Happy Holidays: Mom Billie

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Hello all of my LGBTQ family.

I wish to welcome you into my heart and virtual home these holidays, to share the balance and joy that it now has. I know many of you will be lonely and even alone on these coming days being rejected by many family members and others because they think your difference is “bad.”

I am not you and do not claim to know your sorrows, but having had a similar experience, I am sure that I can love you with no judgement in my heart or soul.  My heart is a joyous and open place these days and it loves to love you in all your splendor of individuality and awesome talents and dreams. I used to have very traditional holidays with trees and ornaments and apple cider. Then one year I came out of a closet and life has been a ride of new ideas, loving friendships and learning every since.

So, these holidays I do what presents itself.  I go to the friends and family that ask, and share and learn their traditions and values. I may also sit in my cozy space and enjoy my very own company that now I am so very comfortable with. So I virtually ask that you join me in celebrating what ever comes to us this year, a tree, a stocking on the fire place, or any other way that the holiday presents itself.

Open your heart to loving yourself as you are and know that there are many, many wonderful people in the world that love you for exactly who you are. As the days pass I will raise my cup of green tea with lemon, and give a little prayer each day that you find joy, love, peace and warmth that all live in your hearts. Happy holidays my beauties.  I love you all so very much.

Love and Peace always,



  1. Shannon Garrett says:

    I am in tears. I would love to hear words like this. I am far to old to be anyone’s child, I turned 40 thks month. But even at 40 the pain is too real. I was abandoned as an infant with my sister when we were left at a church daycare and no one returned. To make matters worse they seperated me and my sister,to whom I have never seen again. I was thankfully adopted at 2 to right wing liberals…a whole family of them….which was wonderful until they discovered I was gay. At 19 I received a christmas card saying I was not to come ti Christmas because “of the children”…my cousins. This letter was from my Aunt. My mother felt the same and said to me in regards to the man that informed her I was gay..”I would rather you be in an abusive relationship (which He was to me) everyday of your life than an eternity in hell”.
    I have never heard I love you and a warm hug….I am single never married in part because I never learned how to love.
    I thank you for making my holidays even knowing that people like you exsist.

    • Billie Sage says:

      Shannon in the matter of heart and Love any one can be child and any that wish to give love can do so, you are my child in heart and spirit, and I give you holiday hugs and warmth. Peace find you dear one.

    • Shamama says:

      Oh Shannon, what a story. I am so sorry that being who you are has been so painful. Mom Billie is amazing, and I also extend my love. Bless you! Shamama

      • Shannon Garrett says:

        Thank you for your kind words. I love idea of this site. It can truely save alot of lives around the holidays. My career was in medicine before I had an accident and I saw alot of suicides around this time. This is wonderful. We have to get the word out about this. I am printing out info and placing in at our lgbtq sites in my small community.

    • Billie Sage says:

      Alexander you touch my heart and I wish with all of my heart that you find peace this season and always. Hugs.

  2. Trans Mom says:

    During the holidays, we share so many traditions. But, you, dear, share the most important one of all, LOV E. Thank you and may you have the happiest and love-filled holiday this year and every year.

  3. Lisa says:

    I love the fluidity of your holiday traditions and energies Billie. Flowing with love, acceptance, beauty and presence! What a lovely invite.

    • Billie Sage says:

      Happy holidays Lisa, I still hope to meet you someday and get a powerful hug. until then spirit hug

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