Happy Holidays: Michele


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Welcome to our family,

Thank you so much for coming, I wasn’t sure when we sent this virtual invitation if you would be comfortable sharing your holiday with a different family. I want you to know that if my son or daughter came out to me, I would not react the same way that your family might have. Nothing could be further from my mind. Everyone should be allowed to love whoever they want and be happy.

I have always picked out a special ornament for both my kids and my silly dog Toby. This is a yearly tradition and I always chose an ornament that reflects who they are that year. So I took the liberty of choosing this one for you…go ahead open it.

Oh don’t cry it says “Fortune Favors The Brave”… and that’s what you are to me. That you took the chance to tell your family and that you accepted our invitation to our virtual dinner shows me that you are indeed very brave. Please go ahead and place it on the tree. Dinner will be ready shortly. Megan, can you show him the drink and snack options. My oldest son is away at university and I am sorry that you won’t get to meet him. He is pretty awesome too!  Toby is quite excited I see. If you throw his ball he will be your best friend forever!

Maybe you could put the cranberry sauce on the table? Thanks so much. It’s great to have another pair of hands when you are a single mom. What’s that? Ok, the turkey leg is your favorite part of the meal…I will make sure you get that on your plate! Why don’t you and Megan break the wish bone? Ok guys 1, 2, 3… Awesome try Megan! So what did you wish for? I really want to know!

I hope you don’t mind that it’s just the 3 of us for dinner tonight. I wanted you to feel very comfortable. Ok dinner is ready!! Have a seat… Can you pass the potatoes? Thank you….Toby down!! This is not your dinner! You will get a treat once we have finished!! He is such a silly dog but he is pretty good once you say no.

After dinner we will go for a drive around the city. They do such a beautiful job of the lights here I know you will love them!!  Do you like hot chocolate?? Great, we will bring some and some marshmallows.

I really hope you enjoyed your evening and my home is virtually open to you whenever you need to see a friendly face.


Michelle, Megan and Toby



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