Happy Holidays: Francesca

FrancescaDear Holiday Sibling,

I invite you with open arms into my home, albeit virtually, this holiday season. You are welcome here no matter who you are; being LGBTQ does not change my welcome. I very much look forward to our time together, celebrating this season of warmth, love and joy. So come on in and make yourself at home.

Imagine yourself joining us as we make our yearly trip to pick out our Christmas tree. We can take turns with the saw; it’s always a nice way to warm up. As we decorate the tree and later celebrate, join us in feasting on chocolates, chestnuts, and an assortment of delicious food. This year I am sure will be greatly amusing as we have two little kittens that are always into mischief. Laugh along with us as we watch them scampering all over the place and chasing ribbons, paper, and pine needles across the floor.

Before the sun sets on these very short days, I will take you out to see my pony. In the same way that I believed in him when no one else did, I believe in you. I believe you are an outstanding person. It doesn’t matter who you are, you are capable of incredible things. Have faith and hope. I know you may feel alone, misunderstood, or hurt, but I can assure you that there is love, belonging, and joy to be found. I want you to feel from wherever you are that at least in this moment, you are loved and accepted. Here with me, you can be whoever you are.

Here with my horse, I encourage you to feel and draw comfort from his solid loving energy. He has been so important in helping me through life’s challenges, and I am sure he’ll help you too. Imagine yourself burying your face in his thick winter hair and taking in his warmth and love, which he gives so freely. I invite you to help me brush him till he is shiny and clean, and help me braid ribbons and bells into his mane before setting out for our Christmas ride. Hear the bells chiming softly as he flies across the ground. Feel the wind and imagine its power overtaking you as it takes your breath away and brings tears to your eyes. I am sure I’ll see a smile on your face as you taste the freedom and joy of a wild ride.

As your stay draws to a close, remember that every day ends with a beautiful sunset. Take on the adventures of life as you would a difficult trail. There is always a thrill when you come out on the other side.  I hope you take back with you my love and my friendship and know that the door will always be open for you.

Your loving sister,



  1. michael says:

    Thank you for your kind words have made me cry, because they are the words that I wish I could hear being said to me from my own family.

  2. Trans Mom says:

    Oh, this brings back fond memories of past Christmases with horses and llamas in the snow. Thank you Francesca for your warm wishes.

  3. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful sharing of your heart, your home, your horse and your holiday, Francesca. Such a beautiful and welcoming love shines through your words. Thank you!

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