Happy Holidays: Mom Debbie

To My Adopted Holiday Child,

This holiday season, I think of how much I would like to be sharing this time with you. Although I know this won’t be possible in person, I will hold you in my heart. I will send out my love and good thoughts that you are able to find joy in your heart.

I know that the holidays can be very hard for many people, for many reasons and that not feeling love is one of the most common. I hope that knowing that I am thinking of you will fill you with a warm feeling and that you know you are not alone – people care, times are changing, more and more people are truly beginning to understand that we all know LGBTQ people – you are our family members, our friends, and our neighbors. You are us! 

My family is varied – we are straight, gay, lesbian, young, old, married, divorced, and single.  We treasure our differences but know that not everyone is as lucky as we are.

I would hope that for you that you have the love to get you through these days and that you are able to share your love openly among your family and friends. If you are not able to this year, know that you are with us in spirit and we will hold you in our hearts that good comes to you. We will send our love to you on the winds that blow across your face, the touch you feel on your cheek will be the kiss coming to you from us, the touch on your shoulder will be us telling you that you are not alone – we care!

I hope you know that you are loved and admired and that I wish only the best for you!

Happy Holidays With Love,

Mom Debbie

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