Happy Holidays: Mom Becky


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Hello young friend—

Come on in, and welcome to my House of the Holidays. This is a perfect time for your virtual visit. I’m taking a little break from planning and preparation, and, for the first time in a decade, my house is NOT the hub for guests and get-togethers. Which means, fortunately, I have some time on my hands and some extra cookies to offer with my homemade spicy Mayan drinking chocolate.  I hope you’ll accept these little treats and the love with which they are offered. I fear, being so young in the LGBTQ community, that you sometimes feel lonely or left out. I want you to know there is a home here where you are wanted and welcome to imagine yourself completely at home.

Watch your step, though, as things do tend to get a little messy at this time of year, what with package deliveries, wrapping supplies left lying about, holiday baking binges, and decorations that have been torn down and chased as toys by the cats. The cats are both very loving and gentle, so I hope you don’t mind if one of them pesters you to be petted or settles on your lap. It’s just their way.

Both of my sons are in their teens as well. Christmas Eve and morning are a little more laid-back with teenagers than with small children. I sometimes miss the excitement and magic that come with little ones, but it gives us more time to sit and talk and to enjoy our favorite Christmas movies. I enjoy some of the very old classics, and my kids like more modern fare. One that never fails to make us all laugh, year after year, is Elf. There’s always room in our world for unabashed silliness and optimism, don’t you think?

Another annual treat my sons have not outgrown is fudge-making. I hope you have time to join us in whipping up a batch. It’s our easy, “secret family” recipe, so it doesn’t take long. The perfect texture is all in the timing, though, which gets a little tricky with two boys goofing around, but it always seems to work out. Then the best part—and the reason I’m pretty sure my sons still participate—is when we lick the spoons and scrape the cooking pan clean. I’ll make sure you get your share. My husband usually misses out on this part, but he’s not as much of a chocoholic as the kids and me. I’ll make sure he gets his egg nog and that he gets the biggest cinnamon roll on Christmas morning. That will make him happy.

I’m sorry to not be able to share dinner with you, but we’ll be traveling this year for the Holiday meal.  I’m so grateful to have had this time with you, and we will all be thinking of you as we head into a new year. Remember there is a door here with a “Welcome” sign always hanging. You are never alone.

Happy Winter Holidays,

Your Holiday Mom,



  1. Trans Mom says:

    Mom Becky,
    Thank you for inviting us into your holiday celebration. The memories of fudge-making and cookie overload bring the holidays alive. Bless you and your loved ones this holiday season.

  2. Shamama says:

    YUMMY smell of the fudge, and licking the spoon! Thank you Mama Becky! LOVE to you this holiday!

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