Happy Holidays: Ellen

EllenDear Holiday Sibling,

Happy Holidays! I’ve missed seeing you, I can say that even though we don’t really know each other. Being away at college for the first time has been tough, but I know that you would be proud of how I’m doing, as much as I am of you.  I’m proud of everything you’ve done this year. I’m proud of you for holding your head up high and being your wonderful LGBTQ self. I’m so amazed at the strength you’ve shown and the way that you let yourself shine. You truly are a rock in the storm and you should know that.

This year, picture yourself at home to watch old Bing Crosby movies with me. As soon as I’m home from school we’ll curl up on the couch with hot pudding, the chocolate chips still melting from the heat, and burn our tongues while we sing along to all of the ridiculous old musical numbers.  As the movie comes to a close, with our bellies full and our eyelids heavy, we’ll begin to fall asleep on the couch with the Christmas tree lighting up the living room. The cats will probably demand to join us by sitting on the windowsill and meowing loudly, so we’ll let them in and they’ll sit on our laps as we doze in and out. Fluffy will probably want to sit on my lap, and Puff will want to sit on yours. Imagine all four of us zonking out in the wee hours of the morning, some of us snoring a little bit too loudly.

Holiday Sibling, you may be far away from me this season, but I hold you close in my heart. Every day I think of you and how truly beautiful you are inside and out. Siblings have a way of sticking together, and I want you to know that I’m here for you year round. The only person who gets to pick on you, is me. (And you know the worst I’d do to you is hit you with a well-aimed snowball.)

Sadly, I’m still taking my final exams, and I’d better get back to studying, although I’d rather sit and talk to you all day.

So here’s to you, beloved sibling, and all of the things you do. This year, I hope that you’ll think of me, your sister, whenever you need a bit of love because you know that I’ll tackle you with hugs. I love you no matter what. I love you no matter who you are, who you love, or what you do.

Your Sister,



  1. Gabriel says:

    Dear Holiday Sister,

    Thank you so much. Just knowing that their is someone out their who cares is wonderful. Thank you for spending time with me this holiday!

    – Gabriel

  2. Lara says:

    Aww takk holiday Sis,

    This sounds wonderful!!! I’d love to make snow angels with you outside!! Except in New Zealand it’s about 25 degrees!! (Umm that’s about 110 Fahrenheit if you’re into that system haha)

    I’m sure those kitty cats get lots of cuddles, but I’ll be sure to give them an extra squeeze!!

    I am studying too, except it’s ‘holidays’ for us at the moment- but let’s face it, I’m a total Nerd haha

    All my hugs dearest Sis. You make me smile while I see you sparkle!! 🙂

    Your old-time movie elf,

  3. Marshall says:

    Hi Skyler,
    Thank you so much for that letter. Though I do have sisters who accept my sexuality, I’m finding it hard to come out to them and tell them that I am not actually their baby sister, but rather their baby brother. It was nice reading this letter, so thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Your holiday brother,

  4. Skyler says:

    Dear Sis thank you for spending some time with me this holiday season. I hope you had a lovely Christmas! I am very proud of you too!! I hope you do very well on your exams and that you are blessed in the New Year ahead.

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