Happy Holidays: Mom Manni

ManniMy dear,

I open my virtual door to you and welcome you in from the bitter frost that makes your nose red, eyes water and breathe smoke from your mouth. Come, hurry, let me take your coat, scarf and gloves so you can warm your hands by the fire. Ah, doesn’t that feel better, now you can feel your toes and hands, the warmth from the flames spreading all over your body.
 My 11-year-old twin girls will bicker and nudge each other out-of-the-way so they can be the first to make you a warm hot chocolate. They will sit by your feet whilst you enjoy your drink savoring the smooth richness, their chatter is non stop as are their questions. They will make you smile because that’s what they do! Their sweet innocence will not understand LGBTQ and all that you have been through, the courage of being who you are. They will only understand the beauty of your heart as you will theirs.

Now it’s time to open our presents and there are many under the tree, luckily Leo the dog hasn’t opened them up like he did a few Christmas’s ago! Imagine finding yours over there, the big red one with a snowflake tag on it. Go on, open it, don’t be shy…..do you like it? I chose it especially for you.  I wanted to show you how much we love you, how much we cherish you. I wanted you to know you are a special light, like the stars in the night sky that shines so bright and fills our world.

Now, are you ready for dinner? I have made your favourite, just the way you like it, but first give me a smile and warm hug because I want to feel you close to my heart. I’ve waited so long for this hug, thank you.

From your holiday mom, loving you always.



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