Happy Holidays: Mom Katie

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Hello, Love Bug!

My very open and loving grandfather used to refer to us as Love Bugs, and I wish to extend that endearment to you.  LGBTQ?  We don’t care what letter of the alphabet.  You are more than welcome into our hearts and virtual home!  You had better watch out, though, there is a good chance my 8 and 6-year-olds will want to pounce all over you as they love visitors!  I hope you like sledding, because there will be a lot of that.  We do not have many holiday traditions, but since we have snow here, we like to get out in it and have some winter fun!  Of course, we will come in for a special treat after sledding or skiing:  hot cocoa!  Ah, but who am I kidding?  This is a household run by a mom who never totally grew up, so we have hot cocoa every morning with breakfast, yes, even in the summer!  It’s our secret to happiness.

Inside, we sit by the fire, play board games, play cards, and read while we warm up.  For some reason this is always the perfect time to solve the world’s problems, which we often do.  Dinnertime is usually accompanied by music, and a dance around the house is almost always called for while the dishes are being done.  Sound like fun?  Join us, please, even if only virtually!

One of my favorite things about being a mom is enjoying firsthand how children are not born judging others.  My son and daughter have never flinched when we have spoken about our LGBTQ loved ones.  I have faith in this generation.  I see so much love and openness, more than when I was a child, and that open space in human hearts will continue to grow.  Eventually it will envelope you and the entire LGBTQ community, and it will be as if there never was any conflict over such issues.  I believe it.  I have faith in the possibility of growing human love.

This Christmas we celebrate with our very diverse family, from various racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds.  We are children and senior citizens.  We are people with disabilities, and we are those same people with some incredible ABILITIES.  We are straight, we are questioning, we might be gay…  Some of us are a little crazy.  We like it that way.

We are all people who love you.  And we are proud that you have found the strength to be true to yourself.

I know this time of year can be hard, but we are here.  There are more of us than you may realize.  You have our love.  You have our support.

With love,




  1. Shamama says:

    I feel so loved and welcome here, thank you Mom Katie! Coco for breakfast all year–just might have to think about nabbing that one myself!

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