Happy Holidays: Mama Daphne

DaphneDear Special Person,

I am delighted to meet you and to welcome you into my heart and home this Holiday Season. I want to share the love I have with you knowing that you are a special and gifted person that is a blessing to this world. My holidays are full of joyful times with my friends and special acquaintances. I love to cook and to share. I am not a gift giver, but I made homemade food treats and those are my presents I share with those special in my life. It would be fun to have someone to share the holidays with, to help me prepare items, to package and wrap them and to see the smiles that comes from the holiday season. Would you wish to prepare something special as your “gifts” this season? I will be happy to help. The Holidays Season is about people. People like you and like me, for I too know what is like to be transsexual and different in this world.

I am lucky to have a small group of friends that all do the same things for the holidays.  We make things, we share our cafts and we spend time talking. I am sure you would fit right into the mix, helping make something or making something special of yours to share with others. I am sure you would have fun telling interesting stories about your life and experiences. We enjoy each other’s company, talking, laughing and having good food.

Many times those that are special like you think, “nobody gets me, nobody understands me.’ That is difficult to feel as it makes you feel that you are so alone in this world. Well, you are not alone. There are others similar to you, as I am here. I am like you, unique, different and loving. Guess what, it is not what others think of you that make you different. It is what you think of yourself. It takes bravery and courage to be yourself and to embrace yourself.  I am here, you can be here too. I want you here to be loved, treasures and to be a special part of this life, my life as well.

I may not be your mom or your immediate family. But I am someone that wants you to have a very happy season. I care about you, and I care how you feel. I love you for who you are and who you wish to become.  It is not easy and it will not be perfect.  Even though you don’t really know me, as your Mom just for today, I’m here, listening, loving, and celebrating you.  There is a place set for you with love. I see you for whom you are and want you to feel the nurturing love. To you, I offer my own.

Come sit at my table, share the table with me. Share my friends who, as they love me, will certainly love you. You are welcome to sing poorly to all the Christmas music you wish. Watch the corny Claymation shows and laugh with me, while we sip chocolate and eat popcorn. Maybe we can dive into those sweet treats we made. I like going around and seeing the tacky light displays as well. Know always, “that you are loved. You are valued. You are wanted.” You will be a special person to someone else one day, never lose that hope.  Why you may ask? Because, you are special to me today and throughout the season. I am here for you.

Hugs and Love Always…..

Mama Daphne


  1. Trans Mom says:

    Oh Daphne, you get right to the heart of the season. Your love and acceptance shine like a beacon out here for all of us to bask in. Bless you My Dear.

  2. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful invitation to share the essence of the holiday with you. Knowing that you hold a place in your heart for the misunderstood and lonely is so beautiful. Thank you!

  3. Jenn says:

    Thank you Daphne! I love those claymation shows too. and I can so easily imagine celebrating with you.

  4. Shamama says:

    LOVE to you dear Daphene! I totally get the nobody gets me, and I have a feeling you WOULD get me! Thank yoU!

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