Happy Holidays: Mama P

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Hi Sweetheart,

I’m so glad we found each other here. Consider this letter a holiday invitation to my virtual home. I’m excited to share my holiday traditions with you! I love things that smell spicy and earthy like holiday candles and simmering cloves and cinnamon. When you walk through my front door you’ll be bathed in the fragrance and some twinkle light on a ceramic Christmas tree that was made by my grandmother. I’ll hold you in my arms and welcome you until you think it’s silly that I’m still holding you. I do that with my other grown children too.   They are my gorgeous biracial son and daughter. By the way, I hope you like board games. On the holidays we like to play scrabble or catch phrase.

In the past, I’ve asked my children, “What is it like to be you?” Some people assume things about them because of their dark skin and curly hair. I’d like to know what it’s like to be you. I love you for who you are, just the way you are! I understand how much courage it takes to live your truth today.   My holiday wish for you is for peace in knowing there are gazillions of people who want to be part of our virtual family. We are a family of unconditional love. We especially love the diversity of our family. We are LGBT, black, white, Jewish, Catholics, Asian and on and on. We are a beautiful mosaic of people with much love to give.

It’s cold outside. We can see our breath. There are so many stars. The moon is bright and it’s a crystal clear night. It’s a perfect night for caroling. I’ll be sure you’re bundled up before we leave the house. The songs of Christmas make me think of you. To me they are songs of hope and love. There is much to be hopeful about and I’m surrounding you with love. I want you to feel that love deep in your heart. I’m so proud of you for finding your virtual family. You may have joys and sorrows that can’t be shared. I honor and respect that sacred place within you. I love thinking about how many of us are looking up at the same stars and wishing for peace on this fabulous mosaic we call earth. I believe our wishes can make a difference. Tonight my wishes are all for you. When you step outside, the first star you see will be the one we share. I’ve placed some love there for you. Whenever you need it, just close your eyes and see the magic in the star that we share. I’ll think of it often too.

After we have gone to all the neighbors, we can come back to the house. I’ll make hot chocolate with marshmallows for you. We can sit by the fire together with our favorite Christmas song stuck in our head and feel happy for delighting our friends with our voices. The stars will continue to remind us how close we really are.

With Love,

Momma P


  1. Shamama says:

    You had me at sweetheart, and I melted at spicy and earthy… sharing the real you here warms me. Thank you Mama P! – Shamama

  2. Lisa says:

    A beautiful opportunity to share with you the magic of love and acceptance! Thank you!

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