Happy Holidays: Mama Jenn


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Dear Holiday Child,

On behalf of our family of one little girl, two cats and my husband and myself, I hope you feel the warmest welcome you can imagine as you step across the virtual threshold into your adoptive home with us this holiday season.  I’m so glad you’re here.  My daughter is almost five and I know she’s got plenty in mind for you as far as activities go.  As you feel my great big hug of welcome, feel how much you matter to us.  May my shining eyes tell you beyond a doubt that I love for who you are.  Your identity as an LGBTQ child (of any age) does not change the depth of my welcome one bit.

So, come on in and imagine making yourself at home.  Today we are putting up the Christmas Tree.  This year is our cat Minnie’s first holiday season with us and I hope you will laugh with us at her antics when she scales the branches.  I’m glad to have you here to hold the chair as stand on it and tie the tree to the hook in the ceiling.  I’m smart enough to know the futility of arguing with feline nature and so, this year, we’re choosing only “unbreakable” ornaments.

Dearest, I hope you will tell me all about you as we circle around the tree hanging the ornaments. It’s a part of coming home for the holidays that I always loved – visiting with my mom and getting caught up.  In that spirit, I’ll be looking forward to hearing what’s new in your life.   I like hearing about what ignites your passions in life as much I love hearing from my littlest one about being a chef on a space station when she grows up.  Your unique mark on the world is something I anticipate in all it’s rich and wonderful goodness!  If you are hurting this year, may joining me as we light up the living room with these hundreds of tiny white lights help soothe, console and light you up as we chat and laugh and try to stop my youngest one from taking boxes apart before we are ready.

I usually count to three and then plug it all in!  The tree and our St.Nick figure who looks more like a woodland druid in his warm cloak and soft beard both flare to life at that moment.  When my husband gets home later, we’ll all find a spot around the room and enjoy the glow.  We can’t light a fire in the fireplace because it’s where we store the legos, but that’s okay.  Please sit in the best seat in the house – it’s plush and soft and soaks up the nurturing energy of the hearth.

As you can see, our home isn’t always spotless, but it’s the liveliness and love we share that’s a true measure of our family’s commitment to each other and today, that includes you! We can catch the end of low tide soon, dear holiday child.  While there is still enough light in the day, let’s take a walk down to the beach.  It will be cold, but I so love visiting the sea and all her moods this time of year in New England.  Every day is different.

Have I mentioned yet how amazing I think you are?  And how proud we are of all you have become?  I don’t need to know you in order to know you in my heart and while your journey may not always be easy, I’m here and it’s true that I’m as loyal as a mother bear is to her precious cubs.

So here we are, down on the hard packed sand.  This is what I couldn’t wait to show you!  I come here often and I want especially for you to see the beautiful migrating sea birds who use this place as their way station.  May you breathe in their strength, endurance, and bonds of community as we watch them bobbing in the waves.  Oh, and then, over here, midway along the seawall, there is a strange cache of vintage sea glass and pottery.  Here’s the perfect piece, for you, my adopted holiday child, to keep as a reminder of this day.  One of the wisest women I know says sea glass is a symbol of patience and faith.  Keep it in your pocket and feel it’s edges worn smooth by the ocean waves.

Ah, there goes my little girl – flying by, laughing as she runs with defiance and spirit challenging the wind.  Her joy knows no bounds and I wish that for you too.

As we walk back up to the house, I’m thinking about how much I anticipate the coming Winter Solstice!  I know the shortest and darkest day of the year also marks that point when every day thereafter will have a little more light in it.  May that bring you hope whenever you need it.  I love you, and I love whomever it is you love as long as you are happy and cared for.

I have your favorite warm drink ready for you now.  Imagine it warming you up from the cold outside.  It’s usually tea for me this time of the day.  As our visit goes on until the moment you must depart, know you are always welcome.  You are forever loved and that’s unconditional.

With warmth and light,

Mama Jenn


  1. Reilly says:

    Mama Jenn, I can’t begin to express the gratitude and love I have for you after reading this. Thank you for welcoming me into your holidays and sharing your traditions with me. I will never forget the piece of sea glass you’ve given me <3 :')

  2. danny says:

    this made me sob. my parents refuse to accept me f or who i am and who i love and i currently get verbally and ocassionally physically abused for being me. thank you so much for posting this. it comforted me on levels i cannot explain.

  3. Lisa says:

    Laughing with delight at the thought of your little girl whirling and playing through the holiday. What a beautiful warm welcome to all!

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