Happy Holidays: Mom Kari


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Hello Beautiful Soul,

I’m writing to you with love, with an invitation to come into my virtual home.  Please come in and imagine being in the warmth within.  We embrace you upon entering and are so happy to share our holidays with you.  Our family is quite relaxed, and though the holidays can be filled with such expectations, in my home we are only concerned about being together and enjoying each other.  We are a small family, my 4-year-old daughter, my husband, 2 cats and I, but we don’t lack enthusiasm for this time of year.  

In our home we decorate our tree early so we can enjoy it for several weeks.  It has many homemade ornaments on it to truly make it an original creation.  We are all part of the project and it helps get everyone in the spirit.  Would you like to make one?  We drink cider and hot cocoa (with a marshmallow or two) and enjoy many holiday treats that are exclusive to this time of year.   I hope I made some of your favorites.  On Christmas Eve, we have a nice dinner together and after we snuggle up on the couch to watch movies.  Our traditional pick is The Polar Express followed by A Charlie Brown Christmas.  We are grateful for being together and we hope you can feel connected and loved as the person you are.

Soon it is time for bed and when we awake there will be more deliciousness coming from the kitchen.  Our tree will have gifts under it that were mysteriously placed there during the night.  We stay in our pajamas as long as we can and enjoy cinnamon rolls and our hot drinks together.  My husband and I are amused with our daughter tearing every piece of paper off each gift.  We’d like to give you a gift as well, something far better than a trinket or socks.  We’d like you to always feel welcome in our hearts and carry the love you feel from us into your every day.

Holidays can be a difficult time of year for some and if you feel rejection within your family, I hope you can feel the love and acceptance coming from mine.   It makes no difference if you are LGBTQ, I want you to know I am so proud of you for being who you truly are.  Please feel apart of my family and imagine us gathered around each other in full acceptance with full hearts, open minds and continuous laughter during this holiday.


Your Holiday Mom,




  1. Skyler says:

    Thanks Kari for your warm embrace. I am far away from my family as they live in Oregon and I live in Arizona. I miss my Mom and Dad who are in Heaven now. I needed this hug and I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!! Sky : )

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