are: your beautiful spirit, your amazing brain, and your incredible courage.  Continue to be true to yourself.  Feel your strength.  Be your most.  Surround yourself in light and happiness.  Love with all your heart.

I wish for you a wonderful 2014 full of adventure, discoveries, and creativity.

All my love from your holiday mamakins,




  1. The Nerd says:

    What a delightful combination of traditions! I am not spiritual either, but I do love the ways we can celebrate what a joy it is to be with the people we love.

  2. Shamama says:

    A scraggly tree is perfect! All the “religion” I need in one scraggly tree! Thank You Mom Nancy! –Shamama

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