Happy Holidays From Your Shamama!

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Happy Holidays From Your Shamama!

Wow! This is the fourth year that we’ve had some form of Your Holiday Mom.

The first year I had a recording that went mini-viral and then from there we

started “Your Holiday Mom.” Our first year we had 30,000 likes and comments on our website just in the first 40 days. It really showed us how much Your Holiday Mom is needed.

So this year, our fourth year, I just want to say that I’m still thinking about you. I’m still thinking about the people who commented and the people who are discovering this for the first time.  I’m excited for the fact that you can find love in this world, even if your not finding it the way you need to in your own home.

I know it’s hard. It’s hard to be different in this culture. It’s hard to find your way. It’s getting better, you know that, you can see it in the world – on legal levels, on acceptance levels, it’s getting better. But it’s still not easy and I really respect you for choosing to stand up for yourself and for being who you are. I’m just really, really excited about that. I think you’re going to change the world. I think everybody whose willing to be different is changing the world.

I want to tell you a little bit about what the Holiday is going to be like here. We celebrate Christmas, we’re not overly into it from a religious standpoint but we celebrate. And I honor you no matter what you celebrate.

We’ll be having some extended family in. One of my children is having surgery, so I’ll be doing some mommy nursing with that. And then we’ll have Christmas dinner, which will be cooked by my husband Brian. He’s definitely a better cook than me. You do not want me in the kitchen! So I’m sorry if that ruins your idea of this Holiday Mom. That is definitely one of my flaws – well not really a flaw but just not one of my preferences so I never got good at it.

We will have a beautiful dinner and we will probably play dominos and we’ll have some music in the background. There will be some presents, we’re not super big on the presents either, because gosh we’re all kind of older and we already have things that we want. Then probably at some point, if you were with me – and virtually you will be so I’m going to actually do this – I’ll go upstairs to my little love seat in the nook that we have. I would imagine talking to you, listening to you, listening to your dreams, listening to your fears, listening to your plans, listening to the challenges that your facing and really just giving you a big hug and saying “it’s going to be alright, your going to do great” – the same thing I would do for any of my kids.

I’m going to imagine you up there even though you won’t physically be with me, you’ll be with me virtually, and I hope that over all the miles that are between us that you will be able, at some point, to feel that like a breeze that comes upon you or just a feeling of goodness that comes in and that will be me sending that out on Christmas Day. I will be thinking of you, I will be hoping for the best for you. I will be sending New Years wishes that the world once and for all has peace on earth, even though that’s kind of an unlikely scenario in most cases, I still work for it, I still want it.

I’m working for you! I’m caring about you! I’m glad you’re there I hope you have a wonderful day! I hope you find your loves and your tribe and your people and all the things that you want.

Happy Holidays From Shamama!


  1. Manuel says:

    I just find this site shared on tumblr and I’m crying with joy in reading all these wonderful letters. Where possible, I also listened to the audio allowing you to read to me aloud. My situation is not that great but it is not even the most problematic, perhaps it would be better if my parents would accept it, that were discussing, instead of pretending that there is not ignoring the existence of part of my life (including my boyfriend ). I apologize for the bad English, I come from Italy and I have a basic knowledge of the language but I wanted very much to thank you for the love you give to the world, love that you will be returned to you because you are wonderful people.

    Spend happy holidays, with love Manuel!

    • Shamama says:

      I am so glad to have yo there Manuel! I’m so glad you enjoyed the audio – we want you to feel like we are reading to you. With so much love for you, just as you are… Shamama

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